Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 404

Catholic justifies murder of six-year-old

Catholic-green-linked and charismatically blended tolerance sludge

The Jehovah's Witnesses at Wiesloch-Walldorf railway station remained standing today until the end of their compulsory period. Many people were warned against the murderous religion of bleeding to death from America. And Jehovah's Witness grinned his head off. Jehovah's Witness remained serious and seemed to suggest an early departure every now and then. I could tell by the disparaging face of Jehovah's Witness when he shook his head with his mouth sharpened.

Until today it had always been the case that the watchtower lie at Wiesloch-Walldorf station gave way like a demon after only a few minutes when I came with my signs. But here too the Watchtower Society is trying to pull the noose tighter in order to master the situation. The Watchtower Society is not about facts and truth, but only about propagandistic success. Thus it is in line with the Catholic green-left and charismatically cut tolerance sloth who thought he had to stand up for the poor Jehovah's Witnesses. This man knew nothing about the Watchtower Society, he knew nothing about the lies of the Catholic Church, but he was coveted (not enthusiastic) by the Pope, by the SPD and by the Greens and by the zeitgeist of great tolerance. The logical functions of his brain were subject to the Goering-Merkel-Scholz principle and Catholicism.

To even rudimentarily give such a person any information is just as hopeless as the enlightenment of Jehovah's Witnesses. This manifests itself in spontaneously developed views that are so absurd and murderous that they stink out of the pit like a dark heap. It is tolerated that a six-year-old has to die because of a religion, and it is claimed that Jehovah's Witnesses believe in Jesus. Facts like the Jehovah's Witnesses' Anti supper are not even acknowledged. External piety alone counts, and the Catholic green-left charismatic tolerance bitch mutates into a militant watchtower angel.

This militant angel of tolerance runs around with a Catholic crucifix on which the body of Christ is still hanging. Take a piece of meat in your hand and try to discuss it objectively with a hungry lion. Then you immediately recognize the Catholic-green-left-charismatic crucifix bearer and you prefer to throw away the meat in a high arch. And, of course, the man is the big winner. I don't think he even recognized one fact. These people are nailed up with their ideals of tolerance like Goering and Merkel. Sick with stupidity consequence. Sick through fantasies.

A fantasy of such people, for example, is the friendly consent to bleeding murders of six-year-old boys who are accidentally sons of Jehovah's Witnesses. Oh, that's not so bad. I am Catholic green and don't know this boy who had to die for the Watchtower religion. Oh, I know everything because I have the corpse crucifix of the Catholic Church on me, and I will make sure embarrassingly that people tolerate everything I tolerate!

Murder? Yes, good! The main thing is that it is based on religion or brings me advantages. Child abuse? It doesn't matter. That is none of my business. Others already take care of it. We live in a modern world in which an expired date of my sheep slaughtered at halāl already causes the end of the world (Halāl = permissible according to Islamic law). There I do not have to think nevertheless because of murder or child abuse. And the Jehovah's Witnesses, they are so pious and diligent! As a green-left and charismatically corrupted Catholicism listener, I must intervene immediately if they are criticized. Murder? Child abuse? That doesn't count at all. Only my green-left and charismatic standards count. And if people don't want to listen to it, cash has to be abolished in order to enforce true justice. No problem. We are tolerant.

The man who thought he had to defend the Jehovah's Witnesses always stood very close to me and buzzed me with his Goering-Merkel algorithms. Nothing I told him had the slightest chance of getting to his holy green-left ear and the Jehovah's Witnesses grinned. However, I assume they didn't understand either. Even my exclamation that someone who bleeds children to death because of a religion can never be a Christian did not cause them to react. This is no longer stupidity, but the result of a social development headed by Freemasonry, in which the power is exercised by Goerings and Merkels. This is a trend embedded in the lies of Catholicism, in the lies of charismatics and in the lies of politics.

Question: Can someone live with a person who just shrugs his shoulders and grins stupidly at infanticide and child abuse? Yes. They are getting more and more. And all public prosecutors have been part of it for a long time.

Jehovah's Witnesses left satisfied after work was done. The man stretched his head forward like one who had solved a difficult task and was finally allowed to go home.

Ecumenism christians

Report from 02.06.2018

We were in Heilbronn, but saw only 4 wandering Jehovah's Witnesses. Renate spoke for over an hour with a Christian who condemned the confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses with their lies. The devastating news is that this Christian brought the argument: "Jehovah's Witnesses have found their peace." Hello Christian! Is there peace without Jesus? Where is the ecumenical spirit driving you, who, like gold miners, gives competitors an artificial peace by committing themselves not to poach anyone from other religions? You call truth lie and lie you call truth. Detach yourselves from your worldly religious system! Which Lord do you have? Since when is the ecumenical Masonic spirit called Jesus?

Especially pious Christians have an ecumenical Lord whom they are in bondage to. They get their inner peace by shrugging their shoulders and simply leaving Jehovah's Witnesses standing in the rain. Christians pay homage to the ecumenical God in the face of an anti-Christian religion with child abuse protection and serial murder by bleeding to death and simply passing by. Is this how Jesus Christ acts?


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