Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 40

Address to the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch

Do Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch shy away from the Bible?

For some days now I have been wondering whether it really makes sense to repeatedly expose myself to the ignorance of Jehovah's Witnesses and spend time pointing out the heresies of the Watchtower Society. From different sides the criticism or question was brought to me that finally the sitemape of the reports from the pedestrian zones only repeats itself nevertheless and whether "this association" is worth the high expenditure at all.

Today I got a lasting impression as an answer: It is worth it and the sitemape of the reports can be repeated in different variations. It can be salutary to find yourself as a Jehovah's Witness in such a report and begin to reflect on his active denial of Christ. As few details as possible should be lost, as many impressions as possible should be recorded, so that everyone can convince themselves of what happened and why. The main point to be noted for the Wiesloch Witness Convention is the aggressiveness and insolence with which Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch simply involve people on the street in conversations. In addition to this factor, the seemingly endless ignorance with which the Wiesloch Witness Assembly is blessed is striking. As reported on the last page, Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch walk through the city as if they already owned Wiesloch.

The Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses give their all!

Today I didn't come to the pedestrian zone in Wiesloch at 10 o'clock, but already at 9 o'clock. A Jehovah's Witness already stood in front of the dead Schlecker branch and said loudly and audibly that it was a lie that Jehovah was "God" Satan because he forbid contact with Jesus. But a God who forbids contact with Jesus must be Satan. Apart from Satan, there is no other being in space who can be interested in stopping contact with Jesus. I told the woman that in Revelation 5:13-14 Jesus was worshipped by all creation and asked her if she had not read it. She immediately gathered herself and her promotional material together and hurriedly left her seat. Without turning around again, she went at a goose step to the horizon on the other side of the city (parking garage of the new shopping center).

When I wanted to go to the central meeting point of the Wiesloch witnesses (Volksbank), a young man with a shoulder bag and a treatise approached me. I followed him and watched him involve a man at the bus stop in a conversation. With the sign "For Jehovah's Witnesses Jesus is a second god whom one may not worship" I quickly approached the molested man at the bus stop. He fended off the Jehovah's Witness in the face of this information. The witness went on quickly and in a narrow alley he suddenly turned around and walked towards me. I asked him to keep a certain distance and backed away from him. The witness tried to involve me in a trivial conversation, but I also recommended him again and again to read Revelation 5:13-14 because it says that all creation worships Jesus Christ.

The Jehovah's Witness went back the same way and came across a Jehovah's Witness who said that she had already been warned. Both went to the central meeting point of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch. There I stood on the road again so that we all formed a large triangle.

The profound, unshakeable complacency and ignorance of Jehovah's Witnesses prompted me to make several small appeals that they should please open Revelation 5:13-14 and read it. Their faces fossilized temporarily, but they quickly fled into old ignorance and went over to their familiar habit of telling each other any unimportance. Thereupon I gave a little speech, which also included the criticism that this gossip could not be a sermon service. At this point the Jehovah's Witnesses reacted with even colder facial expressions and went into silence.

A few minutes later an ashen man arrived whose appearance indicated that he must be a higher animal of the Jehovah's organization. The higher Jehovah's Witnesses can be recognized quite clearly by their unhealthy facial colors. This Circle Warden, or whatever he was, relaxed the situation by chatting around again, by smalltalk of the most trivial kind. Later, the heroes of Jehovahism scattered and I was left with a passer-by with whom I had a very good conversation. Dear T., if you write me via e-mail briefly, I will pick you up. I would love to show you the church where I attend the Sunday services.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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