Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 335

Jehovah's slaves swallow accusation of murder

Ignorance is their only way out

To the public prosecutor's office Heilbronn and the police authority Heilbronn

The death formula is: Jehovah's Witnesses don't have a single cannibal. Then why do they need a cannibal law at all? To kill people by bleeding them to death.

That's all it's about when you pass this message on to the people. How the Watchtower Society manages to establish a cannibal law is done by referring the Bible's statements about animal blood to human blood. The message is quite simple: Jehovah's Witnesses have no cannibals, but they have a cannibalism law. Then comes the question: Why? – The answer is simple: there is nothing left but the low motive of the Watchtower Society to murder people.

People do not grasp this simple, clear, compelling connection. It seems to be too simple and strange. Jehovah's Witnesses are so God-fearing! No one understands this compelling logical situation of the ongoing murders of the Watchtower Society. I talked to a few Christians in Heilbronn. They need on average half an hour to understand this simple fact. And then they are still so on top that they say: It doesn't matter. They are so poor!

I don't know what infected people. Why can't even Christians recognize that the Watchtower org is a murder org? There are no cannibals among Jehovah's Witnesses! And yet the Watchtower Society's law of cannibalism is only interpreted as a spleen or tick, so that the brutal, murderous, corpse-pounding intention simply disappears. I feel like Don Quixote. Nobody cares about the many Watchtower murders. Nobody asks about the Watchtower Murdered. You buy your rolls and tomatoes and nod your head to the beat of my sermon. I shouted loudly: What is that? It's series – long pause – MORD! And I saw two – father and son – nodding their heads in time, then looking at the clock and leaving.

It was restful today in Heilbronn that there were no German Jehovah's Witnesses present who had called the police at every poop. So I had many opportunities to deliver loud sermons about the assassination of the Watchtower elites. However, I was amazed at the calmness of the people with whom they simply ignored the facts. Only the Jehovah's Witnesses groaned internally under the facts, but they hid it as well as they could. For example, an acquaintance of the Witnesses took a watchtower in a conspicuous way. I called: Another death candidate! I could feel the woman walking on, slightly wavering, trying to keep her cool.

Freemasonry, from which the Watchtower religion comes, seems to be very large in Heilbronn. The first photos show a pub called "Preacher" with Rosicrucian windows. The church tower is peppered with demon beings jumping out of the façade. No wonder the spiritual Jehovah elite strut through the pedestrian zone like the owners of the world and are so complacent that everyone can see it. The two Spanish Jehovah's Witnesses were completely occupied with themselves. I have rarely seen anything more elevated than these two.

So I ran after them completely ignored by the two stars of Jehovah and held up my signs. But also the passers-by were as little interested as the two Jehovah's self-congratulators. A blatant experience. Luckily, the pedestrian zone became more and more crowded, so that my signs took hold after all. Beside the eel-slick people (core sentence of the Feemasonry: we are the rough stones, which must be polished) there are evenly nevertheless still normal humans, who did not attach themselves to the human image of the SPD left green mode yet.

The Spanish and Turkish Jehovah's Witnesses did not come up with the idea of calling the police because I was photographing them. German Jehovah's Witnesses are extremely anxious to cultivate their Watchtower religious freedom imagination, which stretches every state authority before their carts. Countless courts have bowed to the advocates of the Watchtower Society, sometimes out of Masonic breeding, sometimes out of a modern SPD Green Left philosophy. The habit of abusing state power for its own purposes is particularly common among Jehovah's Witnesses in the USA and Germany. One is just someone.

The two Spanish Jehovah's Witness couples did not seem to know a word of German at all and were thus relieved of my accusations. The Jehovah's Turks, however, understood every word exactly and their attention did me good. Because I know for certain that any fact that cannot be denied will at some point break its path in consciousness and then the time has come to break with the Watchtower Society. All that remains for these people to do is hope that their conversion will take place before the global unmasking of the MURDER-ORG.

How will the global exposure of the Watchtower Murder Org come about? Today I observed a 10 year old boy, who obviously reported something about me to the blonde Turkish witness Jehovah. In between he made the windshield wiper movement and pointed in my direction. With some urgent message this boy must have been sent to Jehovah's Witnesses. The blonde Turkish Jehovah's Witness reacted with an exuberant action that meant as much as: "But you did welllll!" Exactly I don't know, of course, how it will come to be that public prosecutors and police will become aware of the serial murders of the Watchtower Society. But from a legal point of view, it's unthinkable that the Watchtower Cannibal Law will continue to be able to kill people in the long run. With every person who directs his attention to the Watchtower murders, the board on which the Watchtower Society balances becomes thinner. For the murderous background is becoming clearer and clearer. Jehovah's Witnesses are not cannibals and so the Watchtower Society's cannibal law must be seen as a murder instrument. There is no other possibility. Any vegetarian who buys a butcher knife has something else in mind.

How long will it take before the Watchtower Society's vile murder intentions are recognized worldwide, enforced by its cannibalism law? At this point I am overwhelmed and I am almost happy about it. For how could such a number be finished in a hurry without enjoying the years of tightening the noose around the neck of the Watchtower-MURDER-ORG? How could such a religion of death be abolished without embarrassing all state media and all public prosecutors of the world in the long run? What a spectacle it will be! The longer the way to the necessary result, the higher the enjoyment. The longer the Watchtower Society winds its way on the rope, the more beautiful the Enlightenment will be.

From me spoke now the egoist who wants to enjoy the downfall of the Watchtower Murder Lodge as long as possible, I admit it. But first of all, all this and everything else is out of my hands, and secondly, the world will continue to be blinded by this religion for a long time to come. In this respect, I have nothing to fear in order to be brought anything that I have calculated to enjoy. And yet everyone who reads these pages knows that I could also live well with a sudden disappearance of the leading murder corporation.

The prospects are phenomenal. Imagine you recognize something that no one before you has recognized and that you cannot publish in any scientific journal. You're at the bottom of the Enlightenment food chain and institutions like ZDF, ARD and the like (Google) just laugh. And you know that your simple facts will silence all these laughs and make all these rulers turn red. They will realize that they weren't even able to see simple facts! Gross! All the legal systems in the world will be shown their stupidity. And that only because the works of the Watchtower Society are judged according to their own legal principles. Unbelievable. The Lie-Org runs into the trap on its own initiative. One only has to name the facts.

Don't turn around, the inspector's going around. Columbo, the good Peter Falk, should have experienced that super-simple facts so brutally clear up many, many murders in one fell swoop. What a crime thriller! The matter is simple: no cannibals, no cannibal law. That's the Bible. In Jehovah's Witnesses there are no cannibals, but a cannibal law that continually kills people by letting them bleed to death. There is no other religion or philosophy or ideology that has a cannibalism law. Only the Watchtower religion has one.

But at least. Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate.


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