Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 124

Jehovah's Witnesses embarrass themselves before God and men

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch perfectly organized absent

After this great disgrace, which results from the fact that the religious murder by bleeding to death is inseparably connected with the Watchtower God Jehovah, after the Islamic state obviously does exactly what the Watchtower Society does, only more humanely because faster*, there are no more Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch before the Volksbank. The unbelievable has happened (unbelievable as the death by an invented religious rule) and Jehovah's Witnesses did not appear in Wiesloch anymore, because they simply stayed at home.

* Jehovah's Witnesses are pacifist and non-violent. They are, of course, much more peaceful than the Islamic state. However, this is only a superficial criterion. Jehovah's Witnesses commit the religious murder hidden behind a pious mask and do not realize that they are doing exactly the same as the Islamic State. And as for the renegades, the Watchtower Society in a Watchtower regrets that unfortunately Jehovah's Witnesses cannot yet kill the renegades because the law stands against it.

Can grass grow over the fact that the Watchtower Society murders people by a tactically engineered misinterpretation of the Bible, slowly, very slowly, and in distress of conscience? Presumably Jehovah's Witnesses will again make the self-sacrificing newspaper rack in Wiesloch, because the Watchtower Society will invade them to advertise their magazines again. Because that is the salvation in the Watchtower religion. Jehovah's Witnesses must save themselves by standing on the streets. For them Jesus allegedly did not die. They are only co-affiliates of Jehovah's 144,000 special witnesses. These 144000 plus Watchtower Jesus represent the great Christ. The Watchtower Gospel therefore consists of a worldwide persuasion project that entails the world domination of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Imagine you've been unwittingly advertising for years to cut out small children's eyes and only learn about it from someone with laminated A4 sheets. It can happen that you simply stay at home and at least temporarily refrain from advertising your child's eyes. But the traveling officials of the Watchtower Society will come to you with racy punctuality and talk you into the ground. They will put you under so much pressure that you will very quickly find and encourage the cutting out of children's eyes again.

Jehovah's Witnesses who have surrendered themselves to the utmost of human shame, Jehovah's Witnesses who support the death of others and who have taken religious murder into their hearts and completely internalized it because of a misinterpretation of the Bible, lose everything they have when they give up the Watchtower Shame. Jehovah's Witnesses have no chance of insight, for from this insightful moment they are dead to their colleagues.

The Watchtower advertisers will continue to stand by the road as if nothing were. They will continue to invite us to religious murder, even though the Islamic state is instilling in all of us just how terrible the mere thought of religious murder is. Jehovah's Witnesses will continue to promote this religious murder in order to remain in the community of the worldwide murder brotherhood. They are dependent on this worldwide brotherhood. Jehovah's Witnesses are dead without the murderous Watchtower Society religious community.

Jesus even broke the Sabbath to heal. Jehovah's Witnesses come up with rules to kill people. Those who, as Jehovah's Witnesses, realize that they are in a gang of murderers and are actively aiding and abetting religious murder by advocating and soliciting it, do not have an easy time breaking away from this so loving worldwide fraternity fantasy. The glorious plan of world domination under Jehovah God must be abandoned. This is not easy. Rather, a communist becomes a Christian.

No Jehovah's Witnesses were seen in Wiesloch on Friday. Only in the afternoon did I meet two young Jehovah's Witnesses, although the lady seems to be a little older than him. What have they been doing all morning?

Jehovah's Witnesses perfectly embarrassed in Bruchsal

The English word "to blame" means: assign blame, accuse. In German this meaning has diminished for an embarrassing situation that damages one's reputation by misconduct. In English the word "to blame" speaks of real guilt, in German it refers only to the validity before others, to the ego and the pride one can cherish. Jehovah's Witnesses embarrass themselves in both senses. Jehovah's Witnesses are blamed every day for the deportation of personal responsibility to a committee of self-appointed popes, and despite their bold façade they fall through with other people. Therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses are absolutely dependent on deeply despising all other people they call "world people". They have this deep contempt for other people in common with the murdering Muslims, who cannot survive in their religion without the practiced contempt for humanity.

