Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 336

Jehovah's Witnesses examine their future possessions

Obsessed with power and wealth

The real hope of Jehovah's Witnesses is power and infinite wealth. Their Paradise is completely material and promises the unpaid helpers of the Watchtower Publishing House a high position of power within the then-existing system on earth. Already today they call themselves princes and nobles and live day in, day out in the feeling that their brilliant existence can establish itself every day. The Watchtower Paradise hope is very similar to the hope of an earthly politician or business tycoon. One must constantly work on one's career and work towards the great reward by constantly renouncing it. The most human of all ways of thinking – I'm going to come out big some day and put all of you in your pockets – is the core of the Watchtower Manipulation System. Jehovah's slaves are reduced to human evil: competing with others and tricky winning.

This very materially oriented mesh of human seduction cannot sustain Jehovah's Witnesses against the few reproaches they are confronted with on upheld signs. So they avoid the confrontation with the raised signs like the plague. When I appear outside the usual times, there are long hails of dismayed faces among Jehovah's advertisers. Like startled chickens, they then get mixed up, but learn nothing. That is their true and only achievement: learning nothing and continuing.

In order to occasionally graze on their hoped-for Paradise status, Jehovah's Witnesses like to take city walks with a portfolio of watchtower tracts in hand. This, in their eyes, entitles them to account for the walks as completed sermon service hours. They do not expect their Jehovah God to be a righteous or powerful God. For they deceive him with their hourly reports. Basically, they know that this Jehovah God is no more powerful than the Watchtower newspaper publisher, yet they like to believe the material promises of this God.

Who can help these people? Who can prevent corporations from organising massive fraud orgies again and again? Who can give President Trump a logical idea? The man cannot even write a space after the comma! Terrible and frightening at the same time. The powerful of this world are immune to any good advice.

Who can help Jehovah's Witnesses? They too see themselves as the powerful of the world, even if only in the Watchtower system and later in the future world, which will then consist only of a Watchtower system. Nobody can help Trump and the Jehovah's Witnesses. Whoever manages to teach Trump the most basic spelling will also be able to awaken Jehovah's Witnesses from their dreams of power. Anyone who manages to get the sick donkey to come to terms with arguments will also be able to persuade the public prosecutor's office and the police to take a critical look at the Watchtower series murders by letting them bleed to death.

Is there anyone who can do that? I believe that only one can help. That's the one, the atheist, all the trumps and sick donkeys of this world deny. That's the one the Jehovah's Witnesses turn into some kind of angel. He is the one who falls on deaf ears in the ordinary citizenry because Catholicism and esotericism enchant so beautifully.

While the two Jehovah's Witnesses were inspecting their future possessions through Wiesloch, I walked behind them with raised signs and repeatedly explained how treacherous it is not to have a single cannibal but a cannibal law. The cannibalism-focused Bible interpretation of the Watchtower Society can only be constructed for killing due to the lack of cannibals. To kill by bleeding to death. Jehovah's Witnesses only grinned. They can't admit to themselves that they've been caught in a great con, because they'll be betrayed by their best friend. A Christian is held accountable to God, who guides him through his spirit. Jehovah's Witnesses have only the grip of mutual spying. They are afraid of people. They fear each other. Even a guy like Donald Trump is higher at this central point of humanity than any single Jehovah's Witness.

People who know spelling are no higher than Donald Trump because of that. People who don't hope for a primitive carnal power paradise don't stand higher than Jehovah's Witnesses. There is no measurable goodness of man at all on the basis of which a hierarchical classification of man is possible. There is no one who is without sin. There is no one who is without sad stupidity. Everyone is stupid. All are equally stupid. And all have nothing to show before God. This is the level from which Christ thinks and with him a Christian thinks.

Jehovah's Witnesses and Donald Trump think and act exactly the opposite.


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