Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 295

Watchtower blossoms again in Bruchsal

Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Be Christians

In Speyer there is only the strange witness of Jehovah, who always runs away immediately. This was the religious situation in Speyer. On the way back from Jehovah's Witness, who was running away, we met three youths who corresponded to all the patterns of the Watchtower slaves. One youthful Jehovah's Witness had a pile of watchtowers in her arms and after the friendly greeting I followed them with my signs. The three youths did not panic, did not even ask a question, which suggests that they had already been prepared by a higher authority.

And yet one of the three young volunteers from the Watchtower Society turned around from time to time to read the signs. A brain that works requires looking. Brains that no longer have all their functions allow their carriers to continue without any reaction.

The Watchtower Society has the tools to allow people to be perceived only partially. The Jehovah's newspaper publishers produce literature that turns human perception into a one-eyed cyclops and sells the Watchtower students' ametropia as the highest religion. All information that only the Spirit of God can make accessible is reduced to the level of regulars' slogans, so that the Watchtower disciples have the feeling of seeing through the whole Bible.

Jehovah's Witnesses are not born of God's Spirit, as Jesus explains to Nicodemus in John 3:5, but they are children of the wife of Jehovah. The wife of Jehovah is of course the Watchtower Society. The children from the marriage between the Watchtower Society and Jehovah are Jehovah's Witnesses. When Jehovah's Witnesses call themselves Christians, that is a lie. They are only the children of a false pregnancy of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah "God" has impregnated a JW.ORG and he forbids his brood to pray to Jesus. Because for this Jehovah "God" Jesus is just another God, who of course must not be worshipped.

By calling themselves Christian Witnesses and presenting themselves Christian, Jehovah's Witnesses meet all the criteria of anti-Christianity because of their origin in a Jehovah-impregnated organization. They come along like Christians, but pursue the exact opposite of what is Christian. They reject Jesus, who for them is just another God, and recognize their non-Christian origin as a childhood from marriage between the Watchtower organization and the unbiblical Jehovah.

Anyone who has always enjoyed cult and magic will feel at home in this organization. Because the JW.ORG reduces everything to an easily understandable level, which is far below all spiritual knowledge. As a Jehovah's Witness you don't have to rely on God's gift of knowledge, but you can pick everything up in black and white from the Watchtower-Verlag, file it and hold it for your salvation. The relapse into a pure achievement doctrine, as it is contained in natural religions up to Islam, is not perceived, because the grace of God was never recognized. While Jesus invites us to freely enter the kingdom of heaven through him, Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to turn first and rely on the beautifully held magazines of a religious newspaper publisher. And how beautiful it is to be a man who holds everything in his hands in black and white, and to be able to pull himself over others! About a Christian they say quite succinctly: "He is a completely godless man!"

Jehovah's Witnesses will boast before God that they have done so many hours of sermon service, belonged to the only true organization of God, and been in bondage to it. Jehovah's Witnesses will be completely amazed when they learn that the childlike faith in Jesus, in the Father made man, is sufficient and counts for nothing else. Jehovah's Witnesses will experience the great shock not in Armageddon, but in confrontation with facts not told to them by their mother, the Watchtower Society.

Jehovah's Witnesses go their way in human wisdom. And they will almost certainly never see the first chapter of the First Letter to the Corinthians. They will try to boast before God to be saved by their Watchtower glory. They hope to slip into the kingdom of heaven by running in the crowd. God will then already turn a blind eye, because one was so impressed by the pious sayings of the Watchtower Society that all self-inflictedness and all ignorance of the divine offer in Jesus Christ no longer mattered. The righteous God cannot attribute deceit to those who have been deceived! But the fact that the deceiver is precisely the Jehovah who cannot be the God of the Bible is something that Jehovah's Witnesses like to suppress.

For Jehovah's Witnesses, the path (not to the father, but to the paradise of giant tomatoes and pumpkins) is the watchtower doctrine and the regulars' table logic of Bible researchers. The Jehovah-born dogmatism inspires the heart of the unspiritual man, who likes to work his way up through his spiritual activity. He has become something better, and Christians who rely on the grace of God are nothing in the eyes of the Watchtower-hearing.

The basis of a Christian is the word of Jesus: "Receive me, I receive you. This is only possible if Jesus is God. Jehovah's Witnesses reject Jesus as the one God and prefer to rely on a Jehovah who forbids direct contact with Jesus and has a newspaper publishing house to his wife.

Authentic proof

Watchtower Society Removes Christian Camouflage

Quote from the book "False witnesses stand against me", by W. J. Schnell, pages 88 – 93

The classes justified

During these years, when teaching was being developed, another significant book was published under the title: Bewahrung (Preservation) (1932). Again, the typical misuse of Bible words was used to document imminent significant changes for Jehovah's Witnesses. In this publication, the Watchtower created the doctrinal basis for the development of the classes within the organization to dismiss the Christian doctrine of procreation by the Spirit.