A heavily made-up Jehovah's Witness stood near the Bruchsal Bookstall, looked at me and shook her head slowly and seriously. I pointed with the left shield to the right one which said: "Beheading or bleeding to death, both are religious murders." This woman came across very honestly at first with this shaking of her head, and I began to speak loudly and audibly, in a different cardinal direction, but so loudly that all Jehovah's Witnesses could and had to understand that no life is taken in a blood donation, and therefore the Old Testament blood ban is not applicable to blood donations. I repeated this lecture several times, so that there was no doubt that the Watchtower Society lies when it demands that people die for this blood ban. Even passers-by further away became attentive and listened to me with interest, but Jehovah's Witnesses remained extremely calm and let nothing show. The woman looked at me again and shook her head slowly. When I didn't react anymore, but looked at her even more calmly and contentedly than she did me (but with real peace in her heart), she let go of her tactics and grabbed three flyers from the Watchtower book table.

She positioned herself a little further forward, so that you could see that she wanted to distribute the flyers. But she didn't make an attempt to get rid of anyone's flyer and I could literally observe her inner struggle and her inhibition to approach the more critical people. It was like a wall she couldn't break through. After ten minutes, she carefully put the JW.ORG flyers back on the book table and preferred to go into the ignorance mode so peculiar to Jehovah's Witnesses.

One man walked by and said that my announcements were correct and that he could judge it because he had already had to talk to Jehovah's Witnesses about blood transfusion on behalf of doctors.

A woman who used the slogan "European values" to promote the prevention of TTIP was addressed by me at the beginning and I drew her attention to the fact that our European values had already been brought to Muslim zero by the blood doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses. She came by later and talked to me.

Many passers-by expressed themselves positively and Jehovah's Witnesses did not have even a single fleeting contact with the people. The time in Bruchsal was extremely fruitful, many were warned and no policeman threatened with the cell, as a policeman in Bruchsal had actually allowed himself 14 days ago.

Unbelievable is still the strange shame that Jehovah's Witnesses display when they are photographed because of their god Jehovah. Jehovah's Witnesses go public and embarrass themselves to the bone for their magazines, also embarrassing themselves by standing up for and advertising the collectively intended religious murder, but cannot bear to be photographed. What a dishonest God this must be, who on the one hand causes so much scalding in his followers, but on the bottom line hates the photographic evidence so much that his true and faithful worshippers explode with anger and shame! Can this be done with the right things? How much is there about a God whose witnesses are so disgusted by photographic evidence of belonging to the Jehovah's clique? How righteous and honest is a God whose successor fears the photo of them as much as the criminal fears the light?

Since there was no public appearance of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch yesterday, four Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal had a completely miserable appearance today. Throughout the entire time, the Watchtower Society's religious murder was brought to the people's attention and Jehovah's Witnesses dismantled their stand in the middle of the hour. Slowly this religious community develops into a desolate heap. The religion with its murderous regulations is becoming ever flatter and more banal and is increasingly losing its unique special status and must replace these losses with imagination and self-deception. The naked peacocks of Catholicism have been on the ground for a long time and are only appreciated by those who are terminally ill. Jehovah's Witnesses are moving towards this status and must increasingly withdraw to themselves. They are less and less able to feed on the respect for humanity that they have been able to bring about so far with their ties and the smile on their faces.

Word has not yet got around that religious murder is and remains religious murder, regardless of whether it is beheading or bleeding to death. But if this realization gradually spreads worldwide, the Watchtower Society will have to change its doctrine if it is not to lose its publishing business. Here it has the choice either to stand by the Muslim murder religion it has long been, or to get rid of the murderous component in order to return to the circle of ethically normal people.

Those may be noble words. But when the real basis of the religious killings by persuasion and manipulation of the Jehovah's Witnesses becomes known globally, this organization has no choice but to make thorough changes. Unless the whole world evolves into a brutal scenario of further increased egoism and bloodstained religious communities with public legal status. The prospect of a dehumanized world of beheading and bleeding to death is the Watchtower Society's only chance to survive without change.


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