Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 95

Wiesloch becomes place of pilgrimage for Jehovah's Witnesses

Watchtower Society Seems to Pull All Its Strengths Together in Wiesloch

Oh, how harmless is the religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses? This good piety and this fighting spirit, this commitment, this huge amount of good works! The counter god Jehovah is doing all the work in Wiesloch. He does not want to let the butter be taken from his bread. Jehovah's Witnesses from all possible surrounding places visit Wiesloch in the meantime like Catholics one of their places of pilgrimage. Not that they would like to worship a saint, but that they would like to defend the Watchtower organization against this madman with the DIN A4 sheets.

While the first old women among Jehovah's Witnesses begin to openly insult me (shut up, car driver windshield wiper greetings, etc.), the men are still in control and threaten only with the police. Otherwise they turn their control rounds as elders, in order to ensure the obedient employment of the female forces. In Wiesloch, the Watchtower Society has been implementing a kind of emergency plan for some time now. Again and again Jehovah's Witnesses appear there who do not seem to be resident there. And they increase their audacity to force people to talk. And when they see me, they make disparaging, arrogant gestures and go on.

That Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch have always appeared with this feeling of having owned the city for a long time is confirmed to me by passers-by. But my criticism leads to the situation that the Jehovah's organization, like an animal, takes measures to protect its organism from a foreign body by encapsulating it. The aim of pushing more and more new Jehovah's soldiers is to make me insecure and to urge me to give up. But they did not consider that exactly this tactic would prepare the ground for me to stand up against the heresy of the Watchtower Society. With this hint I do not want to work in the direction that they reduce their religious commanders again, but I want to make clear that every development must serve as a testimony for Jesus, no matter how it develops. The continued confrontation warns people urgently. The absence of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone is also an advantage. No matter how they act, it must be to their disadvantage and to the testimony of Jesus to their advantage. It is precisely these insults, whether on the part of Jehovah's Witnesses or on the part of passers-by who probably only realize at home who they have crawled on the glue for, that fulfill the prophecies that Jesus gave us. Jehovah's Witnesses are not offended. Neither from me, nor from passers-by. Jehovah's Witnesses insult by spreading this deliberately misleading counter-religion and then by words and clear hand movements.

The symptoms that appear in Wiesloch point to a purely human organization that cannot help itself despite concentrated efforts, and they point to the power of God that manifests itself in this complete independence that I experience as a critic of the Watchtower doctrine in every mission. I do not need applause, I do not need attention, as is often claimed by my opponents. As long as the Watchtower Society's colorful seduction booklets are not turned on people, I am the most contented person under the sun without any critical confrontation with Jehovah's Witnesses. It is not that I would seek conflict to make myself a kind of heroism. It is not the case that this repeated failure of Watchtower piety is an experience of success for me. I much prefer to walk through a pedestrian zone and not see any of these Jehovah's seducers.

Today's offender from among Jehovah's Witnesses approached me and asked what my name was. I answered: "You have lost your heart to a newspaper." The woman answered with a signal accompanied by body language signals "Shut up!" and asked immediately where I would live. She continued this game of superiority even when she was already out of reach and standing next to her brotherhood representative, who has kept herself free of insults to this day.

The two Jehovah's Witnesses, who were completely strangers to me and forced people into conversation towards the end of the morning, treated me like children in the schoolyard despise others. This contempt for the Jehovah's Witnesses is becoming clearer and clearer, and there is nothing that goes in that direction, "Love your enemies. Jehovah's Witnesses only feel disgust and hatred for me and I am slowly coming into the position from which I am learning to better understand the people from whom the community has been taken, the excluded, the apostates, the pro-dead. It is clear to me that without Jesus I would be betrayed and sold just as all those who entered into the Watchtower society and are then rewarded with spiritual death if they cannot confirm every single erroneous point of the Watchtower doctrine without hypocrisy. According to all I know about us humans, by far the most Watchtower followers who are not excluded, not apostate, and not declared dead are only hypocrites who privately consider most of the Watchtower doctrine to be acceptable nonsense. They don't say it because otherwise they would lose this conspired gang community without which every gang member feels only half as well.

Every person who gets to know Jesus realizes for himself that a kind of gang membership is not what saves, but only what harms. One's own character falls by the wayside and must give way to the gang spirit. There are ice-cold murders committed by bleeding to death and people encouraged to break up families and cover up for child abuse, and all this must not be confessed to. You dance like a drop of water on a hot stove and strive for the new self-deception in order not to have to admit to the old self-deception. The game is hopeless and one begins to insult strangers, who hold up a DIN A4 sheet with facts from their own religion, by word and gesture. Before one loses this gang feeling, one rather commits acts, which were impossible as non witnesses. Whoever becomes a Jehovah's Witness first experiences a great piety, devotion and religious readiness. When he begins to see the dark background, it is too late. The bond to the gang is already too vital, too central. It has displaced life, which is oriented towards facts, and one is like a skinned animal at the mercy of imminent death. In this misery, people begin to forget themselves and to insult others with relish and delight in public.

If one compares these disinhibited Jehovah's soldiers with the German motorist, one has to realize that the German motorist is not nearly in this mental emergency like Jehovah's Witnesses. And yet he shows this sad behavior. From this we conclude: Jehovah's Witnesses are not so bad in human terms. The few insults one must be able to endure if one opposes them on the street.


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