Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 118

Jehovah's Witnesses historically ignorant

Alleged Catholic wants to create ecumenical reconciliation

Juergen reports from the Jehovah's Witnesses in the pedestrian zone of Bruchsal

Today in the pedestrian zone Bruchsal was relatively quiet and calm. After I learned from Ruediger that the deceitful action of Jehovah's Witness in relation to the tatort pedestrian precinct Wiesloch had been a little sandy, I felt better, so that we could continue our educational work unhindered and without disturbing incidents like police operations. I was first approached by a woman who took a closer look at my signs and then said that I had to rewrite the slogans with the blood so that the message could be understood. She also mentioned that she would write "Jesus Christ" instead of Jesus, because the ex-boyfriend of Our Lady was also called Jesus! She was very friendly and it turned out that she is also a Christian. She told me that every time she passes a Jehovah's Witness bookstall, she prays that no one stops at the Jehovah's Witnesses. I replied that I believe this is also a good way to keep people away from the Jehovah's Witnesses' misbelief. She also expressed herself positively with the words: "I wish you strong legs so that you can stand here for a long time, and touched me benevolently with her hand. I found this gesture pleasant and motivating.

Another passer-by asked me what this action was supposed to do. I briefly explained the facts of the educational work to him and added that my father had bled to death and refused a transfusion. I also told him a few more details about the effects of the Jehovah's Witness heresies, e.g. no friends, lots of bans, family destruction, etc. He asked me if I was better now. I said no, for 40 years I believed in some of the Jehovah's Witness lies and of course I am disappointed. The prophecies that were not fulfilled, etc. But I found Jesus and that gives me new hope and strength.

Then there was this Catholic with his wife and two children. While his wife was busy with the children at the inflatable castle, he took the opportunity to ask me a few questions about Jehovah's Witnesses. I told him the same thing about my father with the blood, etc., and after a few exchanges he said he had to ask the Jehovah's Witnesses personally if it really was the case with the rejection of blood, etc. Then he went directly to the Jehovah's Witnesses bookstall to implement his plan. I observed that he, who had introduced himself to me as a Biblical Catholic, had been talking to Jehovah's Witnesses for a beaten hour and a half. But it may also be that the Jehovah's Witnesses rewrote him, as it turned out in retrospect.

I observed that the woman with the green jacket (Jehovah's Witness) took the Bible a few times to support something I couldn't hear because I was too far away. When the Catholic was finished talking, he came over to me again to tell me that the Jehovah's Witnesses would be sorry for my father's first loss, and that they would be happy to discuss it with me. The Catholic added that the Jehovah's Witnesses were actually pursuing the same goal as we were and that this was about love for the Lord, etc. and reconciliation blah-blah. And that with the blood, they would take it literally, etc.

Frankly, I couldn't believe what the man said and how much the Jehovah's Witnesses must have done to him in the hour and a half. The man simply did not understand anything. How can I discuss with Jehovah's Witnesses, let alone arrange myself with them? If I didn't know better, I might have fallen for that. One cannot discuss with Jehovah's Witnesses, only study according to their guidelines. And as far as the blood question is concerned, the fronts are clear. Jehovah's Witnesses accept a person's death to serve their "Jehovah God. What is there to clarify or justify? How can the killing of people by bleeding to death due to a religious rule be brought to a common denominator in the form of reconciliation?

Ruediger said that there is no such big plaster that connects Jehovah's Witnesses with Christians. The shallow, twisted view that the Catholic wanted to convey to me only made me uncomfortable. Fortunately, Ruediger came to my aid again to put a stop to further remarks by the Catholic who had been tracked down by Jehovah's Witnesses. In such situations, Ruediger always turns out to be a saviour in need. Ruediger said, without being interrupted, that we had nothing more to lose among the murderers by bleeding to death. Sounds hard, but also uncompromising. And that's what it is. Uncompromisingly.

But otherwise I found today very interesting and instructive again. I am glad that Jesus leads me. You can see what happens when people start to build their own faith constructs. Ruediger and I thought about this a little bit and talked about it.

Ruediger's Report on Bruchsals Jehovah's Witnesses and their Handlers

While eating unfortunately far too many fish rolls, because they are so exceptionally good in the Bruchsal pedestrian zone, we also walked past the Watchtower Bookstall, behind which Jehovah's Witnesses stood and looked very unusually attentively over to us. I took the opportunity to raise the sign: "The Jehovah's Witnesses advertise a bleeding murder organization." The fat Jehovah's Witness smiled appreciatively, but also contemptuously. When I then explained to all of them that the Watchtower Society's blood doctrine is a deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible to lead people to death worldwide because of a religious precept, the fat man turned his back on me. Everyone knows what this means.

I saw this gesture for the first time in Yugoslavia at a border crossing one year before the civil war there. A customs officer walked backwards to a car, had his ass pressed away in front, then went to a colleague and talked to him for five minutes without even looking at the papers. Then he went backwards to the waiting car and – again with his ass in front – had the papers taken out of his hand. Then the car was allowed to cross the border.

