Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 244

Jehovah's Witnesses popular and exposed

Watchtower Society Bending

So far, the Watchtower Society has always and without pardon followed the concept of making sacrifices out of Jehovah's Witnesses. For example, after an ignored petition to Hitler, the Watchtower Society decided to send Jehovah's Witnesses to a concentration camp by merciless resistance order.

Nearly every single trial won by the Watchtower Society has always been prepared to thoroughly overturn Jehovah's Witnesses as victims beforehand. Enmity and disgust against Jehovah's Witnesses were artificially created and fomented to the best of their ability. Once the desired mood had been created, the trials could be contested before the (mostly American) courts.

After a single person has been holding up signs in front of Jehovah's Witnesses for some time, the Watchtower Society changes its tried and tested strategy and seeks support from the population against the man who dares to disrupt the Watchtower business. That was very noticeable today. Women and men greeted the two old Jehovah's Witnesses in front of the Volksbank in a conspicuously exuberant manner. Passing employees of the Volksbank themselves distorted their faces, others grinned continuously. A man patted me on the shoulder and recommended that I rather make breakfast. That was better. A Muslim went to the two Jehovah's Witnesses and asked why I would demonstrate against them. Some passers-by passed by so close to me that I had to avoid them. A bunch of fat women with a clearly demonstrated connection to Jehovah's Witnesses stood next to me and made a big fuss with the stupidest jokes.

The sacrificial role played by Jehovah's Witnesses in bringing people to Wiesloch has been so successful that things unexpectedly turn around. Now Jehovah's Witnesses are the wick on which the flame of the mainstream flickers and the people are their willing supporters and reject any kind of enlightenment. They openly show that they don't believe in clear words and prefer the hobby of the oh so harmless Jehovah's Witnesses to a confrontational situation. Jehovah's Witnesses don't hurt anyone! They just stand there looking. Leave them alone, the poor.

The dangers of this sect are currently hidden in Wiesloch by many and somehow Jehovah's Witnesses have managed to draw the mood of the Wiesloch audience to their side via friends and friends. Remarkable.

The embarrassment follows on its heels

After the most recent police appearance in Wiesloch regarding the question of whether Jehovah's Witnesses can assert their right to their own image, it has finally become quite clear that anyone can photograph Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses are advertising in public and have given up their status as private individuals. Like politicians who publicly advertise their party, they are allowed to be photographed. Now that this fish has finally been eaten, some Jehovah's Witnesses begin to grin embarrassingly and hold the Watchtower in front of their faces when they are photographed. What a shame!

When I wanted to take one last photo and then leave, because my feet were already hurting, the reaction of the old Jehovah's Witnesses, who almost every day hold up the Watchtower in Wiesloch, was exactly this embarrassment: Look away and hold the Watchtower in front of my face. I made this clear to them by drawing a comparison to a criminal who holds a file in front of his face when he is filmed or photographed in the courtroom. The two Jehovah's Witnesses understood this immediately and this announcement was probably the first direct hit into the remaining consciences of these women.

These people are ashamed of their Jehovah "God" when they are photographed, but stir the friendship drum in the fight against me on a grand scale. Today the matter has finally become clear, but I know that they will have their strategy refined and, if necessary, changed by their senior officers in order to continue promoting the great Antichrist Watchtower Society. It is hopeless to make Jehovah's Witnesses think. But the hope remains that confrontational enlightenment will warn people about the Watchtower Moloch.

And all those who ecumenically and with good humanism take sides for the poor Jehovah's Witnesses will bear responsibility for the destruction of other people and families around them by the Watchtower Society. This is the basic dilemma of all the seduced: even if you have only fallen for someone, you bear the consequences of his behavior and decisions. Nobody can talk his way out of a murder by saying that he or she would have convinced him or her of that. It is frightening how people fall for a smile and a meaningless greeting phrase of a seducer. Jehovah's Witnesses take full advantage of this. They are so sweet and so harmless. Jehovah's Witnesses only want to embrace the whole world.


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