Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 363

Jehovah's Witnesses are true non-Christians

The false teachers put the door handle in their hands

On the eleventh eleventh two thousand and seventeen Jehovah's Witnesses actually stand at the post office in Wiesloch and show their rescuing notebooks. In the grubbiest November weather these two old, haggard, lonely women stand and show the world their whole misfortune within a radius of eight metres. If they had bled to death for the Watchtower Society, they wouldn't have to stand in the cold and show all their shame to the people. Life can be so unfair.

Those who have bled to death for the Watchtower Society are sure to have the eternal paradise of giant tomatoes and pumpkins. Then he will live eternally on a material earth. And that will be exactly on this earth, which will then be fundamentally different due to the rule of the Watchtower Society. Although the Bible says that this earth will pass away (also in the material sense), Jehovah's Witnesses look forward to eternal existence on this very earth. And for that they endure every weather and every embarrassment.

But those before whom they are embarrassed are often even dumber than they are. These are the maingestreams, the media-smoothed, the modern educators, the human material that is squeezed out of today's green-left education mincer. Hollow, unwise, flat, superficial, egocentric individuals, the basis for the near future. Cheeky, stupid girlys, wide-backed doner kebab consumers, high-pitched Internet deniers, elitist idiots driving a truck that, on closer inspection, turns out to be a little too boastful a car. People on an intellectual launch run, proud of their route, which promises to develop into a free fall in no time at all.

The whole imaginary citizenship package, the godless and the godless, the good folk, the rich, the powerful and the green, the left and the powerful and the rich green, and the powerful and the rich left, all these self-congratulatory cunning and wise, are trapped in their ideology just as much or even worse than the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses have at least something left to sacrifice themselves for. The clever FDP people only know selfishness. Jehovah's Witnesses still trust an organization that claims sole power. The clever Greens and Left, the rich and the powerful Greens and Left, still don't even get their Green and Left ideologies on their toes. Jehovah's Witness can look down on the Greens and the Left with justified contempt. The Jehovah's Witness has his view under his roof, even if the doctrine is repeatedly reversed. One thing remains! The serial murder for which it is worth advertising. The Kingdom of Jehovah consists in scraping off an ideology. Only Jehovah's Witnesses can be so clear and unambiguous! There is no other political direction that markets absolute nonsense and absolute filth so purposefully and refreshingly clearly.

On the eleventh eleventh two thousand and seventeen I drove to Wiesloch to buy me a pair of trousers. After I had finished this meaningful activity, I went down into the lower pedestrian zone of Wiesloch and was frightened when two Jehovah's Witnesses showed up at the inbox entrance. Who these hardened, but inside guaranteed totally vulnerable scarecrows of the sofa still hope for recognition from, remains so far in the dark, as it cannot be this Jehovah the Watchtower Serial Murder Org, who pays tribute to them. These Jehovah's Witnesses can only expect recognition from those who read their timesheets. This is some elder of Jehovah's Witnesses who can be called a prince or a nobleman. From this prince or noble the two scarecrows of the sofa may receive a warm handshake, but no more. What drives these poor scarecrows to push their sermon service so hard to the extreme that no one can see any sense in it anymore? Do these Jehovah's Witnesses really have the hope to accelerate the Kingdom of Jehovah?

As if called as reinforcement, Jehovah's Rollatorzeuge, who once wanted to run me over with his three-tonne heavy, tank like Rollator, came here and stood opposite. With a rumbling face and defiant rebel attitude. His whole appearance was rage and anger. The Kingdom of Jehovah must be forced! And he held up the watchtower like a sword in his hand. People did not notice. Just him and me.

A Marian devotee approached and distinguished himself once again by bringing me to worship the Mother of God. All attempts to make him understand the Catholic idolatry bounced off his convictions, which were very similar to those of Jehovah's Witnesses. Catholicism works with the same patterns of thought as the Watchtower Serial Murder Society. There is no getting through. The idol, the idol, the axis around which these people revolve in their religious delusion is exactly the same in Catholicism and in the Watchtower ideology. Those who get involved with it give up their own thinking and are inspired by anti-Christian idolatry. And this idolatry is so strong that these people can no longer be reached by anything or anyone. Not even for Jesus, because he attaches importance to trust in his person. But anyone who replaces this trust in Jesus with idolatry has separated himself from Jesus without reservation. Jesus does not surprise anyone. He who prefers an idol to him will not draw him to himself. There the Maingestreams have a better chance, because they are only victims of the spirit of the time.

A first-class woman, just slipping out of Ikea's youth room, approached me courageously, pointed to the question "What is a serial murder religion?" and said with fervor and with the power of Godlike humanism: "Christianity! – The Crusades!" I called after her, for she departed with great acceleration: "This has nothing to do with Jesus, but only with the Pope!" She still heard me, but became faster and faster. A typical representative of modern thinking. Be an Antichrist and listen to nothing! Greens and the left send their greetings. Merkel and Co, who increasingly proclaims sung hymns as a good method against Islamism, show their effect. Also in Wiesloch there are many intelligent people who let off some of their political idiocy and then disappear with high speed.

The calm pole of security within the framework of a murdering organization was the winner in comparison. In their own way, the mainstream flattenings are even dumber than the Jehovah's Witnesses. The devotees of Our Lady and the despisers of Jesus on Catholic grounds and the flat educators of green and left modernity form a stratum of the population that will form the core of the anti-Christian movement of the coming politics. Then we get down to business. Then these people, who have never made a breath of an attempt to accept Jesus, will wear people down through the political path of power and put them in prison. Then the Jehovah's Witnesses will work very well and united with these people who are hostile to thought. For the root of the mainstream and Watchtower society is one. It is Freemasonry, which has its greatest desire to remove people from Jesus and to work towards the fact that at some point one can finally have faith in Jesus forbidden by the courts.


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