On this occasion, the Watchtower used the scriptural words about the life of the "Mardochai-Naomi class". It showed how many of the old Bible researchers had become unfaithful to the organization at the moment when the second class of leaders of the Watchtower Society took over the leadership in 1919. Very few had remained faithful, as had Mardochai and Naomi. The apostasy of many of the original followers left large gaps in the organized Christian of 144,000 members – this is their concept of Christ – and gave way to a younger and newer class. Unlike the newer class, the older class gave itself the name "Mardochai-Naomi-Class". In the old report, it was Mordecai the Esther and Naomi who introduced Ruth to the circle of believers. This time they had the merit of introducing the numerically larger new class – the "Ruth Esther Class". One will have to admit that the two names "Mardochai-Naomi class" and "Ruth-Esther class" were not entirely illogical if one is generous in the interpretation of Scripture.

It was all pretty so far. But it turned out more and more that other followers appeared who didn't fit into the description of the "Mardochai-Naomi-Class" nor into the description of the "Ruth-Esther-Class". While the Watchtower organization searched the earth for proselytes at that time, many who didn't care at all about spiritual things joined them. Well, there used to be such a thing. The Israelites of the Old Covenant had similar experiences with the Gibeonites when they took possession of the Promised Land, and with the Rechabites in the days of Jehus. Both peoples had sought protection from the people of God because they found both material and ideal security here. So many of the new members who came during the uncertain years of the twentieth century liked the low level of security offered by belonging to something as positive in their eyes as the Watchtower organization. But they could acquire this security without being exposed to the efforts and demands of Christian life and without being plagued by conscience. The activity demanded by the Watchtower Society was child's play to perform: accounting for hours worked, selling books, and attending meetings where they were relieved of all thinking.

That's what society wanted. That is why the Bible had been retranslated so that it would fit in perfectly with the goals set out in its books and magazines. That is why the technique of mass feeding with the bimonthly edition from the organization kitchen had been developed. A class had been created which was already pouring in in masses and was soon to be pouring in millions. The Watchtower Society found itself cornered, for it had always taught that the Christian consisted only of 144,000 members. But what were the millions that were added now? Were they an inferior secondary class? Old Israel, whose place the Watchtower and Jehovah's Witnesses claimed for themselves, had faced the same problem. God had solved it for ancient Israel. The Watchtower had to find its own solution – and it found it by further narrowing the organization's field of vision. Two things had to happen:

  1. The organization had to do without claiming Christianity for itself.
  2. It had to create space in her teaching system for large masses of mentally undemanding people.

As early as 1925 work began on this and it was taught that the development of a personal character was superfluous. It was replaced by the broader concept of the Watchtower Annunciator; now anyone could become one. All he had to do was fulfil certain conditions, which were by no means spiritual. Rather, they were of a purely carnal or business nature and consisted in the familiar accounts. Thus, in the course of the years, the Watchtower organization became "a vine on the ground" that had cut itself off from the Christian vine of which Jesus speaks in John 15.

So far the Bible scholars believed that those who proved to be unworthy to reach the goal of the higher calling in this time – although they were fertilized by the Holy Spirit, which is the prerequisite for finding the way to God through Jesus Christ – would be given a second short opportunity during the Millennium. They would then enter eternal bliss out of the great tribulation into which they had fallen as a result of their mistakes. However, they would not be rewarded with a place on the throne with Christ, but with such a place with the angels before the throne. Now the Watchtower Society had to change this interpretation and point out that after all the great mass was not a spiritual but an earthly class.

Well, that wasn't too difficult. Did Isaiah not say, "the earth is the footstool of the Lord" (Isaiah 66:1)? If this class will not find its place on the throne, but before it, it was argued, it must be earthly. So it is a nonspiritual class that lives in the kingdom on earth, just as the Jonadabe lived in the midst of the Jewish theocracy. Anyone who knows his Bible knows that the thrones mentioned in Revelation 7 were also established on earth and that the explanation of the origin of the "great multitude" is fundamentally different from the Watchtower interpretation. The study of Revelation 7 not only takes this particular Watchtower argument ad absurdum, but at the same time shows the kind of Bible interpretation that this organization repeatedly uses.

The books Ruestung (Preparation) (1933) and Reichtum (Riches) (1934) introduced the new teachings and their formulations and were intended to give the masses the impetus they needed to carry out the tasks that the Watchtower Society had devised for them. Not only was there to be room for a new class, but the impression had to be created that the goals now being pursued by society were higher than those of the past. Under no circumstances should it be said that Jehovah's Witnesses should narrow their field of vision, for they had so often contemptuously pointed out that Catholics had done this for purely practical reasons. So this change of the masses had to be presented very carefully and very skilfully. And the image of the Gibeonites was conjured up.

