Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 427

Jehovah's Witnesses direct – Employees of Satan

Renate gets the world explained to her

Today the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses were extremely well prepared for us. After it was repeatedly proven that a ban on human blood without a human flesh permit (cannibalism) makes no sense other than killing gullible people, we were told today that smoking is mass murder.

Every smoker is a co-worker of Satan and bleeding children to death for a Watchtower rule that does not exist in the Bible is okay. How many Masons must have sat together to give Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal this help? The Jehovah's Witness, who always likes to turn his long back on unwelcome people, couldn't wait to launch the mass murder smoking theory.

Somehow, that thought seems familiar to me. The EU proclaims very similar theses and also the CO²-emitting people (after all they are all) have been given the label by it to be earth destroyers. Employees of Satan halt. The inner similarity of the masonic theories with the thinking of the EU and the thinking of the Watchtower Society is a little frightening. If I meet a Nazi and then a Jehovah's Witness and then a Muslim and all three think in principle almost the same, then the thinking of the master man is located all by himself. And when a leftist and a greenist then join in and reveal their even worse contempt for humanity, then I get scared. For in today's mainstream the left and the Greens, apart from individual Muslims, are the actually violent ones who blindly assert themselves through Antifa.

Jehovah's Witnesses are on par with the organizations that exert global influence. They dream of an imminent world domination under their dictates, they dream of the fall of all borders, they dream of racial mixing, they dream of the implementation of an Islam-like forced religion for all, and they trample on facts and facts. Today, Watchtower literature has risen in quality and can only be distinguished from our public media by stylistic features. What belongs together grows together. A lie attracts a lie. It is a pity that the vast majority of people pass by us Enlighteners so bored.

Almost nobody is interested in the fact that all people worldwide are perfectly lied to by Masonic-controlled organizations. People like to be provided with a mission with money in the Lions club or in the youth and the rest of the people carry the fresh bread home and don't want to be stopped. The trend is toward world domination. The Watchtower Organization, which has been a member of the UN for years, is swimming on the wave of world transformation. The Jehovah's Witnesses have high hopes that the migration pact will strengthen their multinational organisation. The people let it happen and let themselves be carried away to the demonization of all critics. The blindness that Catholicism has implanted in people for centuries is paying off. One has one's bread roll in the bag. That's enough.

But the infamy that the Watchtower Society explicitly cites for the purpose of responding to my child bleeding allegations is the statement that a smoker is automatically Satan's collaborator as a mass murderer. The EU's instruments are being used religiously here. The sacrifice of human lives for a deliberately wrong interpretation of the Bible, i.e. for lies, is the order of the day. And the Jehovah's Witnesses are caught up in this scam! These poor people, who never had anything to do with Jesus Christ in their lives, but only found a poor substitute home in the supposedly saving Watchtower Society, willingly follow the Masonic program.

Who should be surprised, when the political elites of Germany are in the majority subservient to the ideologies of Freemasons?

Jehovah's Witnesses, in any case, have always been in bondage to the New World allure of the Freimauer. Renate was the toughest representative of this ideology class today. Even if his physical appearance might suggest a soft heart, he comes with the toughness of a National Socialist concentration camp director who has nothing to do with the fantasy of human torture. At least this man has managed to steer the mass murder from letting people bleed to death to smoking.

What about the drivers? Are motorists Satan's employees because people die time and again from their diabolical activities? And why don't Jehovah's Witnesses walk? What about those who constantly travel by plane, accepting the dead and the destruction of the environment? Jehovah's Witnesses love to do this. Are these people not employees of Satan? The list of questions is endless. Only child molester protection and human bleeding to death according to the Watchtower Society's guidelines cannot be found in this list. Aha, then the child molester protectors and the human bleeders of Jehovah must be co-workers of another God.

Who is this other God to whom the child molester protectors and human bleeders of Jehovah belong? It cannot be Satan, because the smokers already belong to Satan. How does a murderer protect himself from being caught? How does a professional liar protect himself from being exposed? What tactics does a cheater use to get away with it? Why are constitutional protectors punished in Germany if they dare to tell the truth? Why is it being claimed that Islam is the religion of peace? Why do the media in Germany hide the supporting facts in mass rapes and stabbings? Who is the one who is openly worshipped as Lucifer in the high degrees of Freemasonry?

If Europe is torn apart by the migration pact, to which not all European nations will bow, the revelation of John will be fulfilled, which speaks of only ten rulers who give power to the beast. To this day, the number of countries participating in the EU does not correspond to the biblical predictions. It is precisely the beast's migration push that will change that. After the end of this phase, the EU will be in line with the predictions of the Bible. It will take care of that itself. There will be just as many core nations of the EU left that will drive the demise of civilization cold and mercilessly forward, as the Bible says. This is how the dreams of Jehovah's Witnesses come true. The question remains as to whether I am then welcome as Saupreiss in Austria.

I never dreamed that we would be so close to the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies. Islam is about to flood the Western hemisphere. The perfect Antichrist in the form of Jehovah's Witnesses survives every justified murder charge. Politics makes itself the advocate of the Masonic lie. And the forward sticking out chancellor still darkens the television pictures.

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