Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 376

Heilbronn: Jehovah's Witnesses disturbed

When false doctrine meets facts, the phone glows

What's the beauty of these days when we drive out and know beforehand that it's going to be brutally violent, good and funny? Where does this anticipation of fulfillment and peace come from, despite or because of the hostility of Jehovah's Witnesses? Where does this confidence, this desire, this insane joie de vivre, this strength, this tension come from? Renate and I have a suspicion. We suspect Jesus of giving these incredible gifts. We refrain from scientifically verifying this suspicion, because God has decided in his wisdom that faith in Jesus Christ should save. For people have not recognized God through their wisdom. Knowledge, then, cannot save or prove anything. Therefore Renate and I renounce to prove anything to ourselves and others and plunge ourselves into the floods of the Watchtower heresies. Here we find again and again that the hellish turmoil cannot harm us. We stand firm and Jehovah's Witnesses are driven past us. They drift by as deceived, as candidates for bleeding, as guilt-ridden, destroyed people who are no longer happy and have to ridicule themselves publicly for their Jehovah.

At every corner I expressed my wish that there should be no Jehovah's Witnesses standing behind the corner! I hate the confrontation. I would have rather counted the clouds with Renate, although – there was only one. And it was everywhere. And so my anticipation increased to a kind of little fear. No! Better not! Hopefully the city is free of Jehovah's Witnesses and we just go home again. That would have been very nice for me, too.

In Bruchsal it worked out and I was completely balanced. Renate was disappointed. The Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses had something better to do than save the world on the only beautiful Saturday in January. Or had someone told them that they would have visitors again? Can't they stand the embarrassment of bleeding people to death in an organized way for Jehovah? Is it really possible to be an obvious liar to surrender to Watchtower advertising only when there are no reconnaissance planes on the road? What a shame it is to remain in a religion that is publicly exposed to serial murder by bleeding to death in the pedestrian zone? These people play their game when no people are expected to enlighten about the Watchtower lies!

We made our rounds through Bruchsal, looked under carpets, inspected gullies and rattled through all sorts of hiding places, but Jehovah's Witnesses could not be discovered. Renate would have wanted to shout loudly: "Jehovah's Witnesses! Come out!" I suppose so. From Bruchsal we flew by car over mountain and valley towards Heilbronn. The roads in Baden-Wuerttemberg are wonderful on this route. Like the roads at that time on vacation in southern France. The absolute idyll. Renate almost strangled herself with the safety belt.

Can Jehovah's Witnesses even feel this anticipation as we experience it? A Jehovah's Witness told me she hates good weather. Today I understand her when I put myself in her position. Damn it ..., now I have to go back to preaching for Jehovah! What a disgusting life! He who hates sunshine can only be a Jehovah's Witness or an earthworm. Bruchsal was free of Jehovah's Witnesses. It must have been the bad weather that kept her from doing her duty. Who knows! It could have rained!

Pure pleasure began for me in Heilbronn. I felt so comfortable without Jehovah's Witnesses and I noticed how I resisted confronting the poor with the facts of their religion. And then they stood back there, the ladies of disgrace. Young, good-looking, model-like beings of the feminine. The bait par excellence. The unprotected raw meat, which the cat can't let go of and likes to climb on the table, although she knows it's forbidden. And the smile! That smile! Which man is not attracted to it? The smile of the sweet Jehovah's Witnesses shone for miles for a new death candidate.

When Renate approaches the ladies of the highest attractiveness, I don't know much about what she tells them. I can only roughly tell from the faces of Jehovah's Witnesses what is going on in them. Some of them are still human and are impressed. Others are completely tactical and are friendly. Then there are the warriors who can only choose between "determined escape" and "determined escape". But then they usually subordinate themselves and obey the friendly tacticians. Two nymphs of the watchtower were quite tactically on the way and the one standing on the right had to renounce the determined escape. As a Jehovah's Witness, you have to pay meticulous attention to what the Watchtower hearing requires. You can't just go home.

The detachment from the message of Jesus Christ is actually not easy for Jehovah's Witnesses when it happens in public. They have to pretend to be nice and polite and not be able to spoil water. For the Watchtower facade, they must remain friendly. All the more so because in Speyer a Jehovah's Witness even struck recently. So you see a lot of grin faces and hypocritical attention, but the summit of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which has been climbed again and again, is the folding of the watchtower advertisement and the very slow and relaxed departure towards the horizon. Here the traffic sign "All directions" would fit well. Because Jehovah's Witnesses don't care where they go. The main thing is away!

On their way to the horizon, the three Watchtower Goddesses met a colleague from the Blood Victim Advertising Department. They lined up with their presentation carts next to him, hoping to have a safe haven in him, the proven blood sacrifice advertiser, as they are accustomed to in the Kingdom Hall. These young nymphs of the Watchtower are not really familiar with thinking and acting for themselves. They are only the executive organs of the Watchtower Police, which dictate everything to them and exercise control over their conduct. It is only natural and logical to join the Jehovah-grey Witness. The faces of the three beauties became even more beautiful. And the Russian girl next to the bleeding victim advertiser sulked.

