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Do you prefer human meat with mustard or with majonaise?

Speyer: Altpoertel huge

What's the point of changing a person's mind? What is credible when a person affirms conversion? Are there any clear signs that a person has exercised his or her mind? What can be used to prove that a person has been impressed by truth and clear arguments? Is there a yardstick by which it can be recognized that a person is the other way round, has converted? What shows with absolute authenticity that a person has renounced insanity and his false God? Is there a characteristic that is so clear that no one can doubt any more that this person has come to life? What shows us that a person has really escaped the deception of this world?

The Meckizeuge from Speyer appeared today as a replacement for the Altpoerteler Nazi witness of Jehovah and shone in a new, completely relaxed attitude. My camera was running hot, while Renate was allowed to talk to this Jehovah's Witness in a very engaged and open manner, although at first it was said: "I won't discuss with you!" The Speyer mechanical witness had recognized Renate immediately, of course, because he reads these pages on which she appears again and again. Renate would probably have spoken to this Jehovah's Witness to the point of total exhaustion if I hadn't threaded the trigger after about two hours.

One of Renate's favorite words is "mighty. She likes to use this word to describe what Jesus is doing in us.

Yes, there is a sign for a man who has escaped death by error. The confession "Jesus Christ is my Lord" is this sign for a man who is no longer bound to the ancient human conventions of self-deception and religions. In spite of all remaining humanity, through Jesus there exists a new man who is redeemed from the mechanism of self-deception. By the confession "Jesus Christ is my Lord" everyone can recognize such a man.

What varieties of religious nature diametrically oppose this confession of Jesus? A religious orientation is distinguished by special antichristianity. It copies the Christ and claims exactly the opposite of what Christians experience through Jesus. The Watchtower religion has Jehovah's Witnesses under its control and does not allow even one of them to turn directly to Jesus. In order to achieve this and to ensure a protective skin that rejects Jesus in the life of a Jehovah's Witness, she claims that Jesus is another God and therefore should not be worshiped. Thus the Jehovah's Witness is dependent on the replacement Christ, the Antichristus. This Antichrist is the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society.

But Christ says:

John 5,23 so that all may honor the Son as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.

How is the father honored? Not by pulling hats, not by shaking hands, not by a red carpet, not by renaming in Jehovah, not by falsifying the Bible, but only by worship. The Father is worshipped and the Son, Jesus Christ, wants and must be worshipped just as the Father. That all may honor the Son as they honor the Father! Anyone who denies this has the illusion that he can still grill his sausage with Satan.

What is the effect of the guidance of the Antichrist?

Speyer's Meccki witness has shown clearly several times in previous encounters that he has received a certain inkling as to the death by bleeding through the unbiblical cannibal law. Once he even went away with flying flags, because he had heard what I had explained to a passer-by asking questions. When we mentioned that Jehovah's Witnesses burst into tears in court when their minor child is granted the right to a blood transfusion, our mecanical witness pulled off with his face pinched together.

Whoever now thinks that this insight has moved into the Jehovah's Witnesses and influences further thinking and feeling is greatly mistaken. Jehovah's Witnesses allow themselves to be brainwashed again and again by the Watchtower Mother of Truth for obedience purposes and to prove their loyalty, and after a short time they reappear just as they did a long time ago when they were fleeing the Watchtower JW Birth Channel. It's phenomenal! Normal human growth through experience and thought is repeatedly reset to the zero line of the Watchtower Doctrine in Jehovah's Witnesses, and commitment to the Watchtower Society erases all impressions and experiences made. Resetting one's conscience to the Watchtower level is the necessary mortification of what has been learned. Like a hedge has to be cut again and again, Jehovah's Witness subjects himself to spiritual death by resetting himself to the Watchtower zero line. In this way, Speyer's mechanical witness comes out of the sinking like a freshly rectified Jehovah's Witness. He can no longer understand at all that the application of biblical blood rules to human blood is inapplicable and was thought up only for the murder of Jehovah's Witnesses. He is as naive and deceived as he was in the beginning and fails joyfully when the most minimal mental demands are made. ... And he enjoys looking the frustrated scout in the face. This is the central point: Jehovah's Witnesses are the locusts from the abyss that inflict pain on a third of humanity.

