Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 87

Jehovah's Witnesses on Easter Saturday

Apart from Jehovah's resolutions, nothing's happened.

The Watchtower Society keeps writing good resolutions that their Jehovah God would have. The phrase "Jehovah's purpose" suggests that this Jehovah God, like a human being, should improve himself or his position through good purpose. It is known that good intentions are useless. Bad nature remains as it is, even if good intentions are realized for some time. The degradation of the God of the Bible to a Jehovah God who basically only works with good intentions is a deliberate ulterior motive in the bleeding theology of the Watchtower Society.

Jehovah's Witnesses in the pedestrian zone are similarly miserable to look at. Apart from decent clothing and their own expression of superiority, they only have the colorful notebooks and books they can produce. The rest remains good will and resolution. They do not have the connection to a living God. They experience no miracles, no impressive signs, no knowledge from within, no movement of conscience and no gratitude. They only experience the business-like performance of preplanned hours which they have already practiced a hundred times in the meeting. Jehovah's Witnesses are all just unpaid employees of an American newspaper publisher. No normal Jehovah's Witness is a member of the Watchtower Society. No normal Jehovah's Witness can derive any rights from his activity as a voluntary and unpaid temp from the Watchtower Society.

The promise of rescue, which Jehovah's Witnesses receive (not at all), is similarly non-binding as the periods of religious affiliation. They receive an uncertain hope of being able to gain a place in earthly paradise through advertising for the American newspaper publisher. Similarly uncertain is the hope of the Muslims, who also have no binding promise from their God to be saved once and for all. In Jesus Christ, this binding promise, which Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims do not receive, is a core of faith. This core of faith, namely this actual being saved, is also eliminated in Catholicism, so that the sacraments can make people dependent and bring in a lot of money.

The man who always vanishes into thin air

In Wiesloch, I only met this strange Jehovah's Witness, who, whenever he sees me, immediately puts the Watchtower away, as if this magazine were offensive literature. With this he reacts unconsciously and certainly not intentionally as it should be, because I actually consider these magazines to be highly offensive, reprehensible and corrupting. Where does this Jehovah's Witness repeatedly get this impulse to be ashamed of his Watchtower notebooks and disappear from the scene as quickly as possible? This is most likely not an intellectually controlled reaction, but rather an intuitive impulse that confirms the suspicion that Jehovah's Witnesses sense more of the dark side of their religion than they want to admit.

Jehovah not in Speyer

In the stronghold of Catholicism, in Speyer, where Marian cult rules, Jehovah's Witnesses were not to be found. So I drove on to Bruchsal.

Bruchsal Pedestrian Zone: Jehovah's Witnesses with Jehovah's Purposes

Anyone who has ever planned something on New Year's Eve that they wanted to do differently in the future knows that good intentions are only effective in exceptional cases and then usually do not last long. By far the greatest part of good intentions consists in the disappointment and frustration that promptly follows, which conveys the realization that man cannot save himself from his sin. Jehovah's Witnesses are very exemplary in bringing about their salvation through preaching ministry. After one of the Watchtower Society presidents, Fred Franz, invented the doctrine that Christ's sacrificial death applies only to the 144,000 elite Witnesses, all Jehovah's Witnesses are even more heavily dependent on earning eternal life through advertising for a newspaper publisher. The good intention is there, but they have not taken Jesus seriously, who makes salvation dependent upon our receiving Him. (Practically through direct prayer to Jesus and trust in Jesus, symbolically through participation in the Lord's Supper). The Watchtower Society actually speaks only of visit of the Lord's Supper, because it wants to prevent anyone from participating!

Today Jehovah's Witnesses stood in Bruchsal with up to ten people around their bookstall. Not a single person talked to them. Not a single one took anything of the free literature with him. Not a single person was interested in them.

Ten minutes before 1pm they suddenly packed up their literature stand and waited to be picked up together with the material. This early termination, which clearly violated the good intentions of Jehovah God, was probably due to the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses were again almost invisible to people today.

Photos taken

At least three people photographed me today. The first was a grim little fat Jehovah's Witness, who had clearly recognizable inhibitions about photographing me. (I have heard that Jehovah's Witnesses prohibit portrait photos. At congresses, the instruction is given not to photograph others.)

The second person who photographed me in a similarly hectic and fearful manner could not be clearly assigned to Jehovah's Witnesses. This man had a look on his face as if he was about to commit three murders. The third person was a young man at quite a distance.

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses, it is absolutely no problem for me to be photographed in public. You and I, we are going into public to be seen. Then why should photos be taboo? Unlike you, I don't avoid being photographed while holding up my clear texts. While you seem to be ashamed of your God, I am not ashamed of my God. The testimony for Jesus Christ would be absolutely false if I would duck away because of a photo camera. I accuse you of that and ask you to think about it: You are obviously ashamed of your Jehovah God, who forbids contact with Jesus. This exposes and exposes and embarrasses your preaching ministry. You are on the road only for the profit promised to you by the Watchtower Society in earthly Paradise. How can you be in a religion where God is obviously ashamed for profit? Don't you realize how cruel this Jehovah God is already on you, that you don't want to be photographed?

Jehovah's Witnesses react to a camera like the devil does to the truth. Jehovah's Witnesses take great care not to leave public evidence of their participation in sermon service. At the same time, they do not think about committing religious murder by bleeding to death and signing these murders by joining the Watchtower Society.

The Easter theme

By the way, the sign I had in front of Jehovah's Witnesses had the inscription: Jehovah's Witnesses confirm Jesus' death sentence: "He makes Himself God!"

Every person who religiously doctrinally claims that Jesus is not God confirms precisely this religious reason which served to eliminate Jesus. Can a man be sinless if he makes himself God but is not God? Jesus was in the situation where his listeners picked up stones to kill him because he had made himself God in their eyes.

Anyone who claims that Jesus is not God denies the sonship of Jesus and makes the sacrifice of Jesus ineffective. For the sacrifice of a not sinlessly executed man is meaningless. The one who confirms Jesus' death sentence makes Jesus a rightfully executed man.


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