Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 319

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The scandalous stupidity of the tolerance of all lies

Well, what's to report if you can't find Jehovah's street kickers? I was a little later than usual and the Watchtower doctrine's swivels were already gone. They certainly made their triumphal procession over the manhole covers and then went home beaming with joy. Unfortunately, unfortunately, they were no longer there when I entered the watchtower-occupied area at the Altpoertel in Speyer. I found it very pleasing that I was greeted very friendly by a woman after my return from the hands of the police. The Altpoertelers seem to know the Jehovah thing of their district well. My silent protest against the Watchtower lies is not only known to many, but also very welcome.

On the way to the cleanest and most maintained public toilet I have ever seen, I met two Jehovah's Witnesses. (Speyer is one of the few cities you can visit without drinking for days!) I photographed the Jehovah's Witnesses and one of them photographed me back. I turned the signs around so she would have more to photograph, but she came over to me, approached a few inches to tell me they were calling the police now.

I proclaimed several times that the Watchtower Society was spreading false information and that Jehovah's street people could very well be photographed. Jehovah's street publicists are people who give up the right to their own image for their Watchtower advertising. The lady of the vertical trade ran to a passing patrol car and the old game started all over again. The police officers got out and I had to repeat the whole Sermon of legal facts. The constant abuse of state power by Jehovah's Witnesses is as boring as it is exciting. Each time you have the new task to inform badly informed police officers about the matter, whereas the police in Speyer has particularly uninspiring, because proud officials. While I tell them what the situation is like, they think more about whether they should believe a runaway non-policeman.

During the discussion, the claimants, Jehovah's two extras, simply walked away. This saved the police and the official simply stuck my identity card in my shirt pocket and said goodbye for a moment.

I continued my even more important journey to the public toilet in Speyer and met the two ladies of Jehovah again. When I photographed them again, they immediately packed up their lie press and walked away. A man got upset about my behavior and must have written a comment directly . Anyway, I went after the ladies of Jehovah with raised signs. Behind the Post-Galerie at Altpoertel I took two more farewell photos and let them go their way. The poor.

Speyer is still one of the most beautiful and humane cities in Germany, despite its Catholicism and Watchtower contamination. But one thing I have to say! The soap container on the men's toilet is leaking. Please replace the container.

The people of Speyer have understood that my silent protest is necessary and moves a lot. I like to sit on the bench at the bus stop at Altpoertel in Speyer and proclaim the truth about one of the two deadly religions of our world. In the long run, something like an inner bond develops. Who can claim to have an inner connection with a city? Only bums who have survived in a city and someone who holds up signs in a city. How mercifully people deal with them is decisive.


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