Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 26

Jehovah's Witnesses are still available! (Speyer, 16 March 2013)

Double shift in Speyer

Actually, I didn't want to leave. Minus 1.2 degrees, sunshine and a lot of things to do. In the cold, would Jehovah's Witnesses serve at all at the book table? After long hesitation I drove to Sinsheim. I had heard from Christians that Jehovah's Witnesses also like to stand there with their literature at the town hall. In Sinsheim, however, there was nothing to see of Jehovah's Witnesses. Then I drove to Speyer and decided to have a quick look at what was going on there in the pedestrian zone.

Almost glad that none of them was there, I quickly took a photo to the right and left, went a few meters further and was almost frightened when two Jehovah's Witnesses sat comfortably behind their literature collection at 0 degrees. Oh no! The general disinterest had probably influenced me already negatively, so that I had no desire at all to place myself there again. But I took my catchwords out of the backpack and went into position.

The ignorance was once again devastating. The Jehovah's Witnesses looked up briefly and then did not react at all. I stood with my signs sometimes here, sometimes there. Fortunately the passers-by in Speyer reacted better than last week the passers-by in Bruchsal. But independently of that I had a good feeling, because the information of the people about the real goals of the Watchtower Society is important.

A former spoke to me and said: "They want to destroy much more." I just held up the sign: "Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the destruction of Christianity!" I asked back: "You or the?" For I had not understood him exactly. He then explained that he meant the Jehovah's Witnesses. He was a born-in and had experienced everything that the process of exclusion entails. I recommended him to join with Christians and to say a prayer of liberation with them, because I do not consider the manipulation by the Watchtower doctrine to be exclusively human.

A passerby criticized the word "annihilation. Would it be clear to me what this word – especially since Hitler – would say? I could only point out that exactly this statement was a fixed sitemap of the Watchtower program. He: "There's nothing you can do."

Several people approached me directly and encouraged me to show openly the information held back by Jehovah's Witnesses. What didn't touch me positively, however, was the thought that everything was so normal. Everyone goes his own way, which is completely understandable, and I felt somehow superfluous. But in the second half of the mission this negative mood should dissolve completely.

The relief came at 1:00. The Jehovah's Witnesses had already prepared their part very well and they were replaced by two more Jehovah's Witnesses. The new Witnesses immediately gave themselves up completely untouchable and prepared themselves for a sermon service in which one was not allowed to look everywhere. They avoided looking at me. But from time to time they looked at my signs. However, their behavior showed very clearly that they simply did not have that in their mind.

In the meantime I had stood diagonally behind her bookstall, so that all passers-by had their sights set on me with their view of the book table. This position was the best. Exactly this I had already experienced in Bruchsal. The reading in the faces of the passers-by is in these times for itself as exciting and informative as a good thriller.

About shortly after 14:00 o'clock I got ready inside to go off again with all frustration and grief. The Jehovah's Witnesses seemed completely unreachable and ice-cold to me. And after some time your own legs begin to speak to you. At some point they become clearer and clearer and say: Sit down now or go home! I began to bow to them, grabbed my banner and walked towards the motorcycle. I noticed the bloodless Jesus on the back of the flyer that was and is distributed for the Jehovah's Witnesses Christ Death Celebration this year. This led me to address the Jehovah's Witnesses directly after all. The two who had seemed so repulsive and ignorant so far were suddenly very close to my heart and all the distance I had accumulated inside was gone in no time. Surprisingly, both reacted very openly, but were reluctant to contradict me directly. It remains unclear whether they had the directive to shut me up or whether they were personally impressed by my arguments. But I realized there was a window open through which I was allowed to shout.

The teaching on my part was limited to the essentials, but I hope that the two Jehovah's Witnesses have had enough to allow for more clarity in their hearts in the long run. All in all, I was able to go home with the certainty that I had done the right thing. The human closeness between them and me was not ordinary. I don't know much about this life, but in those minutes I felt an openness that I had to do without with Jehovah's Witnesses from the very beginning. I pray that they will think about the facts. Today, tomorrow and in all the years to come.


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