Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 240

Jehovah's Witnesses: Stubbornness as a virtue

Wiesloch – Heat ... On the way to the Volksbank I think about whether Jehovah's Witnesses are present at all. Probably not. There are no Jehovah's Witnesses at the Schleckerruine. A few steps further I see them. Always draped the same way they hold their lie magazines in front of their stomach and don't look anywhere.

I also put up my signs as a matter of course and hope that people will be warned. Jehovah's Witnesses do not let themselves be warned. In between, I sit on the bench near the old ladies and hear a fragment of a sentence: "... who is more stubborn ... " Surely they talk about me. It remains unclear whether they refer to me or to themselves. The fact is that I wanted my actions to show Jehovah's Witnesses from the beginning that not only they are "steadfast. Jehovah's Witnesses advertise with their legendary steadfastness. But even exposing this steadfastness propaganda is not enough to make Jehovah's Witnesses think.

And yet it is very inspiring to expose the elite thinking of Jehovah's Witnesses – the thinking of the only true religion – as pure stubbornness. That was actually my first thought when I first thought about confronting Jehovah's Witnesses and presenting them with facts of their religion. Then came the qualitative slogans, which can't do anything about Jehovah's Witnesses either. But at least people let themselves be warned. That makes sense in the end.

With a high degree of certainty, Jehovah's Witnesses are actually only about who is more stubborn. Because when someone is confronted in public with revealing facts and then just stops and smiles, only the "virtue" of stubbornness can be "blessed". The faces radiate boredom and in between a tortured smile reveals more. But every single passer-by who thinks about and shows the facts increases the likelihood that Jehovah's Witnesses roll up their magazines and go.

Jehovah's Witnesses see the Enlightenment right in front of them, only last longer than a few minutes when they are bathed in stubbornness. The stubborn Jehovah's Witnesses are so successfully brainwashed that they simply don't think about the facts. For example, they are accused of not having Communion, but an Anti-Communion during which the Jonadabe (Jehovah's Witnesses) must reject Jesus closed. They must allow bread and wine to pass ceremonially. It is a mystery how millions of people can close their eyes so tightly and become outright rejects of Jesus.

But it can't be made a sensation, because Catholics do the same. In the Catholic Church, the Lord's Supper has also been completely distorted and misused. The Catholic priest drinks the wine alone, so that the Catholic cannot get a biblical communion for the rest of his life. No one who believes the Catholic Church has a share in the Blood of Christ.

When religions strike Jesus in the face by keeping people away from God, the development of a humanistic humanity away from God explains itself. Those who belong to Jesus and take him seriously are only a small remnant. More and more laws are being made against this remnant in Europe. Already now the testimony for Jesus is punishable in Sweden. And if someone in Europe testifies for Jesus, he can be handed over to Sweden to be punished there for his testimony for Jesus. These laws already exist.


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