The victim of bleeding advertiser approached me and asked me why I had run away so quickly two weeks ago, the police had been on the way. Jehovah's Witness actually told me about two weeks ago at the meeting that I had escaped the police's grip by fleeing so quickly. I was the one who asked him when he left: "Why are you leaving? You called the police!" Jehovah's Witness Lied, and thereupon he said smugly: "We're waiting somewhere else for the police." And then this piece of man goes and lies something to the Jehovah's Witness Assembly. Unbelievable, but seemingly normal with Jehovah's Witnesses.

After the Watchtower Bleeding Victim advertiser had betrayed his poor lying buddy, he set out to accuse me of a serious crime. "They bother us! Stop bothering us!" Then he said: "They insult us!" I replied to him: "They insult themselves, for they grin only at the sight of my signs. The Watchtower Society insults you! You only grin at my accusations!" Then the bleeding victim advertiser pulled out his phone and began to call. The police were supposed to protect him from something. The advertising of bleeding candidates falls under the category of religious freedom in Jehovah's Witnesses. Anyone who interferes with Jehovah's Witnesses in their so-called true worship must of course be arrested! This will clear the way for even more human destruction in the name of the Watchtower God Jehovah.

In the meantime a few Christians joined me and asked me about my intentions and goals. It is significant that in such a situation Jehovah's Witnesses quickly give up their location. They cannot bear it when their murder deeds are heard by others. The conversation was very good and the Jehovah "God" had silently disappeared. No hissing and no smell of sulfur.

For quite some time Renate did not let Jehovah's Witnesses run her off and I explained their talent to the Christians who stood with me. I expressed it more as a joke, but I would like to explain it again. Renate has the talent to naturally ignore the Watchtower pretended conversation tactics and stick to her theme. Here is the end of the Watchtower tactics that have been trumpeted into Jehovah's Witnesses in long years of "Bible study" and thick books. It's a pleasure to see Jehovah's Witnesses simply standing on the hose. At the same time, of course, the abandonment of the Watchtower logic is associated with the hope that these people will see something that they have been desperately turning a blind eye to for many years.

I, who consider myself the inventor of Truth Shock Therapy for Jehovah's Witnesses, watch with joy and appreciation as a simple Christian with a little perseverance breaks through the manipulative Watchtower Wall and touches people who have made themselves untouchable and proud of it. Passers-by even take part in it and join in and listen in. How must that feel for a Jehovah's Witness who sees herself as a Bible teacher? The fall from the high heights of Watchtower arrogance is devastating. Hopefully, these people will remember the Watchtower Bible Teacher status crash for a long time to come, perhaps to be able to classify the Watchtower serial murder organization's deeds according to the facts in later times.

As I followed the witnesses scratched by Renate with my signs held up, Renate went in the opposite direction to show even more Watchtower Bible scholars her true condition. She did this quite well, as she later told me. The future of the Watchtower Assembly in Heilbronn is visibly improved from mission to mission. The Watchtower lost get clear feedback about their real condition and thus get the chance to say goodbye to the ranks of the Watchtower peers. The fact that a lot has already been achieved here is automatically explained by the reactions of Jehovah's street slaves who are still active. The lies told about Renate and me in Jehovah's assemblies clearly signal that the Watchtower leadership is up to its neck in the water.

Today Renate explained to a Jehovah's Witness that we love Jehovah's lying people and do not hate them. The man asked in astonishment: "Oh, you don't hate us at all? You only hate the organization?" With the credible confirmation of this thing, a reaction was triggered in this man, which in turn amazed Renate very much. She recognized from his reaction that the worst image within the religious community of the Watchtower Society is spread over us. The Watchtower Authority has no more salvation than one, namely to portray us in the worst colors. Here the hate of hatred is celebrated in an organized way in order to still be able to hold on to the manipulated.

But reality is making its way and the people who dream of the great Watchtower dream of the earthly Jehovah's paradise are gradually recognizing the lies of those who manipulate it. How redeeming it must be for a prisoner of the Watchtower ideology to get to know people who are higher than the Watchtower makers without any effort. And this higher position, this truly biblical behavior, is not our merit, but it has come solely from the grace of our God, whose name we invoke: Jesus Christ.

In the course of the morning in Heilbronn, the police were once again affected. But the policewoman explained two things to the Jehovahist claimants: We have freedom of speech in Germany and we know the person with the signs.

Finally: The Bible says crystal clear that God is spirit. Then how can the Holy Spirit still be a thing, a thing like electric current, as Jehovah's Witnesses represent it? If God is Spirit, the Holy Spirit must be God, because he is the Spirit of God. And if the Holy Spirit is God, then how can the Son of God, Jesus Christ, only be an angel? Is that even possible? No! If God is spirit, then Jesus can only be the man who has become man, who is God.


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