Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 179

Jehovah's Witnesses give themselves the nakedness

They avoid the watchtower destroyed in Bruchsal

The obligatory control of whether Jehovah's Witnesses are in addition to the in the Bruchsal pedestrian zone or not, had to be. Already when I was passing by by motorbike I could see with one eye that they probably wouldn't be there, the Jehovah's Witnesses. And indeed. There was no Jehovah's Witness around the broken Watchtower. I went to the alternate place where Jehovah's Witnesses would position themselves from time to time, and there was no one there either. Lucky for us!

I said to myself, I am not going to Speyer now, but directly to Wiesloch, because Jehovah's Witnesses are definitely standing at the corners there. I went to the market place and was frightened when I saw the bookstall of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal hidden behind the stand of the left and two huge flower pots. That was a fright with joyful and frustrating feelings. But the option of holding up the signs in Bruchsal against ecumenism "Religion does not save" and "Only Jesus saves" outweighs everything that is not positive. I'm interpreting this abstruse monument, which looks like a split, broken watchtower, as someone who wants to prevent Jehovah's Witnesses from lining up there and that as a result this idiot with the signs "Religion does not save" and "Only Jesus saves" is running around. It is a thorn in the side of some special kind of force that Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal attract the exposing of religions.

In a previous report, I had made the assumption: The Freemasons snap their fingers, the Watchtower Society jumps. The result was that Jehovah's Witnesses waited to see if I would show up, and only then did they set up their bookstall next to the broken Watchtower at the double-square pace. Today the situation was different. Jehovah's Witnesses tried to give the impression that everything was normal. But with the location far from the broken Watchtower, Jehovah's Witnesses confirmed that they is very unpleasant. They are located between the fronts "Shield Holder" and "Ecumenical Manipulators". It remains unclear, however, how much Jehovah's Witnesses and ecumenical manipulators know of each other and whether they might work in concert. In any case, it is a situation comedy that has been dragging on for months now and is unparalleled. Fake Christians somehow work together with Jehovah's Witnesses to banish the testimony for Jesus from the Bruchsal pedestrian zone.

When I discovered the bookstall of Jehovah's Witnesses, the two Jehovah's Witnesses were sitting on the bench bored. After about 20 minutes, they casually started sorting magazines into a kind of magazine rack. This told me that they must have set up the bookstall in a hurry, because they had interrupted the routine in order to pretend to be bored. Are these actions just face-saving tactics of Jehovah's Witnesses? Do these people not have a plan of their own, but have to wait and see whether I show up or not?

But the organized self-portrayal went even further. A fourteen-year-old girl with her two sisters (probably 4 and 7 years old) pretended to be interested in the literature of Jehovah's Witnesses. It was so clear to see that this girl was fully aware of her lie, that I got compassion and a special understanding for what Jehovah's Witnesses give their children away for.

I would never have thought that a spinner with DIN A4 sheets could put the Jehovah's Witnesses and the ecumenism of a city under so much pressure and make them so nervous. The bottom line is: don't believe any religion and mistrust all piety. If anyone can save, then it is God himself who became man. Jesus Christ. Nobody relies on people. Nobody relies on religion. Every person has access to God in Jesus Christ. Pray to Jesus: "Lord Jesus, be my Lord and Saviour!" That's enough.


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