Jehovah's Witness, set back on the watchtower zero line, enjoys throwing the denial of reality cheekily in the face of his helpers, without even having to actively lie. For he is firmly convinced that he is back in the old state of the Watchtower doctrine. At this point, the helper must realize that warning people about the techniques of the Watchtower Society is paramount. To want to free individual Jehovah's Witnesses from the spiritual Watchtower prison is certainly honorable, but associated with tons of frustration. The Watchtower leadership takes great pleasure in confronting Christians with their learning incapacitated cardboard figures.

And yet I'm amazed at how frustration turned into joy. That is what we have experienced today.

The phenomenon of the artificial return to the lowered Watchtower horizon could often be observed on this website. For example, a poor truth seeker asked if he could find the truth here. After all good explanations, the complaint of this poor truth seeker appeared after a short time, he felt abandoned. When asked whether he had not read our answers, he wrote exactly the same statements as at the beginning. Again the readers of this website responded decisively to his questions. Again he ignored all efforts and after a short time appeared again exactly in his starting position. Just as a poor seeker of truth, whom no one wants to help.

This is the attrition tactic of the Watchtower Society. Their slaves can be reset to zero again and again, or they reset themselves to zero again and again, and feed on observing the despair of their helpers. And they have a good feeling and think they are doing a good job. It is their loyalty to their spiritual mother, the Watchtower Society.

Therefore, it is completely absurd to hope that one can help a Jehovah's Witness. The greatest Witness pleasure is the supposed preservation in Watchtower Prison. Jehovah's Witness will always return to his dungeon to lower his Watchtower profile to the Watchtower norm. There is probably no more effective separation from Jesus in this world. Here the rejection of Jesus is already reflected in the ignorance of the simplest facts.

Jesus says: Become like children! Jesus does not say: Become like the dumb ones!

Freemasonry is generally thought to be a way of bringing humanity forward in the end. But the perfected ignorance of Jehovah's Witnesses speaks against it. How low does a spiritual attitude have to become to match the Watchtower pattern? And can a person really deny all the facts without dying from them inwardly? Can God take pleasure in it if a human being repeatedly withdraws from reality? Are Christians really only cardboard figures who live from refusal? No. Only the listener of an ideology who is at home in the Antichrist can fulfill this image of a watchtower slave. Christians learn throughout their lives.

Farewell to missionary work

Bearing all these facts in mind, missionizing among Jehovah's Witnesses becomes a bit pointless and without Jesus and so impracticable. We must accept this fact. But the warning of the people against the Watchtower doctrine promises a good result. But even here we must always be able to endure the painful experience that people, despite all warnings, still go into the net of Watchtower death. There children and young people are infiltrated, there adults can be baited with the elite certificate of the Watchtower religion, there apparently well enlightened Jehovah's Witnesses return again and again to error. We must endure that.

Renate's report, Renate's assessment

For Renate, the encounter with Jehovah's Mecki witness was a tremendous one. She experienced witnessing to Jesus as something related to an indescribable peace. For her, the direct conversation with Jehovah's Witness is the center of her witness. For me this testimony is first and foremost the warning of the people, who often enough just turn up their noses. In sum, the combination of our different assessments is a tremendous experience of the one who sent us into this world.

For Renate, the situation was as follows: The Meckizeuge was so loveable and became more and more talkative. He reacted very positively to Renate's explanations. Also the assessment of my person ... so the role of the sign holder ... won a new quality. Renate's praise of Jehovah's Mecki protagonist took on a form that made me think whether we could even publish it on the website without pushing this poor man out of the favor of his spiritual mother!

