Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 104

Jehovah's Witnesses very relaxed – they are the winners

A downpour expressed what I felt

In Bruchsal the witnesses are very calm. They stand quite indifferent at their bookstall. In Speyer, Jehovah's Witnesses are not even represented with a bookstall. Only a few scattered copies cross the pedestrian zone in Speyer to complete their compulsory hours. Only they themselves know whether they write down the walk through the pedestrian zone Speyer as a sermon service.

I had already looked forward to Speyer and had been of the assumption that warning of the false doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer would once again be necessary. But Jehovah's Witnesses really don't seem to find anyone who wants to be publicly embarrassed anymore. Or the statistical cut has shown that the Speyer population as a whole has become more sceptical about the Watchtower doctrine. In any case, the pedestrian zone of Speyer has been free of a Saturday bookstall of Jehovah's Witnesses for quite some time. Only the galloping individual perpetrators are still on the move here and there, for they cannot yet see how senselessly they are wasting their lives. They propagate a decidedly constructed counter-religion, conceived by Freemasons for people, in which they make exemplary statements about the brutal fraud. A social scientist would have enough material for 40 years for a chair with 10 men of scientific personnel to thoroughly investigate the term fraud and its social and psychological consequences.

In matters of stubbornness (Jehovah's Witnesses call this steadfastness), the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses are the winners. They don't want to buy the bookstore utensils for nothing. Jehovah's Witnesses have to finance and raise all the material and time themselves. We have been living in the age of irreversible bad investments for quite some time, not just since Stuttgart 21 or the Berlin Spree Philharmonic. People put their hope in impossible, crazy projects and for decades have had extreme difficulties understanding their error because they have used violence and committed other disgraceful acts. Psychic violence in the group of Jehovah's Witnesses, water cannon violence in Stuttgart. They are left with no air for conversion and insight. The project lives then only from stubbornness and stubbornness and the brainlessness must be declared at the end as steadfast loyalty.

The profit that is lost in mad projects is the corrupt enrichment of individual actors in publicly financed projects. The profit of Jehovah's Witness is the power in the group, such as the arbitrariness of the Legal Committee and the unlimited power over the life and death of bleeding people in hospital committees. With the help of these psychic profits, one has established oneself in the niche of the steadfast and can no longer recognize what loss one inflicts on oneself and others. The solemn rejection of the grace of Christ in the annual Anti-Cenacle feast, the automatic family division in the case of "apostasy", the barely perceived stigma of fascism that characterizes anyone who idolizes an organization. All this must be felt and sold as virtue. The reversal of facts and the filling of concepts with precisely reversed meanings are the tool and feature of the Watchtower slaves.

In Bruchsal, I am generally in agreement. Just as the passers-by of Wiesloch react, so also the Bruchsalers react. And this although, in my personal opinion, the fewest are those who come by regularly. But it also happens very occasionally that the spirit of the Watchtower Society has swallowed up people. One man read my text "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for their God", turned around after two or three feet and said out loud: "That's not true what you're writing!" I asked him what was wrong with it and he kept repeating that one sentence. Then I went after him and made it clear to him quite loudly that Jehovah's Witnesses bleed their people to death when they need a blood transfusion. All the people in the vicinity became aware and the man dived very quickly.

A healthy downpour crowded the Jehovah's Witnesses close together, for the pavilion under which they stood did not hold back the rainwater from the sides. They had almost no visitors, and if they had, then only acquaintances like him who claimed that my assertion was false. A woman with a bicycle and two full shopping bags on the handlebar looked at my text and then went straight to the Jehovah's Witnesses' bookstall and was given a lot of literature. Either she has a wood stove like me or she wants to become a Jehovah's Witness in a hurry.

The conversations with passers-by become more and more interesting and the general acceptance of a person holding up two DIN A4 sheets of paper is growing. From some I heard something like admiration and the like, from others own experiences from the youth with Jehovah's Witnesses. The spectacle of confrontation does not amuse the people of Bruchsal, but they observe it very closely in my opinion. And the obviously anti-Christian sticking points of the Watchtower doctrine have a very positive effect on my educational work in the long run. On the one hand you feel a terrible hopelessness because people can be bound to such a broken counter-religion, on the other hand the enlightenment effect is very big, because the reversed logic of the Watchtower doctrine itself helps to embarrass itself as nonsense.

While Catholicism was able to make similarly misguided teachings into valid standards of faith with brutal force, the Watchtower doctrine reveals itself more and more as soon as there is an impulse to think about it. I would like to give this impulse and it gives me a lot of pleasure. At the end of the conversation, a man who only gave me a brief indication of his youth story with Jehovah's Witnesses told me that he saw that the confrontation gave me joy. I confirmed this to him, but in the course of the conversation I could not tell him that after my acceptance the real encouragement came from Jesus. But the joy that comes when one can clear up fraud is definitely there. The decline of deception in Bruchsal through enlightenment is breaking new ground. I could still give the man the recommendation to look at a enlightener about the Watchtower heresy on the Internet. A dark-haired guy who listened to Jehovah's Witnesses for a long time and then drew the essence from everything. It's worth watching his videos.

The Watchtower Bookstall Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal will continue to provide me with a platform to publicly warn of the heresies of the worldwide Jehovah's Brotherhood because of their stubbornness. Satanists couldn't celebrate Jesus' rejection more beautifully than they could. They provide plenty of live ammunition with their beliefs to denounce the Watchtower Society's lie, and the public is awake enough to make their own picture. We are human beings and depend on at some point thinking about whether there is a God or not. When we come to the conclusion that there must be a God, Jesus Christ forces conversion to Him through Himself. No one can eliminate this fact with a religion that is directed against Jesus. Do not be misled! If one is the Saviour, then it can only be Jesus and never an American or Roman organization.


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