Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 362

Fatal Error – Jehovah's Witnesses operating system crashed

Blue Sreen

Speyer: The two super buddies are actually still on guard at ten o'clock.

We're dealing with two strange people. Both are on the road like thieves and cannot under any circumstances stand up for their Jehovah God. As long as they don't feel caught, they do preaching ministry like the wild ones at Altpoertel in Speyer. However, they have always hidden their Watchtower advertising material in brown folders in such a way that Jehovah's Witnesses can only be recognized by habit. The Watchtower clichés consistently avoid these two Altpoertel-Jehova heroes. That's funny. Somehow, these Jehovah's Witnesses are ashamed of their commitment to sermon service and have devised their own strategy, based entirely on the buddylike friendship of these two heresy propagators of Jehovah. Presumably, if one of them stays away, the other will not appear any more. This Altpoertel-Connection gives the impression of a self-developed survival variant in the system of Watchtower lies. These two Jehovah's artists have personally created a kind of special rite for themselves that makes it possible for them to save their faces in the Watchtower serial murder organization.

Basically, the two Altpoertel master man witnesses of Jehovah know exactly that they don't really correspond to the guidelines of the faithful and intelligent slaves of the serial murder, but they have enough to each other to be able to swing daily into the euphoria, which one can imagine so beautifully, if one thinks to have done something for Jehovah. The old men front at Altpoertel with the Mega-Irrlehren was still built when we arrived there at 10 o'clock.

Like a cheeky sparrow Renate landed in front of the Jehovah's men and looked at them with one eye. Argument after argument followed, and the two mummies of the Watchtower Desert opened their mouths, and with great noise and hissing, bad winds escaped. The subject was finally the status of renegades. I had repeatedly urged Renate not to speak of renegades as this would cause the Jehovah's Witnesses to collapse and close like pocket knives.

The two heroes of the Watchtower-Umnachtung at Altpoertel in Speyer indulged in their hate tirades against renegades, and Renate discussed that, according to Jesus, we should love our enemies. At that moment aggression happened from the depths of the Watchtower Hell that is in every Jehovah's Witness, and because the bus allegedly came, the conversation was immediately broken off. Both Jehovah's Witnesses, the lords of the heresies stored in briefcases, are there either on foot or by bicycle. But they had to leave suddenly because the bus came!

The hatred of Jehovah's Witnesses for the people who no longer offer their money and time to the Watchtower God is immeasurable. This hatred is the main pillar of the Watchtower followers and when it comes to having a meaning in life, it is for the Watchtower disciples this hatred of apostates. Jehovah's haters are convinced that they must hate these renegades because Jehovah hates them. When a Jehovah's Witness hates Jehovah, you see the face of their God. This Jehovah God must be Satan!

After the Jehovah's Witnesses had disappeared from the Altpoertel, I sat down for a while on the bench at the bus stop and showed the sign: "Jehovah's Witnesses Let Bleed." A young woman came by and encouraged me to continue in any case. She had been with the association for 30 years. There was much more badness there than just the murders by bleeding to death.

Later I met two probably Spanish Jehovah's Witnesses, whom I called out to: "Jesus is God!" The Spanish Jehovah's Witnesses turned both outraged and delighted to raze me to the ground. But I emphatically asked the simple question: "Is your child an animal?" I aggravated this question at the right time, whenever the chewed-through Watchtower doctrine appeared in the mouth of Jehovah's Witnesses. "Is your child a donkey?" And: "Is your child a pig?" At this point, one of Jehovah's Witnesses finally reacted like a real person. She said: "My child is a human being." I only looked at the two Jehovah's Witnesses with deep indignation and shook my head. How can Jesus not be God if he is the Son of God born of God? The Son of God, Jesus Christ, must be God if one does not want to invite the lie into one's life forever.

Of course, Jehovah's Witnesses had to pretend they didn't understand anything. I called after them: "Jehovah must be Satan! Jehovah is Satan!" I did not see the two Jehovah's Witnesses again afterwards. They must have stopped the walking sermon service because of the bad weather.

This Jehovah who calls people to ultimate hatred cannot be the God of the Bible. The Watchtower Jehovah must be Lucifer, who is also openly worshipped by the higher Masonic degrees. And these seduced Jehovah's are busy around the world multiplying the Brotherhood of Teachers, and the world's prosecutors are looking the other way as the serial murder continues by bleeding to death with joy and fun. All of the world's public prosecutors and police departments support the Watchtower Serial Murder Society by closing their eyes and keeping their feet still. Is that why I hate any prosecutor or policeman?

But I don't hate a Jehovah's Witness either. But the cheeky sparrow Renate ... She doesn't hate Jehovah's Witnesses either.


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