Incarnation of the Gibeonites

The Gibeonites were the inhabitants of a Canaanite city on the way of the people of Israel to the Promised Land. Long before Joshua and the Israelites approached the city, the Gibeonites sent a delegation to Joshua to offer their submission if they were to be promised life and safety. The Gibeonites pretended to come from a distant region. Only after a proper peace treaty had been drawn up and ratified did it turn out that they had deceived Joshua a little. Israel reluctantly kept to the treaty and allowed the Gibeonites to live in their midst and share in their blessings. Israel even fought a battle against the Canaanites for them. It did not join the Gibeonites into its ranks, but made them slaves, "who cut wood and carried water" (Joshua 5:3-17 and 10:6-10). This incident from the history of Israel was chosen by the Watchtower Society to justify the role it had assigned to the Jonadaben or the unspiritual "great multitude" in their midst. It was certainly excellent for the purposes of society, but anyone who is not already in the clutches of the Watchtower and hypnotized by the Watchtower headlines will take a long time to discover a connection here.

In any case, it was an explanation that apparently raised the intellectual claim of society. Didn't it have a biblical model here and thus a justification for its actions? The masses were even carried up to the Watchtower level, which was now the way to Zion after Isaiah 35. Thus the way was shown to the mass of newcomers that they could go within the "New Nation. It no longer mattered at all that they were not "begotten of the Spirit. They could live within the framework of God's organization as slaves, modern "woodcutters and water bearers."

What perspectives did not arise here for the expansion of the organization! Society rightly recognized that the new class consisted of the millions who lived throughout the land of the unseemly Canaanites, i.e. Christianity; and the Book of Armor (1933), in an investigation of Zachariah's prophecy, shows that this class would not be limited to Christianity alone. It would be made up of all the nations of the world, whether Christians or Gentiles, since "there were ten men who seized the garment of that which is Jew". Accordingly, other nations that do not belong to Christianity also contain millions of people "of good will. This expression was intended to suggest a subtle differentiation. Thus the Watchtower organization laid the foundation first for the emergence of a great, unspiritual and therefore unchristian class from the lands of Christianity; and then later for an even greater class coming from the pagan nations and never making such spiritual demands as Christianity. So the Jonadabe naturally became the "great multitude"!

Christianity gets the running pass

The Watchtower Society had now reached the point where there was no turning back. Silently and unnoticed it had to lay aside the mantle of Christianity, which it had previously worn as protection and at the same time as camouflage. This was absolutely necessary if society was to assert itself among the dissatisfied masses within Christianity and later among the pagan masses fighting Christ. The Watchtower Society changed its name, Jesus Christ had become a hindrance to the "progress" of the "New World Society". It no longer fitted in with the politics of world domination. When one looked at his model – the Israel of the Old Testament – one very soon came up with the idea of calling oneself "Jehovah's Witnesses" after Jehovah's name, overlooking the fact that by doing so one publicly branded oneself as an opponent of Jehovah, who sent Christ on earth to redeem mankind. And it was even less of a problem for the Watchtower to stand in the way of Christ's return as an organization. Society unfolded the typical features of the "abhorrence of abandonment" of which Daniel speaks, "which stands in the place where it should not stand." The new Watchtower doctrine became a confusingly heady wine that was "to make all the nations of the world drunk". Another milestone on the advance of theocracy had been reached.

The Watchtower Society moved its goal from heaven to earth to achieve its ultimate purpose, a New World Society.

It must be mentioned the fact that W.J. Schnell, despite his conversion to Jesus, did not learn to distinguish between "spiritually" and "spiritually". The earthly mindset of the Watchtower initiators can only work spiritually as Masons do. The dependence of a Christian, however, is of a spiritual nature, which is to be arranged as far above spiritual activities as God is higher than men. W. J. Schnell, whose analytical thinking and his very close experience of the Watchtower flesh have led to a historically unique description of Watchtower anti-Christianity, was no longer able to distinguish between dependence on Jesus and dependence on the Watchtower after his membership of the Watchtower Society. The consequence of this is the use of the word "spiritual," even if he means spiritual things.

Thus the Watchtower doctrine leaves a broad trace of grinding in the soul of every person who joins it. This furrow, this crack causes much one-eyedness, which can only be healed by Jesus. Or to put it another way: The diligent Freemason will never get to know Jesus, because he builds on the sand of his own spiritual development. – This is precisely the point that weighs so heavily when a Christian guru places himself before the congregation and claims: "We are the rough stones that must be polished." At this point, with all external Christian cloak, the burning question is whether this man could ever get to know Jesus, or whether he has worked himself into a Christian scheme in spiritual activity, but which in all respects is only carnal, that is, humanly reasoned and humanly positioned.

So there are many Christian Freemasons and many of them influenced, who do not even suspect how much they are anchored in the error of a seemingly Christian human-spiritual philosophy. They are dependent on human thought and, due to their lack of faith in Jesus, must always invent new crazy teachings in order to give themselves the feeling of growth. But this growth without Jesus is only human, therefore spiritual and not spiritual, and leads to results that leave nothing to be desired in absurdity and antichristian effect. The earth is a disc and faith in Jesus Christ is impossible for smokers. And the Luther Bible of 1545 does not burn and prevents accidents if you put it on the dashboard. This is where Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasonry meet and seduce as many people as possible together. And in Christian circles the spiritual (Masonic) development becomes stronger and stronger and the personal attachment to Jesus disappears.


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