Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 422

Bruchsal: Muslims already further than Jehovah's Witnesses

The more primitive, the more successful

Juergen, who knows the tactics of Jehovah's Witnesses very well from his own experience, remarked in a commentary: "You have to throw your own filth at Jehovah's Witnesses so that they recognize something." That sounds as unchristian as only what. And Anle rightly got upset about it. But at that moment I realized that Jehovah's Witnesses are actually only accessible in this way and can be prevented from leading their critics on the rocks and possibly wrapping up more listeners.

But what would have made this discussion superfluous is the dirt Jehovah's Witnesses produce. You take that filth and throw it at Jehovah's Witnesses. Example Trinity: The Bible makes it clear at the beginning, cold and brutal, that only one God exists and can/must be worshipped. In John 1 the Christian Bible comes with this God. But the antichristian Bible comes with another God. With a secondary god (... the word was a God). Aha! Why do Jehovah's Witnesses allow themselves two gods, a main god and a secondary god, when the Bible forbids everything that is more than one god?

We must acknowledge that Jehovah's Witnesses are not addressable at the Christian level, but where their own filth stinks to heaven. These are the misinterpretations of the Bible, the protection of child abusers and the murder by bleeding to death and much more.

Muslims are already working very practically on their rule

The Muslims set a fine example. The religion of the Muslims presents itself as the behaviour of the half strong in the schoolyard. In the most primitive way the instructions of the Koran are fulfilled, which demands exactly this primitiveness. The Koran says: "Force them to the narrowest side of the street!" And Muslims do that. So today a Muslim woman ran into Renate's way and reacted disparagingly and contemptuously when Renate complained. The religions of Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims agree in many details. And while Jehovah's Witnesses are still advertising and manipulating naive people, the Muslim in Germany is already one round ahead. The Muslim insecures Germans on the open street by behaving like the half-powered do, and feeds on it. The Koran prescribes it this way.

Back to the Trinity Discussion

The Jehovah's Witnesses are so perfectly drilled for the degradation of Jesus Christ that a factual discussion has no effect on them. Their teachings, however, are so seductive that the normal listener gets the impression that one can and should ignore the commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods beside me". Jehovah's Witnesses actually have two gods. The main god Jehovah and the secondary god Jesus, formerly the angel Michael. By violating the commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods beside me," they have developed a doctrine against the Trinity that can hardly be opposed. Therefore, it is important to remember the filth with which Jehovah's Witnesses must be thrown. It is the filth of the Two-God religion that the Watchtower Society has segregated.

It cannot be denied and we have experienced it again today. Jehovah's Witnesses hear nothing if their dirty works are not named and spoken out loud.

If I publish this page with its truths as a read-aloud video, it will probably be blocked again immediately. But shouldn't I write and read these things because of that? Are we serving new gods now? Are we serving the Heiko Meuse God? Do we serve the Merkel Goddess? Do we serve Youtube in the censorship temple?

A green-left young man with a cap reacted to holding up the shield "Six-year-old from Walldorf died of Jehovah's blood doctrine" with "bullshit, bullshit". He shook his head like Kathrin Goering-Eckhard and when I inquired why the public naming of victims was bullshit, he left quickly. Shaking his head and saying again and again "nonsense, nonsense".

Thus the Watchtower false teachers even win supporters and imitators outside their target group. The left-green trend with its detached humanism fulfils many details of the Watchtower doctrine.

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