Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 406

If you bleed to death, Jehovah's Witnesses say, Have a nice day!

Murder and being murdered

We had a nice day in Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses and me. And the day became more and more beautiful, because a funny man with a travel bag kept saying, "Have a nice day!" When I explained to him that the Watchtower Jehovah must be a cannibal god, because he was so stubborn to forbid human blood, he understood nothing and only insisted on the freedom of opinion of the Watchtower Society. So now it is not only freedom of religion in whose name six-year-olds may be brought to death, but also freedom of opinion. "Judge, I was of the opinion that he was of death."

In a nice conversation, shortly after I had suggested some recipes for the preparation of people who had bled to death, it was about the rejection of Jesus. I said: "That's why Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate the Anti-Even Meal once a year, where they reject bread and wine." He understood that immediately and I enjoyed how he could no longer control his laughter and grin. He recognized the Anti Abendmahl at once and was amused, even embarrassed like an evildoer caught and bent back and forth not to laugh out loud. It's nice when a Jehovah's Witness is still able to feel something!

The beautiful day with Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch had started very early for me. At half past six in the morning I couldn't sleep anymore and wrote a letter to the Chancellor. I sent it by mail to the press office of the Federal Chancellery and later, when I still couldn't fall asleep, published it here on After sleeping for half an hour, I drove to Wiesloch and had a nice day with Jehovah's Witnesses.

The long blonde misery stood at the department store at the roundabout, but I did not care about it. I had something to do in the pedestrian zone and got enough beautiful things to see here on this beautiful day.

A young Jehovah's Witness, still running down the moisture behind his ears, tried to be particularly friendly and to put into practice the sovereignty he had learned at the Watchtower Society. The poor man, however, could only retreat to the freedom of opinion that was sufficient to justify murder. And the old ladies were so grateful to him. They looked after him that he knew nothing and that he failed embarrassingly all along the line. They were glad that there was a man present at all. Jehovah's Witnesses are nothing. Only male Jehovah's Witnesses, as in Islam, are something that applies.

And so nobody thinks this young friendly giant baby of Jehovah's was unprepared: The man called out first when I showed up: Jehovah's leading murder planners must have told him a lot. But they hadn't explained the important topics to him. If they now observe that the young man begins to think, he is excluded. Only in this way can breeding and order be maintained by checking whether Jehovah's Witness, despite compellingly plausible arguments, remains well-behaved in line. Only this joyful rejection of any logic can bring one forward in the Watchtower Society. Leading positions in the Watchtower Society can only be awarded to brainless people. Jehovah's young Feucht-Ohren-Zeuge passed this test today.

What this young Jehovah's witness did not understand at all is the connection between a ban on human blood and a cannibal god. God cannot have forbidden human blood, because otherwise he would be a god of cannibals. Can anyone imagine that the Bible reports about a cannibal god? Is it even remotely possible that the God of the Bible has told people: "You may grill human flesh, but please bleed it out first?" That is impossible, but the Watchtower Society worships just such a God. Who is surprised that such an organization results in decades of serial murder? No one should be surprised. But the fact that to this day not a single public prosecutor takes note of the serial murder of the Watchtower Society has satanic traits.

The Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses were supported by a new woman. It is possible, however, that this was only a temporary help, because I have never seen this woman in Wiesloch before. Some of the hard-boiled old ladies of Jehovah read the signs today and didn't just look in other directions. Only the duo in front of the post office and the Greek-looking Italo Spaniard in front of the Volksbank remained tough. The temporary worker, the young witness and the lone fighter read and recognised in front of the post office.

The young witness held up his thumb for the farewell photo. Is he allowed to do that at all? Can a Jehovah's Witness applaud a critic? Hopefully this man won't get any punishment now. Dear Elders! He can't help it. After all, he courageously supported your lies despite better insight. Please let him live and look forward to him leaving your organization all by himself.

It's fascinating how beautiful enlightenment is among Jehovah's Witnesses. You can only throw a few seeds, but these seeds will accompany these people their whole lives. And even the hard concrete women of Jehovah have to nibble at these facts. These concrete women are very daunting in their own way and beautifully reflect the hollow that a Jehovah's Witness has to endure. In this way, they tend to scare people away. No matter how diligent they are in tearing down their hours. They are doing their Murder.Org a disservice.


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