Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 300

When Jehovah's Witnesses Grin Broadly

They gloat over my powerlessness

Yesterday Roland walked past Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. They grinned broadly. Roland said for his own amusement: "Tomorrow comes Ruediger." When he told me that, he laughed his ass off. However, I forgot to let him tell me how the ladies reacted.

Today, Wiesloch's most steadfast Jehovah's Witness grinned especially broadly. Due to her stubborn stubbornness, she has been an eternal inhabitant of the earthly Jehovah's tomato and pumpkin paradise for a long time. A triumphant joy was written in her face when she saw me. Her companion must have been a witness Jehovah's tourist to whom she wanted to show me. I only saw this witness's unrestrained grin on the photos. It must have been a ray of hope in this woman's life to be able to show me to a Jehovah's Witness who had come to see me.

If this goes on like this, I will soon have about 8 million fans worldwide.

A nice woman came up to me and asked me if I thought it was a Christian action. I replied: "I am not in the SPD and I am not a humanist. If that's what you mean, you'd better move on right away. " The woman left immediately, but had to listen to some explanations on ecumenism and artificial Masonic tolerance. The Masonic trend is towards mixing truth and falsehood. Modern is the pancake peace, which negates all truth. And whoever distinguishes truth from lie is one of these damn unchristians. This is the modern thinking of those who like to watch ARD and ZDF. Christianity in them is only humanistic and moral. The Christianity of the mainstream accepts everything. The mainstream Christian appreciates the lie as an evolutionary life form. And Petttra Gerster reports.

And exactly at this point the Antichrist manifests himself. What was once Christian is now unchristian. What was truth is suddenly nothing more. Modern is more important. The Antichrist only has to gather quite a lot of convinced people behind him who are all quite modern people. Then he has the say in the mainstream and can accelerate the trend to the value tohu-wabohu. Then all funny people without orientation may accuse the others who give hints and information. Because information is so harmful and so new-unchristian, if it is true.

Likewise, Jehovah's Witness trumpeted. Everyone may have his own opinion! So he seemed to protect me. But much more important to him was the concern to raise the Watchtower fables to the level of the clear facts of his religion that I held high and that everyone could recognize. Jehovah's Witnesses are washed with all the waters and do the Masonic job perfectly. Mowing the facts is their most beautiful goal in life. As lawn mowers they would not have harmed anyone. But as fact mowers they lead the whole world into lies in a well organized way.

My message "Jehovah's Witnesses hope the annihilation of the people – then they move into the freed houses" brought movement to the faces of the readers. An acquaintance who, as always, was riding his bicycle and had already given me a portion of amused criticism several times, laughed at the statement so much that I could no longer make it clear to him that it was not humour or satire, but very clear facts. The low motivation of the Jehovah's Witnesses' earthly kingdom expectation found no hold in his brain. The paradise of giant tomatoes and tubs which Jehovah's Witnesses hope for includes the world domination of the Watchtower Society. My acquaintance could no longer realize this. He, too, belongs to the modern people to whom nothing applies anymore.

A man said I had roof damage. A woman sighed deeply because of the confrontation with facts. When I asked her what she had, she pushed breathing difficulties forward. Most people are still normal, but many are quite modern. The Masonic European construct is bearing fruit. They are people who no longer believe anything to be true except for their small, cozy private world. How can one deal with millions of starving and bombed-out hospitals? Only a retreat into the dream world of Masonic ideals will help.

The flatness of the people is frightening and not only European politicians, but also Jehovah's Witnesses are diligently working on further human flattening. Many are already as flat as the Chancellor, only Jehovah's Witnesses are even flatter.


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