Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 13

Heidelberg / Bruchsal on 18 August 2012

Prayer: Lord, give them insight.

18.08.2012 Heidelberg / Bruchsal – Waking up just before nine o'clock – as if struck by lightning. Too late! Where should I go? A press pot of coffee. I let it stand half-full, refilled some engine oil (not into the cup, but into the motorcycle) and drove off in the direction of Heidelberg. I didn't have a particularly good feeling, because there are too many tourists and too few locals in the pedestrian zone in Heidelberg, so that it is hardly worth it for Jehovah's Witnesses to wait their hours there.

There was almost no trace of Jehovah's Witnesses in the entire pedestrian zone of Heidelberg. Only one man, with integrity, tidy and with a shoulder bag, struck me. He went towards Kaufhof, I stopped and turned around and watched him. He walked 15 meters further, turned around and was frightened because I was watching him.

After I had rattled up and down the pedestrian zone in Heidelberg, I found an old woman in front of the Kaufhof who held up the watchtower instead of this shoulder bag witness. I also held up my cardboard sign and she began to grin broadly like someone who was caught stealing again. Without delay she put the Watchtower away and still made off with a broad grin and embarrassment.

There was nothing to see of Jehovah's Witnesses at Heidelberg Central Station. So I drove directly through – direction Speyer. Far before Speyer there was a huge traffic jam, which made me drive directly to Bruchsal. Shortly before the service area Bruchsal, only a few 100 meters ahead of me, there was a violent accident. A woman drove abruptly to the left into the crash barrier, lifted off with her car and was thrown back in the right angle on the roadway, where she tore by the impact of her car a hole into the roadway and rolled out then further crosswise to the roadway up to the hard shoulder. Total loss. Nobody hurt. Many people with mobile phones. I drove on.

In Bruchsal – I arrived there at 12:00 sharp – Jehovah's Witnesses were already present. The meeting there seems to be really well drilled. They took note of me: "Oh yes, he again – and whistled one another. I stood a little apart, but at least in the shade, while they had to fry in the sun. The ignorance, which they most probably radiated very consciously, was not very pleasant for me, especially since exactly this ignorance reminded me of my former girlfriend, who was and is not attainable for arguments despite highest affection on both sides.

In the course of time – my feet always hurt very quickly – I thought: no Christian present in Bruchsal? The ignorance of Jehovah's Witnesses and passers-by dripped away. Everything normal, everything somehow only half interesting. I prayed. My request was that Jesus give insight to Jehovah's Witnesses. About 13:00 o'clock two stopped at the crime scene. He, the husband, read my text Jehovah "God" is Satan. He forbids contact with Jesus, took a step toward me, read it again, and spoke to me. I answered in English, but he said I could speak German to him. Of course, the Jehovah's Witnesses witnessed this scene up close. It was clear to them that two strangers had appeared on the scene, demonstrating unconsciously: We are not organized, but we have the same Lord: Jesus Christ. We had a long conversation in which the man told me many things, which I emphasize again and again. All in all, the situation was megacool and in the left corner of my eye I saw the Jehovah's Witnesses packing and pulling out their packaged goods. We talked for another quarter of an hour. Whoever clicks on the picture above and then clicks on the right in the big photo can have a look at my visit.

I thank Jesus for how he has our situation under control, I thank him for how wonderful he surprises us and how sensitive he shows us again and again that he makes the plans and not us. Praise and praise his name.

The picture of my brother and sister, whom I got to know today, I did right at the end. About 13:15 o'clock. That's why you can no longer see Jehovah's Witnesses in the background. And people! This is not what is written in the writings of Jehovah's Witnesses. This is real! This is experienced and documented live. Whoever lives with Jesus (which is not possible without contact to him) experiences miracles, love, humanity, forgiveness, consolation, care, development, love, edification, love, understanding, sympathy, support, support, love and much more here and now. Everything through this one. His name is Jesus.


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