Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 309

Watchtower lull – the MURDER-ORG lets grass grow

In the meantime, they've noticed. Every Friday, someone appears at Walldorf-Wiesloch station to present Jehovah's signs to the attack personnel and expel them from the Watchtower religion using the facts. Not that the Watchtower soldiers are personally afraid! No, they only expect much enlightenment and the great embarrassment of their religion in public. In order to prevent this embarrassment, they had to pile up like thieves, but they have now reorganized themselves! They don't even come anymore. It is amazing how few months the Watchtower Society needs to learn.

The Watchtower Society has earned a certificate: secondary school leaving certificate at the age of 120!

Wiesloch pedestrian zone

There were also no Watchtower Jehova strategists in the pedestrian zone of Wiesloch, except for the long blondes. This is the Jehovah's Witness, who is always particularly snobbish. While in the last months she always gave the frightened hare, whose butt shown in a stretched gallop could only be seen from far away, she remained calm today. From now on the Watchtower Society no longer has to write in the avoidance of the name of Jesus "... of our calendar", but "... of the calendar of the remaining hare". For a new age has dawned. The Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch, who for months had only been throwing money around with her heels, remains!

And not only did she stay, she photographed me! I turned the signs over for a second photo and told her: "So you know about your fake religion!" She joyfully took the second photo and walked away completely relaxed. That was the rest of the Watchtower Festival and no Jehovah's Witness was seen in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone. Only one who was travelling privately pushed his bike past. The absolute likeness of Alfred Tetzlaf! Ingenious, this resemblance!

The signs the Watchtower Bunny photographed were: "Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood" and "Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the destruction of Christianity".

Mormons in Heidelberg with aggressive advertising

For months the Mormons have been up to no good in Heidelberg. They advertise aggressively and store the personal data of the naive in their tablets.

But today in Wiesloch and Heidelberg I have seen so many twenty year old, perfectly styled blacks as never before. These blacks all have an iPhone and apparently walk aimlessly through the area. In relation to the usual street scene, about fifty to a hundred times as many young male blacks were on the road today as there are other Jehovah's Witnesses. And that is sparingly estimated. So I had every reason to think about becoming a racist. The number of young male blacks was impressive and in between I thought about where the young male Muslims had gone. They are all white! Where are they now?

While I was still thinking of our Chancellor's sayings that we should sing more hymns against the fear of Islamism, the Mormons did their business with their religion. I can't understand why these people recruit personnel in Germany. They have already taken over so much power in America that it is almost a miracle that no Mormon has become president there yet. Unfortunately, I have no fitting slogans against Mormonism, because the Mormon religion is about as wacky as the science fiction religion of Scientologists. These people do not only offend against the Bible, but so massively against common sense, that you don't find any words for it and you don't have to make any words at all, as I thought so far.

But there still seems to be enough naive whose religious life is so hollow that they are open to the wacky messages of the Mormons. A young woman was explaining her career plans to the Mormons as I passed by. What kind of offers do Mormons make to people so that they may reveal their life plans? What messages make Heidelberg women defoliate their whole lives in front of these people? I can't believe it!

Today I also saw female Mormon recruiters in Heidelberg for the first time. They only took care of the male candidates and did not stop at obvious refugees. I don't understand what the Mormons are up to with these people. Is it perhaps only about the fact that the seduction of mankind is neatly divided among the sects and that, after the Jehovah's Witnesses' high year, the Mormons are now allowed to graze mankind? Jehovah's Witnesses have been strikingly restrained since the beginning of the year!

The real behaviour of these Freemason religions is in fact the basis for the suspicion that the worldwide market of misbelief is well planned and divided among each other. This does not only take place spatially, but apparently also temporally. The rulers of heresy allocate certain periods of time to their miscarriages in which they may or should or must appear dominant. And I trust these Masonic circles to have been able to trigger the wave of refugees. Why are there so many young male refugees on the mat, all with iPhone and well styled?

I hope I'm not a racist and a conspiracy theorist. All my Pakistani and Turkish friends can confirm that I am not a racist. But today I accused a Romanian beggar with a live plush dog of having no money for a dog. She aggressively approached me for money. I had to tell her about ten times that unlike her I can't afford a dog. Then I saw the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Heidelberg and the Watchtower ...

Well, Heidelberg has something provincial about it and towards the south the provinciality of the big cities becomes even more striking. Nevertheless, the fact that buses and trams slow down in Heidelberg when drivers read my signs is something I can imagine. Thinking people take note of things and you notice it. Jehovah's Witnesses, on the other hand, miss the point. They have no interest at all in avoiding the conflict, they are only interested in saving the face of the hours. One does one's service. That's it.

In contrast to the splendid Jehovah's men at Walldorf / Wiesloch station, who now avoid the embarrassment of non-appearance, the Heidelberg Jehovah's Witnesses remain ice-cold and allow hundreds of people to be warned. Only the obvious shortening of their appearance suggests that, in addition to the usual Jehovah's Witnesses' stubbornness, they can also react with minimal tactics. Today, the Watchtower train through Heidelberg's pedestrian zone failed, and the fat Jehovah's Witness took to the tram (hopefully) to drive home without serving pedestrians.

The psychic play of the facade is powerful among the people. Thus an aggressive begging bum disappeared silently and at a goose step when he saw a police uniform. I was very impressed by strangely large numbers of young male refugees, who all had nothing to do and looked very good and all had an iPhone. Naive people were listened to and written down by Mormons, bearded men stood in doors of shops and offered free samples – this always went to women – and on the street in the middle of the city the show-off porsches of the rich roared. Life is diverse and the truth is nothing. This is the picture that presents itself when more than two people meet. Everyone brings his own thing and Freemasonry has everything under its influence. Naturally hidden and only under the skin.

Fortunately for me, all I need now is an alleged Christian who throws around himself special laws, asks everyone if they can lose their salvation, and claims that the earth is a disc. I think straitjackets can be quite comfortable. Jehovah's Witnesses prove it.


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