Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 228

Jehovah's Witnesses are photo-shy and yet shameless

Jehovah's Witnesses act on a watchtower template.

What makes Jehovah's Witnesses so audacious and at the same time so hypersensitive? Where does the guilty conscience of Jehovah's Witnesses come from that forces them to flee? What gives these Jehovah's Witnesses, who have disappeared in a reflexive manner, the inner, seemingly criminal power to repeat their attacks over and over again with tricks and deception?

It is becoming more and more apparent that Jehovah's Witnesses do not have their psyche and reactions under control. The prescribed and practiced Watchtower behavior patterns do not match the human behavior shown in stressful situations. The unbiased observer then clearly realizes that there is something wrong with Jehovah's Witnesses. Whether that is the Watchtower Man who uses the word "Truth" in a big imaginary neon sign and then immediately runs away like a caught thief at the sight of my signs – whether this is the young Jehovah's Witness with sunglasses, who constantly looks to the side, but then also disappears quite briskly – whether these are the two witnesses who looked around to me again and again in Heidelberg and then suddenly turned left to continue their tour two streets further – what drives these people?

They all immediately experience their mental Waterloo through the raised signs, but react like pathological repeat offenders and also feel persecuted! Jehovah's Witnesses are implanted by the Watchtower Society with a certain exemplary self-esteem, which is always recognizably insane when they come under pressure from facts. As long as Jehovah's Witnesses can go through their advertising, through which they hope to save themselves, undisturbed and uncritically, their behavior is not contradictory. One is used to Jehovah's Witnesses. – But as soon as the spiritual plush carpet rolled out to them by the Watchtower Society gets a few folds through criticism, Jehovah's Witnesses react so contradictorily and uncontrollably that the inhumanity and remoteness from God of the Watchtower doctrine clearly comes to light.

For example, there is Jehovah's Witness, who reacts with a certain movement of her hand. One knows this hand movement from homosexuals, who throw with not existing cotton balls. This Jehovah's Witness, however, then immediately seeks the distance and can no longer be stopped. This Jehovah's Witness is like a mountaineer with a silken thread. The crash is pre-programmed and yet Jehovah's Witness has her Watchtower mountain guide explain the handling of the silken mountaineer thread to her again and again.

Then there are the Jehovah's Witnesses, who should always look stubbornly to the side and not be affected by the signs at all. They then move away quickly, walking proudly and are swallowed by the ground behind the next corner of the house. Nobody knows where they have gone.

Then there are the Jehovah's Witnesses, who always radiate a lovely piety, but then in the case of being photographed become wildly screaming Wieslocha demonstrators, only to put on their pious face again after a minute. The man of the Jehovah's Witness couple concerned demonstratively telephoned the police and said something about "harassing" and photographing. Then he walked away. We don't know what he was told on the phone. These people go public for the Watchtower Society and are ashamed of their "God".

But the hardest thing I experienced today happened in Heidelberg. Two Jehovah's Witnesses, equipped with Japanese commercials, spoke cheekily to the Japanese to bait them for the Jehovah's religion. But I was already standing near them with my signs. They read the text and understood it immediately.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate.
Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death.

At the mailbox they suddenly turned left and left the pedestrian zone. I went straight on. In the next or the next but one cross street they approached me and were afraid that I was already standing there taking pictures of them. They talked briefly and then turned around. How can a person who has realized that he cannot stink up against simple facts continue or repeat his deception so unflinchingly? With conscience this is not possible!

What shame is this that Jehovah's Witnesses show each one for himself and yet always similar? Jehovah's Witnesses clearly see the facts in front of them, but they cannot and must not admit to themselves or to each other that they have been cheated. They are so deeply trapped in their oath of allegiance to the faithful and intelligent slave, that despite the clear recognition of their reprehensibility, they repeatedly set their sights on their goals. The advertisement for the Watchtower Society and its heresy is the sacred cow that leads Jehovah's Witnesses by the nose. – And when they realize a thousand times that they are very likely just spreading fraud, they return in fractions of a second to their behavior characterized by brainwashing and peer pressure.

Jehovah's Witnesses practice this mental balancing act every day of their lives, even without critical reason. Every new day, they must deny their natural recognition that they are far from the best people. And they have to keep on pretending to be the best people. Jehovah's Witnesses must repress any hint of realization about how insane the Watchtower doctrine is and compensate with particularly thickly applied Watchtower Faithfulness. Jehovah's Witnesses are people who cannot bear the sunlight, but who keep calling out to man: "Look here, we are on the sunny side of life!" Jehovah's Witnesses have got the permanent conflict with reality built deep into their hearts and have to deal with windy strategies on a daily basis.

Learning has given way to Watchtower training in Jehovah's Witnesses. The lowest ethics in Jehovah's Witnesses have given way to the dutiful advocacy that people must die for blood doctrine. The "Love" of Jehovah's Witnesses is exhausted in mutual watchtower instruction and spying. But when the Watchtower frame is blown up, a foul spiritual odor spreads. And yet the contradictory behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses is a reason for hope. A screaming Jehovah's Witness shows humanity. That's what matters. Although the fallen Jehovah's Witness facade reveals a terribly disfigured human being, this human being is worth experiencing once more in an undisguised way.

The Jehovah's Witnesses' problem is their unconditional submission to the Watchtower doctrine. They have thus made exactly the same mistake as all those who submit to an ideology. The Watchtower Society calls this submission God-loyalty. Both terms mean Islam. Islam means first submission and in a broader sense submission to God. As God-loyal slaves of the Watchtower Society, the knowledge of the Watchtower heresies is strictly forbidden. Many have already experienced that they have been rigorously excluded from the Watchtower Society because of reflection. This option hangs over the head of every Jehovah's Witness like a Damocles sword. The constant psychological pressure to which Jehovah's Witnesses are subjected causes them to hide facts over and over again and to regard advertising for the Watchtower doctrine as their personal path to salvation.

The fact is, however, that no one can save themselves. Even if this fact is denied, the ethically reprehensible bleeding acts committed by Jehovah's Witnesses in an organized manner still remain. These bleeding murders alone should make Jehovah's Witnesses cautious. Unfortunately, Jehovah's Witnesses have the ability to live well with this shame and to draw level with the killing Islam without making a conscience of it.

Incidental remark: Interesting is the silence of the Watchtower Society on the allegation of organized bleeding murder. Jehovah's Witnesses actually organize so-called hospital liaison committees that prevent the patient from accepting the blood transfusion according to Watchtower regulations. Even the bleeding death of many does not scare the Jehovah's Witnesses involved and the little preacher on the street is also a supporter, supporter and promoter of these murders. The Watchtower Society would have every reason to take legal action against these allegations. It doesn't! Why not? Because these allegations are true and cannot be successfully challenged in court. And if the Watchtower Society were to actually sue these allegations, then the trial in question would lead to all Jehovah's Witness bleeding murders having to be investigated. And these are not a few! I have so far spoken with many people in every city where I have conducted my silent protest about people who have died far too early because of the Watchtower Society's blood doctrine.


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