Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 448

Sharia Party Germany – Abortion until shortly before birth

SPD trumps Watchtower serial murder

These days, politics is outstripping Jehovah's Witnesses not only in the masses, but also in the lies and in the determined will to exchange their slaves. The unchallenged decision of the Jusos to allow abortion until shortly before birth will, of course, only affect non-Muslim people. Islam is aimed at maximum spread through birth jihad. The spread of Islam in the SPD and among the population is planned and promoted by inhuman decisions.

A fully integrated one approached me and wanted to give me advertising material for the SPD. I was quite angry. How can you advertise for a party that wants to lead its natural descendants to destruction by every trick in the book?

You have to ask people in self-defence never to elect the SPD again. The same applies to the Greens, who are perfect in their changing religious lies. According to Green ideology, we are currently dealing with the end of the world caused by CO² after the forest dieback that never occurred. Carbon dioxide will destroy the earth! And people believe in the green religion! And they do not come across the human murder plans of the SPD. And they are all refugee helpers, but they never had the idea to support the poor or give shelter to homeless people. All these elbow people of that time are suddenly Refugees welcome fetishists.

Jehovah's Witnesses are almost restful in comparison with the political liars. The Watchtower Society remains at least halfway reliable with always the same lies. Even if one often changes from a lie to its just as lying opposite, one has to state: Politics far surpasses the Watchtower heresies in impertinence, falsehood and contempt for humanity.

The two Jehovah's Witnesses, freshly cut out of the theocratic picture book, dressed, perfectly made up and trimmed for maximum seduction, stood at the very top of the pedestrian zone. Oh, how Jehovah's Witness on the Right distorted her face when she read the signs. But at least she read the signs! Greens and leftists don't even notice arguments. The Greens and the Left send out their Antifa organization to intimidate and destroy other people.

The willingness of people to let themselves be told the last trash and to give their voices to the worst liars is not only related to infiltration. The main cause is her itchy ears, which are longing for the wildest lies.


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