Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 328

Where are Jehovah's revenants?

It's possible they're all attending a convention

When Jehovah holds a convention, you don't find Jehovah's revenants on the street corners. Parallel to the G20 summit, there must be a Watchtower Society Congress somewhere. The New World is discussed and no one protests. Neither do I. The mood at a Jehovah's congress is hardly bearable for a Christian. The great sense of "we" that a completely dishonest organization creates through manipulation is a substitute for the solidarity among Christians. Jehovah's slaves, who have given up their own thinking for their divine governing body, give each other great recognition at their congresses. A Jehovah's Witness Congress is a huge mutual recognition event. Three days of mental patting on the back. The Watchtower Congress mass experience rebels participants spiritually for months.

Speyer, Altpoertel

The Jehovah's trumpet was then at the corner of Altpoertel. But only for one minute. Then he had to leave suddenly. A bus drove past and the Jehova-Trump greeted with outstretched right arm. Then he pointed at me as if to say, "That's him! What did the Jehovah trump tell the Speyer bus drivers?

Considering that the worldwide work of the Watchtower Society aims to separate as many people as possible from Jesus Christ forever, it is safe to say that at the Jehovah's Witnesses Congress the Black Block is not outside but inside the stadium.


There were no Jehovah's revenants on the road in Heidelberg.

Let's see how well organized Jehovah's revenants will be after Congress.


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