But the other Jehovah's Witnesses listened to my explanation of the misinterpretation, the fat man who showed me his back could not prevent it. The Jehovah's Witness described in more detail in one of the pictures is now one hundred percent certain of this connection between the deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible by the Jehovah's Witnesses and the bleeding murder victims among them. But he will want to remain in this clique of contempt for humanity. It can be seen to him that he cannot and will no longer do without their recognition.

The misinterpretation: The blood code's about animal slaughter. A life is always taken. In a blood transfusion, however, no life is taken, so that no life can be given back to God symbolically by pouring out the blood. The Watchtower Society conceals this so that it can let people die for a religious regulation.

If a blood transfusion were blood enjoyment in the sense of the Bible, God would have dealt with it under cannibalism, but never by a commandment on the enjoyment of blood! Jehovah's Witnesses are proud to sacrifice their own people for their Jehovah. But they do not accept the blood of Christ, but reject it. The Blood of Christ supposedly applies only to the 144,000 special witnesses of Jehovah, those with "heavenly hope. Their existence in heaven cannot, of course, be verified from here. The existence of the millions of Jehovah's Witnesses with "earthly hope" can, however, be verified man for man and woman for woman. They all reject the blood of Christ and many bleed themselves to death for their murderer God Jehovah.

We lined up, Juergen and I. An operator of the website came by. – We had already written about email. – We spoke briefly and this afternoon I got a mail in which I could click on the link: Jehovas Witnesses in the Bruchsal Pedestrian Zone. I was very happy.

A cyclist drove past me and threw the lump at me: I wish you God's blessing! By the sound I recognized the falseness of his words and I called after him how he would judge me. He stopped and claimed that I had a share in what Jehovah's Witnesses represent. I then told him that killing people by bleeding them to death because of a religious rule was absolutely anti-Christian and that Jesus had acted and taught exactly the opposite. However, the man remained stiff and firm that I had a part in the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, so that I sharply objected to them as I grew louder. The man drove off with his Catholic-sounding arrogance and a woman admired me for how strongly I had defended myself against this attack.

Another woman later walked straight towards me, swung to the left shortly before me and crossed herself so awkwardly and exaggeratedly that I feared that she might get her thumb caught in her right ear and injure herself. That wasn't a Catholic! At that moment I began to doubt that the bicycle rider's fictitious thesis had been a coincidence. Another Catholic, who at first thought it necessary to tell me he was a Catholic, tried his hand as a papal mediator between the abysmal anti-Christianity of Jehovah's Witnesses and us, Juergen and myself. His assertion was exactly the same as that of the cyclist: "You all want the same thing! This man's rock-hard ignorance of clear arguments such as the anti-Christian extermination of man by bleeding to death prompted me to shout very loudly at the end of the morning in the Bruchsal pedestrian precinct that the religiously motivated murder of Jehovah's Witnesses was absolutely anti-Christian. I pointed to the fat Jehovah's Witness, who laughed so much that his belly made waves. Of course, I was outraged that this representative of the Human Murder Society was laughing and withdrew. Juergen, however, continued to have this alleged Catholic put a button on his cheek. I went back and shouted loudly through the pedestrian zone: "Juergen! We yield to these religious human murderers!" Juergen understood, but took (for my terms) far too long to detach ourselves from this "Catholic". Jehovah's Witnesses shamelessly exploit every kind of politeness.

This alleged Catholic always had a strangely confused look at me. He seemed just as faked to me as the woman who almost slapped herself in the face while crucifying.

Don't be fooled!

The predicted brawl predicted in the second commentary on Jehovah's Witnesses in the Bruchsal Pedestrian Zone will not occur. No one should be carried away to classify our peaceful expression of opinion as dangerous and/or violent, whatever the Jehovah fraud stress may be. I am the biggest scaredy-cat under the sun. Being a Christian does not kill anyone and works exclusively with arguments. Juergen and I have nothing to do with any religion. We belong to Jesus Christ. Religion does not save! Only Jesus saves.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses commenting here argue with their so great fidelity and appreciation of Jesus. But they do exactly the opposite of what Jesus says. They spread the kingdom of a God with a fictitious name, they reject bread and wine in the Last Supper, they kill people because of religious precepts. They deny the Son and pretend that the Son is a figure carved by God. But the fact that every son of a father is always what the father is does not matter to them!

Jesus healed on the Sabbath, broke a religious rule with it and was attacked again and again for it badly. Jehovah's Witnesses do exactly the opposite. They kill people by letting them bleed to death because of a religious blood rule. Jesus says, "By their works you will know them.

The Catholicism is an evil twist of the Bible. In order to maintain and expand power over people, the papacy had to consult tradition. The Catholizism is full of inventions and fantasies just like the watchtower doctrine.


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