Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 369

Wiesloch: Christmas Saturday with Brussels sprouts

Jehovah's Witnesses go, the serial murder by letting bleed to death remains

Dear children,

be careful when you meet beautiful people carrying those sack trucks. The funny magazines and books with the funny pictures are dangerous! You can see the danger by their stuck-up faces. Be quietly honest, not polite, and recognize snootiness as a warning signal. These beautiful people want to do something very special with you. They want to make you Jehovah's Witnesses, so that there will be enough of them who need a blood transfusion by chance. If you have become Jehovah's Witnesses and become ill or have an accident that you cannot survive without foreign blood transfusion, then these beautiful people have achieved something that the Watchtower Society, their spiritual mother, has finely planned.

And when you then, dear children, have died as joyful Jehovah's Witnesses, these beautiful people will live even longer and will not be punished! Please be very careful when you see these beautiful people with the beautiful picture carts. These people are so attractive and friendly. But they have only one goal. They want to draw you into their own life risk. For they too are candidates for death according to the planning of the Watchtower Society. They can't help it, but they are still very evil. Somehow they don't know what they are doing. But they are very evil. They serve serial murder by bleeding to death. They don't even know what they've been hired for. But they are incredibly proud of their religion of death.

Dear children, be vigilant! The danger of death by bleeding to death lurks on every corner. In front of the Volksbank, at the roundabout, in front of Lidl, in front of the post office and everywhere where there are many people. For example, these beautiful people love to infiltrate as many railway stations as possible. With their death advertisements, they are particularly fond of being placed in rush hour traffic at railway stations. And they also receive special protection from Deutsche Bahn. Dear children, be careful when you meet Jehovah's Witnesses and be careful with the Bundesbahn. They may want to make you dead Jehovah's Witnesses in the end.

I don't understand why the Deutsche Bundesbahn is involved in this seduction. But it does. The Deutsche Bundesbahn especially protects the seducers to the Watchtower Bleeding Serial Murder.

And dear children! You can't even rely on your parents in this matter! Your parents are mostly people who do not inform themselves at all about this matter. That's why they can't help you most of the time. Your parents love all kinds of heresies, surrender to esoterics, believe in conspiracy theories, let themselves be saved by the Pope and purgatory or fall into the trap of the capital markets. In this respect you children are completely on your own. You are literally washed away by the big mainstream and have hardly any means to escape the really bad things. You have to make adult decisions very early. That is why I warn you. You are betrayed and sold. When you're turned through the Facebook mill, beautiful people have an easy time with you. They're just waiting for you with their picture book carts with the children's books promoting child abuse.

And don't be surprised, dear children. Not only your parents cannot protect you because they are as unsuspecting as last year's snowman. The state also abandons you. The state turns a serial murder organization into a kind of church and waits in peace of mind to see what happens. Not only do they lead you astray through jumping jack-like tolerance exercises, they let you run into the open knife and see what taxes are collected in the state coffers. You are so indifferent to the state that it cracks. And when you are sunk in the coffin, nobody asks how that came about. But the Watchtower Society knows exactly what happened and laughs its head off.

And those irresponsible superheroes who let their mother down to follow that murderous org, what do they deserve? Do they really get an eternal life between fantastic tomatoes and tubs? Warring to see the half-naked girls in the earthly paradise, so that they can enjoy it? Or do they do their watchtower-job only because of the beautiful feelings of power, which they can already enjoy today? How evil does a human have to be in order to drive one's mother to the devil for a murder religion?

Jehovah's Witnesses are convinced I, too, made a very private mistake without such a watchtower and I have not yet corrected it. In this respect, I have no right at all to condemn Jehovah's Witnesses. But I denounce the Murd-Org and the German state that supports it.

When the good Jehovah's Witness came over to me and claimed his right not to be photographed as a private citizen, I greeted him joyfully with "Good morning! Good morning! And good morning! He couldn't do anything with it. And when he gave up his plan, I called after the two murder victim recruiters that they were being lied to by their Watchtower Society. But they probably didn't listen anymore.

At the second last post office in Germany, the masters of the Watchtower stubbornness approached me and unpacked their watchtowers. My photographing again triggered a rage at the Jehovah's Witnesses and his dear Jehovah's Witness had to calm him down. We stood there and people walked by. Jehovah's Witness greeted the passing people as if they were old acquaintances. The mechanical witness in Speyer also has this tick. Suddenly a man's voice sounded, saying: "He's right! Even if you greet me so kindly. He pointed to me.

Jehovah's Witness just swallowed that announcement. It's unbelievable what Jehovah's Witnesses can swallow unaffected. I happily added my announcement: "This is about facts, not smiles!" Even at that moment the mask of Jehovah's Witness didn't falter.

This was the right moment to turn to the Brussels sprouts I had arranged for.


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