Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 245

Jehovah's Witnesses deadly boring in Wiesloch

Boredom kills

What Jehovah's Witnesses don't do by bleeding, they do by boredom. It is fascinating that people can follow this death org at all. How well thought out must the Watchtower seduction be to drive people into this boredom and in some cases let them bleed to death! The performance of this Masonic-influenced counter-religion, which ice coldly leans on Islam, is remarkable. People are turned around, people are permanently separated from Jesus. People become slaves and willing beasts of burden.

If the confrontation with this deceptive org is already boring, then the deadly in the Watchtower society has come out in perfection. The Jehovah's Witnesses have organized themselves into shifts, as they do almost every time they use a book table, and stand with stone faces under their garden pavilion. Sick slogans radiate a false joy. One is: "LUCKY RECIPE – FREE TO GO!" Enlightened women's faces promise happy times and a great awakening. In sad contrast are the haggard faces of magazine advertisers. The masters of the chair, Jehovah's Witnesses from the book table, are just doing their hourly job waiting to be relieved. They know that no one will address them and that they cannot address anyone with their show.

Until shortly after twelve o'clock the public traffic at this very beautiful corner of Wiesloch was just at the border of what could still be described as meaningful. From midday on, however, the number of people was approaching zero and I had to admit that it wouldn't be worth standing there for a long time. Jehovah's Witnesses don't look at the signs and steal from the pressure to think about things. The process had reached a depressing level. The tranquillity was now pure boredom. Perhaps this was exactly what the Jehovah's Witnesses had been aiming for. Anyway, I had no problems with the decision to leave the area prematurely.

Previously, a number of good discussions had developed and the negative mood of the previous day had no longer arisen. And I had reached many with the facts: "Jehovah's Witnesses must not pray to Jesus – Prayer to Jesus is in Jehovah's Witness idolatry – Jehovah's Witnesses do not behead – Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death".

Jehovah's Witnesses are people who have not been in contact with Jesus all their lives and who will most likely never be. Their religion is a collection of anti-Christian regulations that kills through boredom, among other things. The texts are chewed through again and again and always in the same way, the preaching hours are also a constant repetition of the same thing. Jehovah's Witnesses grow old in boredom and dull inwardly. Their consciences can no longer feel that a God who forbids contact with Jesus must come from below. The conscience of Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer perceive that a religion that commands death by bleeding must come from below. Jehovah's Witnesses imagine that they must spread this religion throughout the world through ties and well-groomed hair. The Watchtower Society collects the donations and heritage of its sheep mortal as swiftly as possible.

And when I see the two old Jehovah's Witnesses, for one reason my heart almost opens. At least they still have each other as friends. It's hard to imagine that these old women will ever be able to find people outside the conspiracy of Jehovah's Witnesses and possibly build a friendship with them. I grant these old women the remaining years. On the other hand, the end of this coercive symbiosis can also awaken the remaining person. Here I break off the thought process. For me the still bearable time of these women is more important at this moment.

The young, foreign supporters and organizers that the Watchtower Society provides to Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch for the book table give the impression of coming from higher floors of the organization. But they also have the quality of not being able to read texts on signs at all. They also disappear quite quickly and allow the biggest burden of the day to be removed by the hourly workers of the established association.

The program follows a scheme F and everyone realizes that Jehovah's Witnesses are all about competition within the Kingdom Halls. Who is in the busiest gathering? Which meeting has yielded the most hours? Success counts for nothing at this show (fortunately). It doesn't matter how many people could be brought into the mental prison. And so religion, which is breathed on from the bottom up, degenerates into a non-agricultural show of achievement without any prospect of meaning or reason.

These are all quite easily recognizable facts and I don't want to spread hatred with them, as I was accused of in a commentary. I still try to understand how people can endure such a religion without running away screaming after a short time. At any time when I stand before Jehovah's Witnesses and present them with the facts of their religion, I am overcome by a strange mixture of compassion and rejected helpfulness. The question of whether I want to or can give up clearing up attempte is unnecessary.


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