Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 55

Jehovah's Witnesses are wasting their chance of rescue

... if they can be saved through sermon service.

With contempt, Jehovah's Witnesses look to the Jesus of the Bible, who with his death on Golgotha brought about salvation that is comprehensive regardless of human goodness. Faith in Jesus is too little for Jehovah's Witnesses to be reconciled with God. They cannot and will not imagine that salvation is in God alone. They are unwilling that only God saves, for their religion would otherwise have no function at all. So they teach a redeeming sacrifice that only compensates for Adam's missteps, but does not touch the sin of the world. In this way, Jehovah's Witnesses have no hope of salvation based on Jesus, but only on themselves and the good works done in the ministry of preaching.

Therefore the Jehovah's Witness also shuns the word "grace" as the devil shuns the light. The substitute term for grace is in the Watchtower language: undeserved goodness. That sounds nice and not illogical at first, but this pseudo-grace ends at the very beginning of a Jehovah's Witness's career. He receives the undeserved goodness only in the fictitious settlement of what Christians call original sin. For his Jehovah's Witness life, however, the Jehovah's Witness is fully responsible and he is judged by "good works" through watchtower advertising. This is indeed the hollowed out doctrine of grace of the Watchtower Society, so the Jehovah's religious community is anti-Christian in this regard as well.

While the Catholic Church in its apostasy still teaches a comprehensive grace, which only by its human administration of grace and the associated dose of grace through "holy" sacraments and priestly pseudo miracles makes it meaningless, Jehovah's Witness is already at the very beginning deprived of any hope of meeting a God who lets grace pass before justice. Jehovah's Witnesses are dependent from the very beginning on their own good works, that is, on the preaching ministry, in order to save themselves by the "good deeds" of the Watchtower propaganda. They must always maintain a good standing before their God and must allow themselves to be psychologically tortured in the Watchtower hierarchy in order to keep in line or to be brought back to line if necessary.

As soon as a Catholic sins, he must provide certain (often financial) services in order to receive a certain hope from his priest. Even for those who have died, Catholics can and should buy indulgences quickly and thus relieve their own consciences. Jehovah's Witnesses do not have these tools and can collect points with their God only through the so-called true worship, namely their preaching ministry (street propaganda). In both religions, Catholicism and Jehovahism, people are deprived of Jesus, who saves comprehensively, solely because of the effectiveness of his sacrificial death. The faith that Jesus demands of us and all people does not count in Catholicism or in Jehovahism, because both the Catholic and the Jehovah's Witness have to fulfil the conditions necessary for salvation themselves.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch, Speyer and Bruchsal failed all along the line on 12 October 2013. They will never be able to make up for this mistake. You can't turn back time! On the other hand, they did not drive anyone into their antichristian doctrine of the rejection of grace by omitting their preaching ministry this Saturday. But according to their calculation of the good works through which they have to save themselves, this positive trait of their inaction can do nothing. They reject the grace of Jesus in parts and thus commit the mistake of the one who, in addition to his infinite repayment of debts, must absolutely pay 50 euros into the debt account that has long since been cleared up. Thus they deny the comprehensive grace, which causes that on the debt account through Jesus Christ eternally infinite credit lies.

Religions enrich themselves. Jesus saves!

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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