Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 97

Jehovah's Witnesses Activism

Jehovah's agents act agitatively!

If Jehovah can't, activism might help. At the very least, activism helps overcome the feeling that this Jehovah does not exist. The entire structure of the Watchtower society is built on human activism. Jehovah's Witnesses must use their efforts to justify the God of Jehovah to Satan and decide the universal question of whether this Jehovah can rule at all. Jehovah's Witnesses are the shoehorn of God, and when Jehovah's Witnesses are not active, you look Jehovah "God" into the tube. Such a human-centered theology must be melted in one's mouth. Without this God rejecting theology the mediator role of the Watchtower Society would not be conceivable at all. The Catholic Church functions in the same way.

Directly after 40 paces away from the motorcycle I heard a witness at a door arguing forcefully and demandingly. I didn't hear the content of the conversation, but I could see that she was really putting pressure on me. Was it just a rental problem or a faulty car she had bought?

A few steps further on, the next fence post of the Jehovah's religion could be spotted at the Schlecker ruin. An elder, the man of that powerful bouncer, gave instructions to two seemingly helpless Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Wiesloch pedestrian zone seen upwards was dotted with Jehovah's Witnesses draped like a welcoming committee at Volksbank height. The situation was hopeless, but not serious. I went to the bakery and got an egg roll. With the egg roll I then sat down on the bench opposite the Schlecker-Ruinen-Zeuginnen Jehovah's witnesses, whom I had also never seen before in Wiesloch. The two poor Jehovah's Witnesses disappeared before my eyes, although I only ate an egg roll.

The whole magic of the stall was reduced to two old Jehovah's Witnesses who performed their sermon service in front of the Volksbank. The insulting woman and her colleague, who had not yet allowed herself to be carried away by insults. This Jehovah's Witness, who has not yet become insulting, is growing increasingly close to my heart. She is the only one who has not yet shown any hatred or flippant ignorance. She radiates only what Jehovah's Witnesses have left for worldly men, but she holds herself so well that I have to say she is the best of all those who avoid the truth.

I stood there armed with both hands: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for their God!" and "He who idolizes an organization is a fascist". Many people encouraged me, while the two witnesses acted as if the whole pedestrian zone around them did not exist at all. Here is a counterpart to the Jehovah religion. This religion is a parallel world that can very easily do without reality.

One minute before the church bells ringing at 11:00 a.m., the two ambassadors of the Jehovah's Empire packed their things together and left. The insulting one to the Volksbank, the correct one to the Schlecker-Ruine. Four southern types approached me, I just put away my DIN A4 sheets. One of them called: "Look! A Salafist! They are without beards today! You're a Salafist! I laughed: "I'm a simple Christian!" He: "Salafist!" I: "Simple Christian!" – So it went back and forth a few times and we had our fun with it.

And the moral of the story: Don't be a witness to Jehovah! Because this treadmill is so unattractive and frayed that your appearance can't repair or save anything from it. Any human investment in this un-cult is direct failure, direct deception, direct misinvestment, direct worship of eight sophisticated, self-opinionated men in America. If you go to the Masons, you will understand the structure of the Jehovah's religion. You are then spiritually superior to this religion, but still godless to the limit.


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