Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 73

Wiesloch: Jehovah's Witnesses call the police

"Assisting murder" changes into being "murderer".

There is a religious organization that is basically just a magazine publisher with a special marketing strategy and whose statutes stipulate that people must bleed to death out of loyalty to a Jehovah God if they need blood due to accident or illness. However, the bleeding doctrine and the death faithfulness it contains to the Watchtower God of Jehovah is an artificial entity, because the Bible explicitly states that blood must be poured on the ground when a life has been taken. However, when blood is donated, no one's life is taken, so the biblical order does not apply. The Watchtower theologians have misinterpreted the Bible to allow people to bleed to death and then call this religious murder "Christian". Their goal is to ridicule faith in Jesus and Jesus himself.

Anyone who enters the organization with the programmatic instruction to bleed people to death for a Jehovah God supports the religiously motivated, planned, and low-motivated cult murder. Every person who enters the Watchtower Society equates himself to the cult murder initiators. Each assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses is required, in appropriate cases, to form so-called hospital committees to ensure that brothers and sisters in the faith accept their own death by bleeding without further thought in order to satisfy the false God and interpretation of the Bible. As soon as a Jehovah's Witness does not allow himself to bleed to death, he is disfellowshipped, declared mentally dead, isolated and subjected to the Watchtower's usual psycho-terror. This includes the destruction of his relationships and often even his family, because then his relatives are forced by the Watchtower instructions to treat him like a stranger.

Each and every Jehovah's Witness sanctions this religious cult murder by entering the Watchtower Society, that is, affirmation of the bleeding murder, approval of the bleeding murder, and regard it as justified and necessary! Even if an interested person begins to offer the Watchtower to other people, he has not only placed himself on an equal footing with the supporters of the cult murder by letting them bleed to death, but he has also deeply taken on the responsibility which says: Yes, people must bleed to death for this Jehovah God if necessary! The approval of these human sacrifices is not only absolutely pagan, but also the public approval of religious cult murder. While in the Nazi era the German could already take on moral guilt by watching in silence, every single Jehovah's Witness becomes an accomplice by swearing an oath to the Watchtower Society and a co-client of consciously brought about deaths by forced bleeding to death. The Watchtower Society's determined approval of the cult murder program is the point that every Jehovah's Witness fulfills and must answer to himself, to man, and to God.

Jehovah's Witnesses! How long are you going to let us lie to you? You worship a God who demands human sacrifice and who must first be justified by your loyalty. What kind of ignorant person would I be if I were to pass by you without pointing out to you that you have taken responsibility before God and men for programmatic religious murder without having been precisely enlightened about it by the author of this religious heresy. Is it right not to warn people so greatly lost? People who have the cult murder committed in their community and think they are doing something good with it should not be warned? Is tolerance the silence of a religious organization that installs a pagan god who demands human sacrifice?

In Wiesloch I met the Jehovah's Witnesses again, who liked to stand opposite each other and so really took the passers-by into their hands. In addition there was a young Jehovah's Witness. I stood in front of the two women and gave some facts about the religion of the Watchtower Society. After I had made the true statement: "With your entry into the Watchtower Society you personally answer for all religious cult murders by bleeding to death!", the older Jehovah's Witness approached me and said (as far as I could understand her): "... you don't have to take us down here! I'm calling the police now!"

I replied that it wasn't me who was killing them, but the simple facts of their own religion that were killing them. The woman went over to her husband, fetched his cell phone and called the police emergency number. After 10 minutes the man came over and said, "You don't know how stupid you are!" I found that this was the only personal insult that had fallen between us that morning and asked the young Jehovah's Witness what she thought of her older colleagues. The lady walked away, the couple withdrew from the grocery store, and so we waited for the police to arrive.

The police action was absolutely positive and we had quite long conversations about motivation and sitemap of my actions. The officers listened to both sides and finally told me not to make the claim that Jehovah's Witnesses were murderers. That was how Jehovah's Witness had understood it. I emphasized that I used the phrase "supported the religious murder" and that I did not use this correct phrase as a simplified accusation (you murderer!).

In the meantime a woman appeared in the crowd that had formed around us. She spoke to me later in the lower half of the pedestrian zone. She is a native, but was able to break free from the clutches of the Watchtower Society. Like almost all victims of the Watchtower Doctrine, she is without contact to Jesus, but defined herself as a better Christian. I would like to say at this point: Being a Christian is not possible without personal contact to Jesus.

The question of whether one can still bear witness to Jesus in Europe or whether this is already discrimination plays an increasingly important role according to European legislation, which is made by people who are not democratically elected. The follow-up question as to whether it is still permissible to point out that someone is responsible for the religious cult murders that this organisation has carried out by freelance work and by swearing in to an organisation will probably one day also be clarified, and it is sufficiently to be feared that in the name of tolerance religious cult murders may no longer be named for what they actually are. Then the bleeding to death of Jehovah's Witnesses will probably only be called "religious practice", as it is already done today with the street distribution of the Watchtower magazines. If religiously motivated murder, which is forced by psychological group pressure and threatening exclusion, may no longer be called murder, the Watchtower Society has won on a broad front on the basis of European "law". This will be the time when the testimony to Jesus as discrimination will be prohibited by law.

The question remains whether they are going through it because of the profits or whether they want to eliminate all people who have contact with Jesus. Profit guides them from decision to decision, the destruction of Christianity is in their New World program.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!

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