Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 24

Jehovah's Witnesses can't be found

Does missionary work with Jehovah's Witnesses come from the heart?

Best sermon service weather in Bruchsal, Speyer and Mannheim, but no Jehovah's Witness to be discovered. Especially at the time of the Christmas markets, which are now being installed to maximize the profit of the traders, would be the time to denounce the undisputed pagan origin of Christmas. Catholicism greets the world of profit at Christmas. But Jehovah's Witnesses sit at home.

Well, fighting heresy with heresy doesn't help anything but doubling heresy. But one should be able to assume that Jehovah's Witnesses, if they really cared about preaching, would be active at this time of year and point the world to the pagan origin of Christmas.

None of it can be seen. The propaganda of Jehovah's Witnesses seems to be only a comfortable job in good weather to justify itself to the overseers and also to the Watchtower Society with filled out report slips. One advertises for the Watchtower conviction according to the slave drivers' specifications. Moreover, there is nothing more to do than to sunbathe in the protected recognition of the fellow believers.

The time of expectation in Advent probably represents a certain competition to the constantly unfulfilled expectation scenarios of the Watchtower Society. No wonder the Watchtower Society abolished Christmas. It would only diminish the expectation of the Jehovah's Witnesses taking over power. And it would be new every year. Surprisingly, in this context, the Watchtower Society's strategy does not foresee a clear confrontation, but a retreat at early Christmas. Should Jehovah's Witnesses be protected during the November depression from having to think about Christmas again and get funny feelings?

As a Christian, I know how to deal with such problems quite differently. When I am oppressed by contemporary spiritual emphases, I experience the power of Christ that comforts me. A time of conscious suffering and reflection precedes this, but the consolation and truth of Christ follow this time on its feet. Jehovah's Witnesses do not have such a thing. They can only act from a world political conviction and have no support in God, but only in their autosuggestive Jehovah figure. They must fight the pseudo-Christian struggle with money and their own power, while Christians experience how they can draw from the power of Christ.

Jehovah's Witnesses strictly reject Jesus as their God and in this way separate themselves from His power. They trust in a human organization and are happy to stay at home on Saturdays. If they can also avoid the confrontation with a Christian, cardboard sign-holding up crackpot, they kill two birds with one stone.

But it should have become clear to them at this moment that their expectation of the kingdom is not dependent on God but solely on the will of the earthly Watchtower society. Those who execute earthly strategies can only expect earthly things. Whoever follows Jesus and acknowledges Him as his Lord does not follow earthly things and consequently does not expect earthly results. Christians do not expect the fulfillment of the Bible through the power of an earthly organization, but through God. No Christian intends to establish a kingdom. Only the religions that possess Jesus dream the dream of the realization of their kingdom fantasies on earth. These are Freemasonry, the Watchtower Society, the Catholic Church and many other sects. They are all immersed in the logistics of their religious interests. Christians do not trust any strategy. They trust in Jesus alone.


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