Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 460August 16, 2019

Walldorf is Jehovah's territory

The area where the six-year-old died on January 30, 2018 of treatment abortion

Do Jehovah's Witnesses have a warning system in Walldorf?

After my being in Walldorf for about 15 minutes, Jehovah's Witnesses hurriedly set up their rolling cabinet walls. Jehovah's Witness, who in his comments actually calls himself a Walldorf police officer, led the troop. They only pretended not to notice me. After walking around a block and watching the Jehovah's Witnesses from the pedestrian precinct, they stared at me all the time. Then Jehovah's Witness started waving triumphantly to me. I didn't move, because in view of the danger that, in my experience, this man poses, it was out of the question for me to hold up signs. This Jehovah's witness knows this very well and he was very happy about his success.

But how religious can someone be when he cultivates and upholds the aggressive style? There's a man who acts as a Jehovah's policeman in the worst aggressiveness and thinks he's doing his religious organization a service. There is a religious assembly that apparently runs a warning system to prevent me from holding up signs in Walldorf at any time. These methods are reminiscent of Antifa, the left-wing radical terrorist organisation of a left-wing government. This is reminiscent of every dictatorship that has ever been in the world. This throws a clear light on the Watchtower rule after the great war of Armageddon.

Human lives apply nothing to these people

A six-year-old man from Walldorf died in Walldorf on 30.01.2018 as a result of an aborted treatment, which was solely due to brainwashing by Jehovah's Witnesses. The latest excuse for Jehovah's disgraceful deed is that the boy would have died and would have died, even if he had received blood. Every single Jehovah's Witness is responsible for the death of the six-year-old, because he holds up the absurd lie of the ban on human blood. Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood and are proud of it. They don't realize that they would only need such self-restraint if they were cannibals. And in Walldorf the bleeding serial murder of the JW.ORG with threat of violence is put under private police protection. They have their own illegal policeman in Walldorf, who is willing to defend the serial murder of JW.ORG according to the circumstances. He has the blessing of the Wiesloch Local Court, which openly propagated vigilante justice and the use of force.

There was a gynaecologist who amputated the breasts of all women with pleasure, whether the women had cancer or not. Jehovah is a god who kills an average of 9,000 people worldwide every year on proven false precepts. And Walldorf has a private Jehovah's policeman.


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