However, these concerns quickly vanished when I realized the audacity with which the new brainwashing of the Mecki witness made the old watchtower corset appear. His spiritual prison attendant can be absolutely certain that he, Speyer's mechanical witness, will continue to inflict pain on other people with the utmost effectiveness, even though he is the kindness in person. The denial of all facts is the means to an end and the Watchtower Prison Warden can press the reset button at any time to restore the lowest Watchtower dulling.

And yet the day with Jehovah's Mecki witness in Speyer was something special. I could thank this man from the bottom of my heart for everything I had experienced with him until then. All these confrontational situations in the past and today the humanly calm and friendly confrontation. Which Jehovah's Witness listens when you name the Watchtower lies? This Jehovah's mechanical witness did. But actually under the highly effective protective film of the freshly loaded Watchtower brainwashing.

No discouragement

This Saturday morning Renate and I experienced a strange kind of irritation. Let's call them listlessness, listlessness, lack of motivation, even discouragement. During the drive I thought about it aloud and came to the conclusion to simply enjoy and experience the day over this strange inner emptiness. Who are we, that through autosuggestive self-motivation we should swing ourselves up to something that is not in our hands? Jesus says: "Without me you can do nothing."

At the Altpoertel we drove past the Nazi witness of Jehovah and our mood sank further. We looked at the train station of Speyer, drove around this corner, drove around this corner and suddenly parked my car, parked and we walked towards the pedestrian zone. There was no plan and our mood became quite free. We did not want to fulfill any task. If we had met someone with a nosebleed, we would have turned to him. Everything was open and at the corner right suddenly the Altpoerteler tower stood there. Hui! But now let's go.

I said to Renate: "If we met the Mecki witness today ..." And bang! There he stood at the Altpoerteler watchtower crime scene and apparently waited for us. What a rest! Finally a Jehovah's Witness who doesn't leave immediately when he is photographed. I stood up with my signs and Renate walked up to him. "I won't discuss with you!" she got to hear and said: "I don't discuss with you either!" But the conversation developed so positively that Renate was totally thrilled in the end. She could tell him a lot.

But my intervention ... I was actually able to approach the eyewitness on one meter ... showed that he had actually been reset to Watchtower Zero. I stopped my intervention when he turned the tables and asked if I didn't want to understand it or couldn't understand it. All the information he had received earlier had disappeared and he insisted that the alcohol comparison in the book "What does the Bible Really Teach?" be valid. He did not want to understand my objection that no Witness drinks Jehovah's human blood as well as the fact that no Witness does so with a smug "Exact" counter that a human blood alcohol comparison is not only meaningless, but also a pure lie with the consequence of death. The man really stood there with a childlike "round-eye-face" and fried in the watchtower juice. Gross!

Nobody says to a non-smoker: abstain from nicotine! Nobody says to a cyclist: Don't waste so much petrol! No one but the Watchtower Society says to the people: Abstain from human blood. No one drinks human blood, there is no one in the Bible who should have been called to order by such a commandment. But the Watchtower order to abstain from human blood clings so firmly to the brains of Jehovah's Witnesses that they die for it by refusing the medically necessary blood transfusion.

Life is in the blood and the Watchtower slave likes to die for it. The slave of the Watchtower doctrine likes to die this fascist death and doesn't realize that he is throwing away exactly what is in the blood at this moment. Namely life. The teaching of these people is: You have to respect the blood so highly that it is more than what is in it. Namely life. Jehovah's Witness buys a can of pea soup, but doesn't open it because the can is more valuable than its sitemap. So we see more decaying Witness Jehovah's bodies in front of a closet full of unopened cans.

My prognosis is that Jehovah's mechanical witness in Speyer will remain without Jesus and that we will experience many more clearing up attempte together. If Renate doesn't lose her courage, she will be there. I wish for an ever closer enlightenment of passers-by and spectators. If Renate can revive the voluntarily dead with Jesus' help, heaven and we will celebrate a feast of joy. But the sparrow in the hand is the warning of the people on the street and in the internet.


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