Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 447

Brainwashing in Germany

Abortion, Infanticide, Bleeding to Death

Has the Watchtower Society changed its strategy again? Is steadfastness once again the order of the day? For Speyer, a quick departure is certainly not the order of the day, and that also makes sense. Because the good citizens of Speyer are immune to facts. You can afford to leave the one with the signs standing. The Speyerer notice as well as so nothing. Apparently.

In any case, it is a fact that passers-by in the pedestrian zone of Speyer are the best friends of Jehovah's Witnesses. The infiltration troops of the Watchtower Society probably didn't even have to do a good job, because in Speyer the particularly aggressive smiling and ignoring has always been more widespread. A young man in Speyer said that children should be allowed to die quietly for religious freedom. Nobody was interested in the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses let people die through forbidden help. Apparently the child murder demanded by the SPD through legalized abortion until shortly before birth has been added to the usual ignorance as an amplifier of inhumanity. The good people of Speyer let you clearly feel that. One only does not know whether it is evil or stupid. It should not be because of the drinking water.

In the ancient Roman Empire it was normal to briefly examine the newly born children and then murder them at will or not. At that time, the Jews were the only people who restricted these murder practices massively by law and ensured that this murder of children could not take place in this way.

In modern times, not only has the whole world ignored the serial murder of Jehovah's Witnesses for decades by forbidding assistance, but the SPD is demanding legalized abortion until shortly before birth. The Sharia Party of Germany is fulfilling its task by destroying the local descendants even more efficiently. It must take into account the fact that in the time remaining for it, the new citizens from everywhere will also vote for the SPD. And the people in Speyer are happy about their own lives and graze on their ignorance.

A man came "by chance" around the corner and told the Jehovah's Witness that he had great respect for him, especially since he was standing there (with the signs). We don't know if these people do it for money, out of stupidity or out of malice. What remains to be seen is the state of our society today. The infiltration, the brainwashing in Germany is so advanced that we are again equal to the ancient Roman Empire. Children are to be murdered at will shortly before birth and nobody thinks about it. Everyone joins in and warmly welcomes the immigrated immediate pensioners. Murdering children? But of course! That's okay. prohibit help and kill them by letting them bleed to death? But of course! That's okay.

People no longer have ethics. They fight for the justice of female language and for all birds and bees to know who is working for them. Namely the Greens. The entire ethic has crossed the Jordan. Power is concentrated in Brussels. Europe is being Islamised, so that the primitiveness of the seventh century can be erected. I experience this decline when I stand with my signs before Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer. The passers-by make fun, grin crooked, make contemptuous gestures and demonstrate their respect for the representatives of the Child Abuser Protection and Bleeding.Org.

In Heidelberg, a Jehovah's Witness triumphantly said to me: "Mr. Hentschel, you can't reach the people!" Unfortunately, the man is right. The situation has become even worse. People's self-righteousness has increased. Everyone who chooses the SPD chooses child murder. Every Jehovah's Witness is responsible for the serial murder by forbidden assistance. And what do people do? The Watchtower technology has been extended to the whole of society. The Jehovah of Freemasons has everything under control. Let's wait together for the first murdered in the ranks of the AfD.


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