Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 117

Jehovah's Witnesses are Historically Good People

They're ashamed of their human-killer God Jehovah

They faithfully fulfill their duty, they stand there as newspaper racks, they only move when they have to turn away from shame for their God Jehovah. Jehovah's Witnesses have not taken the cross upon themselves, as Jesus says, but are continually penetrated by a newspaper publisher with a spiritual stake, hoping that the resulting suffering will bring them eternal life in the Watchtower Paradise. No God made them a binding promise (promise), but an earthly organization, the visible channel of Jehovah, told them that they could survive in Armageddon can! The entire alleged rescue machinery of the Watchtower Society is based on a can-do mode, which means nothing other than: could, could, would.

So much has happened today that I cannot guarantee the chronology. I just tell it the way I remember it. – A woman came up to me and said to me: "The two Jehovah's Witnesses just approached a policeman and accused you of something." She was quite excited and I felt that she thought I should consider withdrawing from the crime scene pedestrian zone. But shortly before, this very police officer had been with me and had informed me that this form of demonstration was allowed. In this respect I was sure that the repeated incitement would have no effect against me. At the same time, of course, I hope that this new, groundless sharpening on me made it clear to the police officer how impudent the Jehovah's Witnesses' tricks are.

The woman who warned me later went to the Jehovah ladies and told them that my clarification was important.

A theologian stopped with his bicycle and made it clear to me that he felt liberated from God himself. In the course of the conversation I invited him to address Jesus directly, but the man knew immediately how Jesus would react. He had already built his Jesus firmly into his brain and could not and did not want to leave anything to Jesus, but bathed in his prejudices. The man praised my saying: "Whoever idolizes an organization is a fascist. Exactly this saying was severely criticized by a long-haired man and when I tried to answer him, he shouted: "I am a doctor!" He made a despising hand movement. I called after him as he disappeared around the corner: "Whoever idolizes an organization is a fascist! Not even doctors can help!" I was happy about the beautiful equivalent, because fascism is the stupidest disease there is.

The consistency of the Enlightenment is a thing in itself. Sometimes I think I've got them all through, but then I realize that new people come by every day. It's fantastic to be able to enlighten people by holding up simple signs.

After Jehovah's Witness, who was all-inclusive of the Greek or Spanish condemnation, and Jehovah's Witness, who was always ashamed of herself, had left, I went to Woolworth to check whether they had set themselves up there. A Jehovah's Witness couple got in my way this way and the man and I suddenly came unexpectedly close as passers-by. I smiled at him and was happy because I felt it had to have some meaning. Jehovah's Witness was visibly touched and tried to avoid my smile again and again, but he looked up again and again and there was something relaxed, almost smiling in his face. He noticed that I was overrun by the sovereign security that Jehovah's Witnesses are always instilled in Jehovah's Watchtower literature as Jehovah's trait, and that through Jesus I had this abundance of serenity and kind love, that at that moment I could have the real hope that he could now see Jesus saving and not preaching or other "good works". These two dear Jehovah's Witnesses later rode their bicycles through the pedestrian zone and hurriedly got off their bicycles, fearing that I would photograph them. What a life this is! Being a good person to seduce others to a bleeding murder god. I get sick!

In between, a man came along, pressed something into my hand, turned to the Jehovah's Witnesses, and on the way back, passed me with the words, "I'll lock you in my prayers. As quietly as possible and as loudly as necessary (attention, police intervene), I shouted after him: Hello? Hello? he came to me and I asked him what he thought of me. It turned out that he thought I was a Jehovah's Witness too and the mistake was quickly corrected. We hugged each other. He is a young Christian. We were in the heaven of Christians when they confessed Jesus. I met this man several more times. He also introduced me to his wife and I was very happy to have met them. Praise be to Jesus Christ.

When you stand like the Jehovah's Witnesses and confess Jesus, you experience a lot. People realize that you are not fanatics against fanatics. People recognize very well the abysses of the Watchtower doctrine. And they recognize that Jesus moved you to do something that embarrasses the Watchtower doctrine. One of my sayings on the laminated DIN A4 sheets was: Jehovah's Witnesses are promoting a bleeding murder organization. The response to the Enlightenment is stunningly good. People immediately understand the urgency of this enlightenment and understand what is going on with Jehovah's Witnesses. The idea of embarrassing oneself just as Jehovah's Witnesses do is a tough one. I have never experienced anything more beautiful than that.

Correspondingly, I am addicted to continuing this exposure of the Watchtower lie, and the beauty is: I am dependent on no one but Jesus alone. Nobody and nothing can patch me up or prevent my work with good arguments.

What does man still have today besides consumption, Facebook coma, Islamic state, RTL and Bildzeitung? Whoever gets involved with Jesus has immeasurably more. I enjoy it. And I have certainly forgotten to report a number of incidents.


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