Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 357

Holy cannon pipe! Jehovah's Witnesses under Pressure

"Discover the remotest places in the world!" (Advertising a World Tour Operator) – Look into the theocratically trained minds of those who advertise for the Watchtower Society. Embark on a journey to the ultimate end of thought. If you've always wanted to know where the end of the world is, come with us to the pedestrian zones and visit Jehovah's Witnesses with us. We dare to reach the cliff where only the nothing lies, the darkness of total obedience to Freemasons. We look at theocratically trained people and shiver, for spiritual death looks back.

Today I was accompanied by a holy cannon pipe in the shape of the Christian from Wiesloch, Renate. First I taught her how to take pictures. She had never had a digital camera in her hand before. We were in Heilbronn and I wasn't sure if Jehovah's Witnesses would dare to come to light at all, because the last Saturdays must have been a bad experience for her.

Sometimes I have the feeling that people get more than they want to admit or show openly. Some glances drew my attention and when I saw the Jehovah's Witnesses' bookstall on the horizon, I realized what they meant. – There he is and back there are the Jehovah's Witnesses!

After I set myself up with the signs "What is a Serial Murder Religion?" and "Internet Search: Jehovah's Serial Murder", the Jehovah's Witness accountant approached me and asked me, "Why are you doing this?" I explained to him the gruesome cannibalism law method with which the Watchtower Society systematically murders people. Shortly before the end of the explanation, the Watchtower Society's bookstall guru interrupted me and I became louder to at least finish telling the story. His reaction: "If you are not calm, I call the city of Heilbronn! We may stand here."

Has anyone claimed that Jehovah's Witnesses aren't supposed to be in the pedestrian zone of Heilbronn? Where does this man get the idea that he should be disfellowshipped with his entourage? – Although ... if he had disappeared with his people like an exorcised demon he would have saved me some conflicts. But I would have missed a lot too. This holy cannon pipe alone, when my Christian companion turned out to be! She had a longer friendly discussion with the Jehovah's Witnesses and they really suffered. Neither I nor she knew that she was blessed with such quick-wittedness. But she was and she brought one hammer after the other. Jehovah's Witnesses were pretty much at the end of their non-think tactics. This non-think tactic is the only strategy Jehovah's Witnesses have left to survive their mistress's lies.

But in ignoring the facts on the signs, they were perfect. While a few conversations with passers-by were taking place, Jehovah's Witnesses relied on their illogical religious teachings and on the fact that they could as little be seen through by others as by themselves. My little lectures on the Watchtower-fungus cannibal law, which enables Jehovah's Witnesses to commit unexplained serial murder, failed to hear them. But the passers-by were not beaten by the Watchtower blindness. This is the factor that really hurts Jehovah's Witnesses. – They spoke on the phone.

Over time, more and more Jehovah's Witnesses emerged for the eternal serial murder reasons of the Watchtower Society. I went to meet them and they read the sign "What is a Serial Murder Religion?" A Jehovah's Witness who didn't understand anything at all held up her Watchtower literature and typed her index finger on the JW.ORG symbol. She thus confirmed my announcement. An irretrievable situation, unique in the universe, but without spectators, without audience, without public. And yet ingenious right into the red zone.

Shortly thereafter, the Jehovah's Summoned Top Massive Sun Tanned Specialty Guru with extremely serious gray hair color approached me from the Jehovah's Witness bookstall, saying I shouldn't commit character assassination after all. It was so weird that I got loud without thinking: "This man accuses me of character assassination and is himself in an organization that has been committing serial murder for decades using a fictitious cannibalism law." The Watchtower Man disappeared around the corner like a dog with his tail trapped. All people heard my loud announcements and the Watchtower Leader had nothing to say. He just disappeared around the corner. That was his solution. His salvation. Jehovah's Witnesses like to disappear behind corners!

The fact that today's Witness Jehovah's Clothes in Heilbronn have escalated so much is due to the boundless stupidity of Jehovah's Watchtower servants. They are sent into the field without advance information and embarrass themselves to the bone. They assume that they are the best people in the world and can and must impose their view of things on everyone. When they then meet with fact-based resistance, they commit the mistakes that point an outstretched index finger at their master, Satan. That happened today in Heilbronn. The Jehovah's Witness Oberzeuge so grabbed it that the second of truth came upon him. He had to listen to the truth about his serial murder organization without any evasion. And all this in public.

I am frightened by the abysmal helplessness of these people. They are sent to pedestrian precincts according to purely business methods in order – as in this case – to iron out the dilemma of Heilbronn. And with this action they stand there completely naked. They are not prepared, they are cannon fodder for an idiotic religious delusion. And the "holy cannon pipe" Renate and I with my simple signs were once again their public downfall today. Horrible but beautiful. Because the lie is doomed to lose.

How long will the world's legal system watch the undisputed serial murder of the Watchtower Society continue? The bled dead are reality! And there are many, very many. In all parts of the world and at all times. Why has no relative of the Governing Body bled to death yet? Why do only the relatives of those who do not belong to the ruling class of the Watchtower Society bleed to death? When is the time for the public prosecutors of this world to be honest and investigate the murder method of the Watchtower ideology? How long will the legal system of this world keep the Watchtower Society on its toes?

Renate and I have today publicly acknowledged that the Watchtower Society should be held accountable.


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