Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 341

Watchtower slaves in Duesseldorf and Monheim-Baumberg

... and a lot of police

Duesseldorf main station on Friday, 25.08.2017 at 7:15 a.m.

In the night from Thursday to Friday I left for Duesseldorf at 2:00 in the morning. There I wanted to visit my old enemy. If I as a Christian would heed the statutes of the Watchtower Organization, this person would be bad company for me. But there is no such difference between Christians and non-Christians. I am much rather bad company for my old enemy, because I have so many mistakes and weaknesses that I can hardly imagine being good company for him.

I drove through the rest of the night, always at about 87 km/h, and in between I thought: What are you doing in Duesseldorf at half past seven in the morning? Never mind. Somehow I came up with the idea of going to Duesseldorf, and somehow that would be good. A few weeks ago I had been there before and not a single Jehovah's Witness had shown up on the street. But I saw a beggar with crippled feet. Three streets further on I saw him again and thought I had walked in circles. But it was only his colleague – in exactly the same outfit, with the same cripples and the same gestures. The two of them always swung their walking stick high into the air and then let it slam to the ground with all their body weight, so that the people were also acoustically aware of their terrible misery. Beggar professionals. But their cripples were only sneakers put on crooked.

Without the slightest expectation that I would ever meet Jehovah's Witnesses in Duesseldorf, I bought a city ticket for Duesseldorf and drove off by tram. The first act was to check which train was going where. If I didn't meet any Jehovah's Witnesses, I would certainly have enough to do with getting to know Duesseldorf in height, width and depth. But it came differently.

At 7:15 a.m. I met the Jehovah's Witnesses at Duesseldorf Main Station. They behaved very resistant and – as I noticed later – also aggressive. The fact that I accused them of serial murder did not affect Jehovah's slaves. But when I took a photo of evidence and gave a little sermon, Jehovah's Witness immediately called the police. Jehovah's Witnesses confirm by their behavior that they at least suspect the dark side of their religion. Because as soon as a conclusive photo is taken, they protest vigorously against it and shoot their last ammunition into the field. The power of the state.

Suppose I had the only true religion! Why do I care about a photo taken of me standing up for my one true religion and testifying and preaching, which is the only true worship among Jehovah's Witnesses? In the three hours at Duesseldorf Central Station, about 6,000 people passed by. But for these Jehovah's Witnesses, being photographed was the big scandal and reason enough to quote the police.

The conversations I had, including with the police officers, were all very good. Only two or three travelers expressed some incomprehensible refusal of my sign holding. At 11:15 I decided to leave because I was reaching the limit of my ability. Almost at the entrance of the station I turned around again and took two more photos to test my new camera, which has a very good zoom. And look there! A fat Jehovah's Witness had appeared on the scene to support and replace the poor Foot People Witnesses. As it turned out later at Heinrich-Heine-Allee, he went to the Watchtower Police and followed me. He must have been particularly convinced of his abilities. Or he speculated on special points of the Watchtower organization or on an order with a hanging pole.

Duesseldorf Heinrich-Heine-Allee

On Heinrich-Heine-Allee stood three Jehovah's Witnesses who immediately gave me the impression that they had escaped the KGB. Strict, cool as in a spy movie, self-confident, endowed with all earthly power. Here, too, there were surprises. My timid attempts at photography from afar took these Jehovah's Witnesses very calmly, but they called the police because I later did not keep the minimum distance of 20 meters with the signs. It remained completely closed to me, from which road traffic regulations Jehovah's Witnesses took this regulation. I sat down with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" in the shade on a small wall. The passers-by – even those at a great distance from the scenery – read the sign. It is astonishing that a DIN A4 sheet can be such an eye-catcher.

The top KGB witness telephoned for a relatively long time and the police must have gently taught her that there is no regulation for a minimum distance of 20 metres. Then she phoned the internal watchtower police, the man who wanted to clean me up at Duesseldorf main station. He also came, looked and stood there after he had ordered the departure of the three KGB-like men. To my regret, the sun burned mercilessly on the pedestrian zone and I sat down again in the shade.

In between I got up, held up the signs and gave a short explanation about the serial murder in the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower security witness was angry and called the police. Did he want the police to support him argumentatively? No, he just felt disturbed, as I later learned from the police officers. Aha! You call the police if you feel disturbed. That is Jehovah God himself. At the quick end of his power he pulls the state power in front of his carts.

In any case, I had been able to explain to the Watchtower Prince that the motivation for the Watchtower Cannibalism Law could not be any cannibals of Jehovah, but that the only motive actually left was the planning of many murders by bleeding to death.

I had already walked away through the underpass and watched the discussion between Jehovah's Witnesses and the now arrived bicycle policemen from across the street. As the policemen walked in my direction, I walked towards them. However, the two officers passed me and I called: "I am the one! I am the one!" Then we had a good conversation on the traffic island and to my dismay these officers immediately understood the serial murder problem of the Watchtower cannibalism doctrine. One of the two advised me to announce rallies in order to make this matter public by megaphone. I already saw myself yelling around in pedestrian zones with Megaphon. But – I don't know why – I can't do much with this thought. At least not yet.

The Watchtower super witness had to see that his enemy had the sincerity to face all influences, including the police. Whether he can perhaps conclude from this that I am not his enemy at all, but only the enemy of the Watchtower serial murders, remains not only open, but is very unlikely. The salvation of these people lies in recruiting new death row candidates.

Monheim-Baumberg on Saturday, 26.08.2017

The next day I walked through the pedestrian zone of Monheim-Baumberg and met Jehovah's Witnesses there. With the signs "Why do Jehovah's Witnesses need cannibalism laws? – So that they could bleed people to death" I went after them. After a brief statement on the legal situation, which compellingly proves the serial murder in the Watchtower Society, the legs of the Watchtower slaves became faster. From that moment on I called out like a collector of scrap iron: "It's about serial murder in the Watchtower Society – it's about serial murder in the Watchtower Society!" And Jehovah's Watchtower worshippers disappeared.

The whole weekend was a brilliant event and cost me just 6.80 Euro for the Duesseldorf city ticket and about 40 Euro fuel money. The whole thing was a real adventure, in the course of which I came across really friendly police officers, ice-cold death candidates and a Watchtower security man who tried in vain to make a name for himself. Thousands of people had the chance to be made aware of the serial murder in the Watchtower Society. And in between I had a 20-meter conflict with the KGB! What a wonderful time!


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