Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 163

Bag Carts Jehovah's Witnesses on the Advance

Jehovah's Witnesses are organizing the rapid disappearance.

Who can say for sure what those who installed the broken watchtower as a statue in Bruchsal thought? Is this gesture the result of years of suffering under the hard facts of the Watchtower religion? Or has ecumenism intervened and put an end to the process in a Masonic manner? Has the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses been kindly advised to stop building their bookshelves in the Bruchsal pedestrian zone so that the confrontation with Jesus can be better kept away from the good citizens?

If such a thing has been arranged in the background, then it lets us understand through whom and how many organizations Freemasonry works. The Watchtower Bleeding Org was also created by the graces of Freemasonry and is therefore only approved if it does not interfere with the overriding aims of Freemasonry. If a conflict arises in which, due to an objective confrontation, the Watchtower Bleeding Org can no longer prevent the testimony for Jesus, then the Watchtower Bleeding Org must give way. If Jehovah's Witnesses were to continue indefinitely at this point, Freemasonry's overall goals would be harmed. Too many people would realize that Jesus is Lord and that ecumenism has no Lord named Jesus.

An attempt to understand the disappearance of Jehovah's Witnesses could be: All activities for Jesus do not entail persecution and use of power, as long as the masterminds of the anti-Christian religions can eliminate the cause they themselves initiated. As long as the testimony for Jesus takes place within a factual confrontation, the Masonic-infiltrated upper class / administration will always only remove the reason for the confrontation. For these factors are subject to their sovereignty.

It is extremely exciting to see if Jehovah's Witnesses appear again in the Bruchsal pedestrian zone. As soon as they do, the following factors occur:

  • Jehovah's Witnesses must stand beside the battered watchtower.
  • In this case ecumenism has to realize its egalitarian interests in a different way.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are basically not the problem for the Masonic-infiltrated one-world administrative friends. This version of antichristianity is something that the world-building elite can well and gladly do without. Therefore the authorship of the "Destroyed Watchtower" in Bruchsal is to be quite assumed in the Freemason scene.

How restful and simple is Speyer with his mobile sack trucks Jehovah's Witnesses! There are still really good sums invested by private people, in order to be able to move with the death bringing literature of the watchtower publishing house by the pedestrian zone. I don't think Jehovah's Witnesses can buy these sack trucks for a reasonable price. Here, too, the Watchtower Society is really skimming off. And those who have bought such a thing will not be discouraged from using it for as long as possible, if only for cost reasons.

But what is connected with this sack truck solution? Only the swift disappearance. The Jehovah's bookstall has proven to be a trap as soon as someone stands there with simple facts. Hundreds of passers-by are enlightened in the presence of these Jehovah bookstands. This really hurts Jehovah's Witnesses. So they came up with the mobile sack truck solution to avoid the confrontation with reality in prescribed composure.

This gives me, as a sign holder, the advantage that I don't have to stand there that long. The disadvantage, of course, is that I am even more dependent on chance for my educational work. But this disadvantage makes it even more interesting. Because the relapse of the Watchtower Society from the institution of the static book table to the mobile sack cart lone warrior is the victory of a single Christian against the Watchtower system. The Moloch had to bow to the pinpricks of a single Enlightenment philosopher.


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