Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 306

Jehovah's Witnesses sometimes very cozy

Buying and selling must continue

The Watchtower Society appears as the tenant of the Holy Spirit. Yesterday in Heidelberg, a thick black woman with an open Bible came to the Watchtower Rollator and grabbed a pile of watchtowers, laboriously keeping her balance. Her message was: Only with the Watchtower can the Bible be understood properly. But this message did not reach me at all. Too idiotic was this appearance with a curtain floor cape, in which some fruits had been worked in.

After the ban of the Watchtower Society in Russia, Jehovah's Witnesses appear deliberately calm and relaxed. Headband and open hair, unkempt appearance, broad normality. At the moment these are the vehicles of Jehovah's Witnesses. One meets the people: "Look here! We are so normal!"

But the Jehovah's Witnesses' favorite hobby remains ignoring the truth. Facts roll off them and Jehovah's Witnesses are cast in oil. Disadvantage: Nothing breathes anymore.

The hottest experience today was the Jehovah's Witness Headband Aerobics. Shortly after 12 o'clock the Jehovah's Witness, who was dragging the stuff behind her, was seen standing packed in front of the bakery. Jehovah's Witness to Aerobics on her headband bought a roll. The poor man was suffering silently and Jehovah's headband aerobic Witness was still buying a roll. After a while I went away from boredom.

Jehovah's Witnesses will mention the ban in Russia in 3017 with self-praising words, and the Alpha team at the Watchtower table will continue to strictly guard the watchtower fluttering in the wind.

But today in Bruchsal many people were warned and Jehovah's Witnesses preferred to look away.

By Juergen:

Reflection on the prohibition of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia

Yeah, I agree with that. Stupidity cannot be forbidden. That's not my point either. I am happy because we are right. Right with what we represent. My wife and I laughed and rejoiced yesterday, because that is a small confirmation of what we think and represent about Jehovah's Witnesses. I do not think it has anything to do with malicious joy or with the fact that something has been banned that cannot be banned. It's good to get confirmation instead of criticism. It's a little emotional boost, I'd say. I put that into my family, too, because they were always so sceptical about my statements about the Jehovah's Witnesses. My brother, for example, said, "There is no danger from Jehovah's Witnesses. Maybe he'll think about it a little more carefully and take it more seriously. I want that to be taken seriously. That has always been important to me. I want the truth about Jehovah's Witnesses to be seen and revealed. My family is reluctant to deal with it, even though they are all affected. That is incomprehensible to me. Obviously some things are being repressed. I would like to change that. I often have the feeling that my family doesn't take me seriously and doesn't believe me. I know that I cannot change that. Only Jesus can do that. Nevertheless, the inner urge in me is to prove that I am right. The truth is in everyone and it has to come out.

The Heidelberg Kasperl Theatre of Jehovah's Witnesses

It was only today that I realized what a farce the performance of the fat black Jehovah's Witness was yesterday in Heidelberg! Then an elephant-like creature hovered in a curtain floor – she carried it on her head as well – to the Watchtower Rollator, held an open Bible in her hand all the time, in which the wind leafed around, grabbed a pack of watchtowers, because the fine motor skills were no longer sufficient to take a single watchtower, and floated on with raised watchtower literature like an adorer! This mountain of flesh wanted me to understand that I need Gerrit Loesch to understand the Bible! This functionary replaces the Holy Spirit!

How long do you think this grace has practiced for her performance? How would I have reacted if I had understood her message immediately? How fast are the men with the straitjacket on the spot?

The Watchtower Society wanted to tell me through this play that I need one like M. Stephen Lett to understand the Bible. Something like that replaces the Spirit of God! It is unbelievable!

Every single one of the leading bodies would be sympathetic to me if they met me in the tram or in the sauna. But their claim to be the sons of God and to replace the Holy Spirit makes me shudder deeply. Suddenly you learn what disgust is.

On Friday in Heidelberg I experienced a colorful American woman who wanted to communicate something to me through theatricality and an open Bible. Has this woman been flown in? Or do Jehovah's Witnesses in the back rooms of their American kingdom halls discuss how they can participate in eliminating this Christian enemy in Germany? It is so blatant that one can hardly put it into words. There are strangers trying to impress someone, even though we have been talking about all these topics for a long time! How do these people come up with ideas as crazy as the one to do a show in the pedestrian zone of Heidelberg that is only for one person? Didn't Jehovah's Witnesses hear the shot or do they attach importance to blowing up all measuring scales of all shame measuring devices?

Let's take a look at the next replacement for the Holy Spirit. (This sentence alone makes me desperate for the greatest self-denial.)

Samuel F. Herd has forfeited his life. He reads lies and misinterpretations for Satan. He can do the job. Nothing more. Nevertheless, I still trust this man most that he could have a conscience that torments him at night. This poor man also replaces the Holy Spirit and leads Jehovah's Witnesses. That Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be saved through his work is still most obvious to this man. But because of the great honour he works with the leading body of the Watchtower Society. This man can be considered the scientific definition of the word "poor".

What does the next Son of God and Spirit-God substitute look like? It is a replacement spirit of God and another son of the Watchtower God Jehovah. Kenneth Flodin.

It is a repulsive notion that the Holy Spirit shows Himself in a person who is committed to washing away child abuse.

With this wise man I end the round dance of the representatives of the Holy Spirit on earth. Do not be overwhelmed by the fact that these sons of God look as they look and are as they are. 8 million Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be wrong. These men administer the power of God on earth. And without them, no one can understand the Bible. Only with these men can the truth be found and one must study all one's life what they say. One must always listen to them and obey them. But always give them the money! Renounce vacation and the donation to the beggar! Better give your money to these substitutes of the Holy Spirit! After all, they have to pay fines for many child abuse cases, not only because they did not prevent them, but because their system is a shelter for child abusers.


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