Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 153

All of Bruchsal looks to these Jehovah's Witnesses

But Jehovah's Witnesses only laugh at the bleeding murder!

The Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal had more than three hours to ask themselves whether a religion that produces corpses can be right or wrong. In order to encounter the problem with Jehovah's Witnesses with my nose, I held up the sign in between: "Jesus never let anyone bleed to death." All passers-by understood and many gave me gestural feedback about it. Jehovah's Witnesses didn't scratch it. They laughed and joked complacently and made themselves a cozy Saturday morning. That Jehovah's Witnesses consistently do the opposite of what Jesus did and taught does not bother them. They are highly self-satisfied and do not worry.

The morning was extremely fruitful in terms of enlightenment and warning the people. The complacency with which Jehovah's Witnesses advertise for a newspaper publisher serves to ensure that they do not hastily dismantle and disappear. This provides a long-lasting opportunity to enlighten and warn people. What remains is this spiritual abyss between facts and the behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses. They have been completely blinded by the Watchtower Society so that they can no longer correctly assess their own works. Jehovah's Witnesses promote a hemorrhage murder organization, support the hemorrhage murder, and are proud of it. Every single Jehovah's Witness must give one hundred percent consent to the hemorrhage murder if they are to become Jehovah's Witnesses. He must agree to the wrong interpretation of the Bible and, as a participant in a hospital liaison committee, must also actively ensure the death of the injured or sick person from bleeding to death. The destruction of life in the Watchtower religion is not an accident or something like manslaughter, but murder, because Jehovah's Witnesses work hard to ensure that the person who bleeds does not accept blood, even if the will to live awakens in him. The organized killing by letting bleed to death is from the wrong interpretation of the Bible to the organized end of murder.

Snootiness in its most brutal form is when someone fully supports murder but broadly grins and calls himself a Christian. Jehovah's Witnesses go into the pedestrian zone with exactly this snootiness and recruit new death candidates and/or accomplices. The Watchtower program amounts to spiritual, spiritual, and physical death. Spiritual death, the eternal separation from God, is Jehovah's Witnesses' most important concern.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not have to provide for the mortification of their minds themselves, but they have a very special service provider for it. To make a tough decision against Jesus by letting people die for religious precepts is usually only possible in the state of the dead spirit. But many make the decision against Jesus very consciously, because they belong to the creators of the pictures and texts of the Watchtower literature. People who are told on the street that they are working and acting against life, and yet continue to blind themselves, must consciously decide against Jesus. They like to play this over with laughter and jokes. But you can see that they do not feel well. What a miserable fate it must be not to want to do without the society of the dead spirit! This is how one recognizes the sick by the Masonic constructed counter-religion. The decision against Jesus is made early and exactly when one decides for the Watchtower Society.


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