Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 80

Bruchsal: Jehovah's Witnesses lie!

Lie-base attack! No eyelash twitching, no blush!

In Bruchsal, Jehovah's Witnesses are still steadfast and not as fleeting as in Wiesloch. If there is no pagan festival to celebrate (during which they should actually be active), one can expect them to set up their book table in Bruchsal early on Saturdays at ten o'clock. This time Jehovah's Witnesses had to share the Bruchsal pedestrian zone with this Communist party. The political goals are not very different: world revolution and lack of possession, autocracy of one's own organization. The beautiful March weather invites organizations to recruit new people. Also a special form of Islam was romping around as many flyer distributors in the Bruchsal pedestrian zone. The religion bazaar ran on full speed.

Whenever I have reported on these pages that Jehovah's Witnesses did not have a single conversation, in the following weeks an unbelievably large number of "accidental" visitors come, all of whom are greeted with handshake and embrace. In any case, my conversational contacts were not planned and I had many good conversations, received many approving signals. The morning was good!

Between noon and 1:00 p.m. a couple approached me, first said they were not Jehovah's Witnesses, pointed to my A4 sheet (Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the destruction of all who are in contact with Jesus) and said, "This is a lie!" I replied that it was an integral part of the Watchtower teaching, but they kept repeating it was a lie. The couple's final statement: "They belong forbidden!" After I refused the further conversation, this couple joined the Jehovah's Witnesses and let their pride wander about their action. I asked some questions to the Jehovah's Witnesses about whether their doctrine could come from God, and the Jehovah's Witnesses looked entered. All Jehovah's Witnesses looked to the ground and waited helplessly and awkwardly for the end of my inquiries.

Finally, I said that the next time they would consciously reject bread and wine, they should think of me and of what Jesus actually wanted. For the Jehovah's Witnesses, the morning was not particularly beautiful, especially because of the special action of the old couple who started their attack directly with a lie (we are not Jehovah's Witnesses). Jehovah's Witnesses hang on the drip of the dictatorial slave from Brooklyn. The Governing Body of the Jehovah Religion calls itself "Faithful and Understanding Slave". The Watchtower leadership cannot go against the knowledge of true Christians. Anyone who incorporates the intentional bleeding to death into his art religion has no good cards against Christians. The human sacrifice – the suicide by bleeding to death or the suicide attack in Islam – this human sacrifice for a God is always only fanatical and can never have anything to do with the God of the Bible. Human sacrifices are a clear signal for the bondage to Satan and a signal for the fanaticism associated with it.

Excursus: Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the annihilation of all who are in contact with Jesus

The contact (prayer) to Jesus is forbidden in the Jehovah religion as idolatry. In Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus is merely the bearer of prayers to Jehovah God, acting as the messenger of the gods. However, this is problematic insofar as the Watchtower-Jesus cannot be omnipresent at all, because the Watchtower-Jesus is only a creature and not God. So the Jehovah's Witnesses have a huge queue of prayers to Jehovah, which the messenger of the gods Watchtower-Jesus must permanently work through.

The worship of Jesus is forbidden in Jehovah's Witnesses. This makes personal contact with Jesus taboo, but it is the only way to actually become a Christian. Those who do not treat their son exactly like their father (John 5,23) can bathe in their respective religion and be incredibly pious and good, but never have contact with their father.

The annihilation of Christianity is an integral part of the Watchtower religion. The saying "Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the annihilation of all who are in contact with Jesus", however, leaves out the name Christians to be annihilated and concentrates on the genuine Christians to be annihilated who actually have a living relationship with Jesus.


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