Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 129

Jehovah's Witnesses recruit new death row candidates

Not all of them know what they're doing!

Jesus broke the Sabbath to heal people. Jesus broke the Sabbath to save lives. Jehovah's Witnesses do just the opposite. They have invented a blood rule for which they deliberately let people die. They advertise the Watchtower bleeding to death. The lower Jehovah's Witnesses know little about it, otherwise they would have a guilty conscience. But there must be Jehovah's Witnesses who are well informed about this deadly connection. We do not know where the border lies. From what hierarchical position are the naive inaugurated?

The fact is that the hard-working advertisers are recruiting new death candidates for the only true Watchtower religion. Today two people told me that someone from their family had to die in this way. One of them was just 40 years old. I said, "I call that murder." answer the passer-by: "So is it!"

I meet a lot of people in the pedestrian precinct who, from their outward appearance, hardly give the impression that they really reflect things. But it is precisely those who clearly recognize the connections. Then there are the smug, affable intelligentsia. They are so convinced of themselves that they can no longer grasp what they are reading. There are arguments like: It is only religious murder when Jehovah's Witnesses are recognized as a religion. What a stone-biting bullshit! Has any state ever recognized the Islamic state as a religion? And yet the murders of the Islamic state are religious murders.

On the one hand, we have the perfect Jehovah's Witnesses, who do their utmost not to recognize the Watchtower lie, and then we have the particularly intelligent citizens, whose thoughts are only oriented towards themselves. It's gross what people do to adulate themselves. These are the unwanted supporters of heresy and social injustice. These are quite peaceful contemporaries who cause great damage with their mouths without even noticing it. For them, the main thing is to paint their own belly.

An advertiser for the Lions club passed by and I said, "Freemasonry!" Talking to him, I invited him to check the Internet for connections because he denied the Masonic origin of the Lions club. In the middle of the conversation, he began to insult me, which I didn't understand, because we had been talking fairly and friendly until then. This is a parallel between the people who belong to a brotherhood founded by Freemasons. In case of an argumentative imbalance, which is unpleasant for them, personal insults are the result. Jehovah's Witnesses are a prime example of this. The Lions Clubber followed this pattern like a Swiss clockwork.

After I repeated his insult getting louder and louder – Yes! I am a ... – he noticed "already" after one minute that I didn't want to talk to him anymore, and left. What a quick-witcher! Two young people came from the nearby shop and showed me the thumbs up. That was a good effort and they hadn't even heard the words. They had only recognized from the Lions clubber's gestures and my reaction that it was not worth talking to this man further. But their praise probably also meant resisting the Watchtower lies.

A man asked me where I got the energy to do all this. I hesitated and then said, "Jesus must be the guilty one," and he praised me again. I said the praise goes to Jesus, and he moved on. So it went on all morning in Bruchsal. The normal people get it, the above-average convinced people sometimes talk such bad nonsense that they take their socks off. At the very end, for example, a couple came by. The woman shouted to me from afar that what I had written was not true. She hadn't really been able to read the text at that point. Then she called me to inform myself and "see a film", only what kind of film, she didn't say. That seemed very funny to me. When I shouted to her that Jehovah's Witnesses were systematically murdering, she disappeared very quickly with her boyfriend. In retrospect, I swam that this woman might have been hired by Jehovah's Witnesses. – Who advises you to watch a film without mentioning which film it is? She couldn't make any clear arguments either. Very funny!

I couldn't explain the planned murders of the Jehovah's Witnesses to her either, because she was gone very quickly. Jehovah's Witnesses kill systematically by inventing a rule that kills people. There is no such rule in the Bible. The blood rule only applies when a life has been taken. For example, when slaughtering an animal. When blood is donated, no life is taken that could symbolically be given back to God. Therefore the artificial inclusion of donated blood in the blood regulation is a deliberate trick to be able to murder people by a religious regulation. This is one of the most treacherous ways of killing.

By the way

The early beginning of the decline of Jehovah's Witnesses' book-table campaigns in Speyer began precisely with the most abstruse people being sent to me to unsettle me. This took on forms that I can only shake my head about today. Are Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal now also close to the end of their book-table activities?

The hard-boiled Jehovah's Witnesses of Bruchsal went through their storm without even getting in touch with one person. Only a few Russian and probably Romanian Jehovah's Witnesses came by and grinned broadly at the sight of my texts. (Beheading or bleeding to death, both are religious murder. – Jehovah's Witnesses make people bleed to death for a religion!) Jehovah's Witnesses can't do anything with these statements. They seem to take it for granted to get people cornered for religious rules. And yet the grin of embarrassment did not end.

A woman with a child came by. The child asked what was written on the notes. The mother replied: "You don't understand that yet." Hello mother! How can your child learn if you don't tell him anything new? I would have answered in your place: "It says: Whoever lets someone die for religion is stupid!" It's that simple. Your child would have had the information to put the whole thing together on later occasions. You don't have to withhold information from the children just because you think they don't understand.

In between, a hearing impaired group of Jehovah's Witnesses came by. They stood a meter in front of me, discussed my texts and were so happy that I thought they were crazy! They didn't seem to realize the accusation at all. They were dressed up so that you could think there was a costume party going on. They really didn't seem to understand the consequences of my accusations. Only the artificial show with the other Jehovah's Witnesses stood in the foreground. A deaf Jehovah's Witness asked if I was a Jehovah's Witness. Because of the negative answer she opened her mouth wide and stared at me with big eyes. The whole play was so strange to me that I couldn't and can't make sense of it. Do Jehovah's Witnesses really have people in their circles who don't know at all how the rabbit walks? Do they really keep their bleeding candidates so stupid in the long run?

The strategy of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal is ice-cold ignorance. This is completely in keeping with the nature of the fat top witness, who always shows the critic his lower back. As a compensation, many, many passers-by have read my texts and agreed to them. Jehovah's Witnesses were spiritually neutralized and isolated. The book table had been set up for nothing and people looked at my signs and not at the tempting seduction offered by Jehovah's Witnesses.

I can't understand how Jehovah's Witnesses deal with their consciences. They also have to lie sleepless in bed and think about things. What do they numb themselves with and how do they manage to justify the antichristian injustice of the bleeding to death before themselves, man and God? Jesus never let a man jump over the blade for a religious regulation. Jesus broke the Sabbath to help people. When will Jehovah's Witnesses finally realize that they are on the absolute anti-Christian side in this matter as well?

Those who follow Jesus cannot let anyone die for religious precepts.


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