Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 391

Darmstadt, Murder and Sermon Service

... as hollow as the 72 virgins

On Friday, 13 April 2018, there were again no Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. The upper floors have finally understood that it has become pointless to want to draw people into a religion of lies. On Fridays the lie is banned at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. The Watchtower leaders are probably comforting themselves with the thought that they can also look elsewhere for new fatalities. What is the purpose of the worldwide plant? Why have Jehovah's Witnesses been trimmed to spread Watchtower lies worldwide? It costs the Watchtower Society a tired smile to do without Walldorf-Wiesloch station on Fridays.

The appearance of Jehovah's Witnesses at Altpoertel in Speyer has also changed recently. If truth meets lie and the lie lasts long, the lie must collapse one day. It is very strange how something like this develops. There is a film about how evil lives on buried under the foundation of a swimming pool. Very impressive.

In Darmstadt there was an advertising inventory "taxes for Syrians", oh, I prescribed myself, I meant "donations for Syria". The two organizing ladies had their heads tied as if the main hair were a sexual organ. It hurts to have to observe such sexual religious aberrations in public. These women will certainly be mated from all directions by their own countrymen if they do not observe these rules. What a religious disgrace! A toast to the Muftis. They teach that.

When will the Greens and the Left finally understand in what filth they are pushing an infinite number of women through their love for Islam? What do these multicultural politicians hope for? Are they waiting for a tank to mate with a dandelion by chance, according to the theory of evolution, and for a Muslim to emerge who grants women rights?

While I was still amazed at the fascinating genital hairstyles, two Jehovah's Witnesses came along and joined me. That is, they didn't see me and just rewound their plan. Jehovah's Witnesses have a plan. Ten minutes here, ten minutes there. This gives the impression that they are everywhere. It's about the impression of omnipresence. At least they try. They have the mission to imitate God's power. That is why they have to pretend omnipresence. You see them here, you see them there. You see them in America.

Many people only become aware of the Watchtower representatives through the signs "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" and "Six-year-olds from Walldorf died of Jehovah's blood doctrine". But the subconscious impression the Watchtower strategists want to create is the omnipresence of the Watchtower doctrine. So these poor people line up right next to me according to plan and can only laugh at the six-year-old who had to die for the Jehovah religion. There's one joke and one laughter following another, and you're so sovereign that nothing can reach you. One is in the truth! And one who had to die because of the Watchtower religion has the guarantee to be able to harvest giant tomatoes and pumpkins from the Watchtower Jehova restored in paradise. Eternally!

What is the difference between the 72 virgins that an Islam fighter who died in jihad has to mate with forever and the guaranteed promise of paradise for the bled out Jehovah's? One is sexual and the other is a little more intelligent, because not so much linked to the sexual desires of the man. Basically, however, both religious promises are the same. They are both excrescences of religious lies and religious power games that are supposed to capture people. And the Greens and the Left are fascinated by this diversity. The green and the left cult culminate in eternal sexuality and paradisiacal tomatoes and pumpkins. A person can't sink any lower and feel like a world saviour. But they are driving their madness forward and Jehovah's Witnesses can continue to let children bleed to death for their religion unhindered.

Like Islam, the Watchtower religion is a completely politically oriented and politically effective religion. Unfortunately, the Watchtower variant could not copy the birth success of Islam and therefore had to rely on the total self-sacrifice of Jehovah's Witness. The Muslim has it easier. Time works by simple sex drive for the automatic enforcement of Islam. Propagation is his vehicle and marriage to a Muslim can never be un-Islamic. Muslim women must not marry non-Muslims, otherwise they will be killed. Marriage is always Islamic and children must always become Muslims. This takes place in a similar way in the marriages of Jehovah's Witnesses, but without direct killing. The marriages of the Watchtower disciples must break when one partner thinks things over and comes to different conclusions. The only difference is that in Muslims the woman is never allowed to marry un-Islamically and is killed quickly if she does not realize this, and in Jehovah's Witnesses the woman takes over the destruction of the family herself because she is mentally more dependent on the Watchtower religion than the man. She is manipulated ice-coldly by the elders of the community.

In Islam, the pride of the man is the religious rule over the woman. In the Watchtower religion, all the pride of the woman is the leadership of the man in the piety fetish of the Watchtower society. It is indeed the case that the women in the Watchtower Society are the persons who really set the tone. Only formally are the men authoritative. But in real life, the women have the regiment among themselves and the male Jehovah's Witness rattles and jolts in the hamster wheel of this women's religion.

Then there is also the individually sown Watchtower Macho, which suppresses other Jehovah's Witnesses, but takes out all the worldly freedoms it thinks it needs. So today in Darmstadt I experienced a foreign Jehovah's Witness who, on the one hand, punished the attempt of the German Jehovah's Witness to continue, and on the other hand, detained the two underdog for an extra long time. It was the older gentleman who was on the road with the dark-haired Jehovah's Witness. I could feel his dominance clearly.

The lies of the Watchtower religion result in Jehovah's Witnesses having to lie to themselves in all things and in all personal consequences. One assumes the attitude that one is allowed to bleed children to death, because then they will certainly reappear in Jehovah's tomato and pumpkin paradise as newly made persons. This is tantamount to the sexual ideas of paradise in the Koran. There the eternal sexual intercourse with always changing partners takes place, only without love. Just as the deflowered are sewn up again and again by Allah himself, the murdered by bleeding to death are reborn in Jehovah. Who would expect Jehovah's Witnesses or Muslims to somehow integrate? Leftists and Greens do not lose faith in it and Mrs Merkel is working on a Europe that will be democratically adopted by Islam in a very short time.

If God had wanted people to be bound to these things, He would not have sent His only Son to us. A Shiva and a Virgin Mary or an altar with incense sticks would have sufficed. There are a great number of atheistic zeitgeist driven people who are convinced that they came by chance, and there are enough fools who either work in the Catholic self-deception company or rely on human organizations. The abyss of human stupidity is deep. It is the self-opinionatedness that arises from the desire to create a world view without Jesus. And these people are then so convinced of themselves and their insights that they can no longer make themselves accessible to anything. In the end, they are just concrete walls.

Where does the longing of man come from to build a world together without Jesus? What strategies does a child develop to become an atheist, a Catholic or a Jehovah's Witness? Does man himself create the preconditions for falling for the big and small religious deceivers? What makes a Muslim woman submit to the dictates of sexually unpredictable men? Why don't people manage to trust and follow Jesus' offer and intense invitation? Where does the worldwide call to follow someone on Facebook come from, when only one can be followed, namely the one who is God?

And little Merkely sets a great example for all of them. Power is everything, even if you have to send people over the Jordan. The unconditional return to self-preservation, as propagated in the theory of evolution, is the sole driving force. The formula is: My view of the world counts and you are wrong.

But: Man cannot redeem himself!


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