Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 101

Jehovah's Witness Major Alarm

Wiesloch is firmly in Jehovah's hand

Jehovah's only witness immediately escaped when I appeared and hid at the vegetable stall. There she phoned and then moved down to Schlecker Ruine. One woman told me that four more Jehovah's Witnesses were coming. I said I would be waiting to warn the people.

The woman told me about an incident in Sandhausen, which she experienced as a neighbour there. A boy, whose mother is Jehovah's Witness, had fallen from a tree and was lying in hospital because a rib had drilled into his lung. His Witness Jehovah's mother ordered him not to undergo surgery. The husband of this Jehovah's Witness put the pistol on the doctors' chest so that the boy was operated. Then the boy's mother divorced him.

This is the special joy of the dark God of the Watchtower Society, who forbids contact with Jesus. Either the boy dies or the parents divorce or both. Then a dark memorial service is celebrated in the Kingdom Hall, outwardly a funeral service, inwardly a celebration of success of the Watchtower Doctrine.

A few minutes after the phone call of the fugitive Jehovah's Witness, up to 10 Jehovah's Witnesses appeared and occupied the pedestrian zone. They actually consider Wiesloch to be something like the spiritual possession of the faithful and intelligent slave. They ignored the fact that for hours they offered me a platform to warn the people. For them, the majority was more important and the hope of being able to frustrate me somehow.

A Jehovah's Witness who had stood right next to me spoke constantly with an artificial baby voice, both to her people and to passers-by. "That doesn't bother us at all ... we do everything together ... then we can go into the area now ... try again and again ... very important ... try again and again". The woman was so affected that it was only embarrassing.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses were Jehovah tourists who apparently went on vacation there to support the Wiesloch Retiree Band. The heroes of the dark bleeding god were on special command, but were not able to enjoy the adventure. The panic of faith was written all over their faces when our eyes met. These people were not yet as boiled as the Jehovah's Witnesses of Wiesloch.

The Rollator troop of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch dominated the cityscape of the lower pedestrian zone with extras from other assemblies and other extras. When I looked at the people in front of the cafés, I got the impression that they were all quietly watching the scenery. The large kindergarten that Jehovah's Witnesses organize in Wiesloch does not seem to be realized by the Watchtower leadership. The Watchtower Directive amounts to the unconditional defense of the Wiesloch possessions.

And the people in Wiesloch are so polite to let the free seduction literature of Jehovah's Witnesses be turned on again and again. In the eyes of the Watchtower statisticians, such a city can become a stronghold, a stronghold of bleeding to death for a God and of the prohibition to pray to Jesus. The Watchtower vision that the Watchtower Society has for Wiesloch is dark and dust-dry. Only an artificial baby voice is allowed to loosen up the mood a bit. Otherwise, absolute Jehovahism is the order of the day in the presentation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch. They want to verify the power of their rollover tactics locally, because without them world domination would be unthinkable even in 500 years.

This superiority of the Watchtower doctrine, which has been applied thickly over and over again, can indeed make the observer massively irritated and depressed. Many of those affected report this massive oppression by the Watchtower doctrine and the inaccessibility of the people seduced by it. These Watchtower victims are similarly ill to the holy warriors of Islamism. They form a front of dullness and spiritual derangement. They worship an organization and are the pattern of a fascist.

But nobody should be impressed by this religion show. In spite of all the sadness about so much irritation and dehumanization of the Watchtower fighters involved, there remains the possibility to elude these influences. And if nothing else helps, even absolute ignorance and isolation is recommended to protect one's own mental balance. Nobody has to wear himself out against the bare stupor. It makes more sense to pay attention to one's own mental health.

However, this can also result in a necessary change of job, a divorce or a similar dramatic change in one's own circumstances. This is the special affair of the Watchtower Society that it exerts destructive power on people who have to live near Jehovah's Witnesses.


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