Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 268

Jehovah's Witnesses from Selters in Wiesloch

And they delegate the dirty work!

Too late again! I wanted to meet Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf/Wiesloch station and assumed that of course the main stream of commuters was interesting for Jehovah's Witnesses. Despite my concerns that I might have missed the main thing, I drove to Walldorf/Wiesloch station. Jehovah's Witnesses were not there. I wandered the whole area and slowly became familiar with the thought of having to accept the expected defeat. When I decided to move to the pedestrian zone of Wiesloch, two young women actually appeared pulling a watchtower cart behind them.

I was a little astonished, because the main stream of commuters was really already over. Why did the sweet ladies of Jehovah show up now of all times? The Jehovah's Witnesses saw me taking pictures of them, and yet they stood up calmly. And that in a place that was rather unfavorably situated according to all the rules of propaganda. Never mind.

The entire scenery took place without the large Walldorf-Wiesloch-Bahnhof commuter audience. I stood with my signs in front of the Jehovah's Witnesses, who radiated a previously unseen rest mode. After a long conversation with a man to whom I had to explain the process and the lies of the Watchtower Society, a foreigner appeared on the scene whom I had been afraid of for some time. This foreigner was involved in lengthy conversations with Jehovah's Witnesses, as I had observed several times in the pedestrian zone of Wiesloch. After these conversations I met this foreigner almost regularly and his dark gaze always frightened me. Now this foreigner came along. The dark-haired Jehovah's Witness greeted him with a gesture that symbolized a fist punch. It was not an upward hook, but what experts call a jab. A jab is an abruptly beaten straight with the leading hand when boxing. Jehovah's Witness performed this jab at chest level.

The man approached me grimly and stood nose to nose in front of me, so that I had to take a step back to feel somewhat comfortable. With a piercing look he looked me in the eye and gave a sermon. Jehovah's Witnesses also believed in a higher power and would have helped him. The poor women! I would only frighten them. And luckily he left it there.

After a few minutes, the Jehovah's Witnesses went to the elevator. When they got to the top, they saw that I was already upstairs with my signs, and they went down again. There was almost no audience other than the foreigner and the man I had spoken to. The two Jehovah's Witnesses left the town for the District Office. I talked to the man from earlier and then also left – under strict observation of the foreigner.

When I finally found the exit, the two Jehovah's Witnesses came towards me with their watchtower cart. I didn't want them to just line up again at the station, turn around and park. Strangely enough, the two Jehovah's Witnesses stayed in the back of the parking lot for minutes. Then they came over resolutely and got into a car that was just three or four cars away from me. As they drove off, I learned the reason for their hesitation. The number plate LM for Limburg showed that they came from the nearest surroundings or even directly from Selters. Selters is the headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany.

So I was dealing with special task forces who were deliberately delegated to Wiesloch and who knew the foreigner well and had a certain expectation of him. It was not my smile that prevented the foreigner from slamming. I am glad that nothing happened.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch disappear immediately

Jehovah's Witnesses behaved quite differently in the Wiesloch pedestrian zone: as soon as they saw me on the horizon, they fled head over heels. Would Jehovah's Witnesses like to give the public the impression that they must be afraid of me? Are they trying to make me out to be the dangerous person after I was beaten by a Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch? It was embarrassing how Jehovah's Witnesses reacted and it was clear that they had the instruction to do so. They all reacted the same way. Like soldiers.

And here, too, there was an extraordinary encounter with the police. Two police officers approached me and I greeted them politely. After a few metres I turned around and saw that the two police officers were doing exactly the same thing. They watched me and then turned around the corner. In Bruchsal a week ago a similarly strange encounter with the police had taken place.

After I was beaten by a Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch and I reported about it, I observe that I should be provoked to use violence and that the police are always present by chance. On the one hand they try to make me afraid, on the other hand Jehovah's Witnesses behave like the houseflies who see the fly swatter buzzing down. The blow of the Wiesloch Jehovah's Witness against me seems to have shaken the Watchtower minds mighty. In the floors of Selters no eye seems to have remained dry. Jehovah's Witnesses are working to somehow reverse the fact that I was beaten by a Jehovah's Witness.

In the event that the noose is tightened, I can state here in advance that I am not capable of acts of violence. I am a bad person and I immediately think of twenty people whom I have hurt very badly. But physical violence is impossible for me.

No Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg

I could have saved myself the trip to Heidelberg. The Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg don't seem to take their God seriously. They just stay at home.

It is also possible, however, that Heidelberg has become a kind of side stage for the management in Selters since the beating Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch, which is deliberately ignored. You can't take care of everything at the same time.

The fact that Jehovah's Witnesses are sent from Selter's Witnesses to Wiesloch and then signalize with a gesture that a brawl should take place if possible seems to me to be the status that well reflects the helplessness of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses are increasingly losing control of themselves and their people. The organization disproves itself by itself and this weakness must come to light. The Watchtower religion is not a belief in God, but only a religion and a religion conceived by Freemasons as an anti-Christian religion. The Jehovah façade of Gutmenscherei cannot exist. It must be destroyed.

The highly held facts that Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate but bleed to death and that Jehovah's Witnesses must reject bread and wine and thus celebrate an Anti-Even Meal that identifies them as Antichrists did not affect Jehovah's Witnesses.


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