Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 323

Stable Jehovah's without substance and without stability

They can only grin and be arrogant

Visiting Jehovah's steadfast people in the pedestrian zone is always an adventure. With a similar, never-ending interest, hang gliders, astronauts and American special investigators are equipped. Still, the desire for adventure does not diminish when I try to enlighten Jehovah's roadman. Where does that come from? The individual seduced Jehovah's are not particularly repulsive for me, so I cannot be called a gawper who does not stop filming the accident and photographing the bodies. Nor is it about compassion or Christian compassion. I don't really get to the bottom of this myself. But the bottom line is that if you've eliminated all the factors that don't apply, there's a little bit left. It is the love of truth that came into my life at the very moment of my conversion to Jesus. This love of the truth means that I have a desire to enlighten the deceived and prevent them from deceiving others. In this respect, my only hobby is not a faith struggle or a dogmatism. The fuel of suffering under deception is the behavior of Jehovah's steadfast. This abnormal behavior is an ironclad reminder that the Watchtower religion is made of papier-mâché. The whole Watchtower thing is glued together from burnt matches and painted with watercolors. The Watchtower religion is made by third graders in art classes and used by an unscrupulous tenth grader as a source of income.

If a scientist carries out an experiment that leads him again and again with one hundred percent certainty to a result that is impossible according to all rules of logic, then this scientist repeats the experiment until he understands the reasons and the logic behind it. At least the scientist – even if he does not repeat the experiment endlessly – will think about it day and night and consult as many recognized colleagues as possible on this matter.

It is quite different, and yet again quite the same, to experience the behavior of the Witnesses of the Freemason God Jehovah. On the one hand, we constantly have here the certain misunderstood result that does not fit into any logical explanation. On the other hand, the collapse of the Jehovah's Resistance and the resulting immediate transformation of these people into air repeats itself permanently with the security of a Swiss clockwork. It is incomprehensible and yet certain that these people do not learn anything new and with the level of information of the day before yesterday will soon announce again that they have the truth. This is exactly where the researcher's never dwindling interest comes in, because for his own assurance he triggers the experiment again. It is a cycle that is based on taking people seriously, but at the same time affects people that no one can take seriously. Perhaps this is the epitome of lying. The lie is an unresolved inner conflict that generates itself anew with all its convictions. The religion of the Watchtower Society has perfectly incorporated the mother of lies into her system, and the Watchtower stalwarts are in an endless loop. They are exposed, pitied by their mother, the Watchtower Society, and brainwashed anew. – And they are exposed.

The steadfastness of Jehovah's steadfast is equal to zero, as can always be ascertained with certainty. At the same time, the return to Watchtower error is as certain as the Watchtower people's fear of their destruction. In the truth question of the Watchtower doctrine, the horse does not always run into its own stable, but lights itself up for safety's sake. Submission to the Watchtower Society is regarded as godliness, as it can be found in Islam. And if one has to switch off one's brain, only the sheer hatred towards the one who tries to enlighten these people remains.

The whole experience with Jehovah's Witnesses is comparable to a bull appearing like a monster on the horizon and collapsing with a flick of the finger into itself and an intangible nothingness. Among the Watchtower protagonists, there is none who stands up against a Christian. The fiction of the Watchtower has the characteristic of vanishing into an invisible cloud of dust in the face of simple facts. And the Watchtower representatives on the corner have to follow this fate and leave quickly under embarrassing circumstances. It's as sad as it is funny. As logical as it is illogical. As boring as it is sensational. A horror movie with a happy ending. Just not understandable.

The Altpoertel Watchtower Swinger

That the Altpoertel Watchtower strategists didn't lay down another egg dance with splits and simple Rittberger before they made their disgraceful exit was all. The Watchtower Man, who only ever plays the role of the Jehovah's Witness's Companion, stood still for a while, because he had somehow come to the conclusion that I strongly criticized the rapid disappearance of these people on the Internet. Then he withdrew and left the field to the simple facts. I still can't understand that people who think they represent the truth disprove all Watchtower theses of steadfastness by running away like caught thieves. That just doesn't fit. If someone has the truth, he cannot show such behavior from the inside at all. And Jehovah's book-table witnesses stay only because otherwise they would get into trouble because of the stand rent. It is the sheer madness of experiencing Jehovah's steadfastness in this way. The Watchtower Monster is made of plastic and inside it has a lot of air. And below right it has a small valve.

The difference between convicted Watchtower representatives and caught thieves is that caught thieves only come back, if at all, to apologize. But Jehovah's Watchtower slaves return as if their religion had never been exposed, and start their dirty game all over again.

How much Nazi is in a Jehovah's Witness?

The bondage to their organization makes Jehovah's Witnesses fascists. Here is a quote from Hans Runne:

All these experiences show that in today's JW organization we are dealing with a totalitarian ideological system that has much in common with the great political ideologies of our time. No wonder, then, that former Nazis sought to satisfy their need for leadership ("leader ordered, we follow you!") in the JW. For example, there was the assembly supervisor, once a fervent admirer of the "leader", who immediately joined a new "victorious organization" after the collapse of the "Millennial Empire", in which he could "believe". By the way also as JW he still gladly showed photos from his "great time", e.g. one which showed him in uniform on the Eiffel Tower in Paris ...

In Wiesloch, the thieves caught by Jehovah reacted in exactly the same way as those in Speyer. After a few minutes, the Wiesloch pedestrian zone was free of Jehovah's fascists. All I did was sit on the bench with the sign: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". The effect was enormous. Jehovah's slaves could only laugh bitterly and immediately leave the premises. As if cursed, they had to leave and did not return. I would be very interested to know how they deal with the collapse of their Watchtower empire in the group. Are they holding a crisis meeting? Are they now putting their heads into the Watchtower brain washing machine again? Or do they meet privately for a little hate celebration? Somehow these people have to cope with their permanent embarrassment. If all the Watchtower heroism with which Jehovah's heroes could just have died has been destroyed, these people really should be upset! But they just disappear and start all over again without any reflection.

Some people bow their mouths when they read the sign: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" These are quite certainly modern people who take their attitude from humanism. Humanism – adopted without reflection – says nothing other than: "Let the murderers murder in peace! Every animal has its own." little treat! Humanists will probably be the first to forbid freedom of expression, because they find the naming of facts discriminatory. They prefer to imagine that the Watchtower Society should be given the freedom to murder people by bleeding them to death. That is so beautifully tolerant. But the fact that the Watchtower Society was created precisely for the purpose of killing people first spiritually and then physically in individual cases does not occur to tolerant, modern people.

In addition, there is a funny new trend in Catholicism. Our Lady's idol is now represented as a phallus. Who is this phallus supposed to penetrate?


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