Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 454July 06, 2019

UN people react like Jehovah's Witnesses

I want you to delete the photo, or I'll arrange it!

Commitment to the religion of rape

With what pride people demonstrate their commitment to a religion in which a man may rape anyone who does not wear a headscarf! It is and remains incomprehensible.

We must, however, give room to the assumption that in Islam women are not really initiated. The imam will rather avoid telling women the same thing as men. Remember: A woman or a dog in the same room makes the Muslim's prayer ineffective!

Good luck with the integration of Islam!

Two witnesses all alone in Heilbronn

The two Jehovah's Witnesses hid behind their moving newspaper racks. And after some time the usual gesture came: looking at the wristwatch. Oh! Who turned the watch? Is it really so late already?

Then came the usual waiting time to prevent someone from thinking they were going away because of the fool with the signs.

The normally subsequent repositioning in another location was omitted. That's what I think of the two of them. It indicates that they had understood the connections. Hopefully they manage their lives without the repression of the Watchtower Society.

OEDP with occult symbol

On a poster of the OEDP I discovered the picture of a little boy who perfectly made the one-eyed symbol of occultism and Freemasonry. Example: The all-seeing eye

The Lodge in Heilbronn

On the way back I also passed the building of a Masonic lodge. The East Coast elite of the USA has the world under control. Washington greets. Who knows it – maybe the city was originally called Brain-Washington.

UNHCR and the beautiful young bloodsuckers

Beside the Bible stand of real Christians I already knew well, two young beautiful UNHCR people resided, aggressively stopping people and telling them how heartless, mean and wicked they were. They would have to eat and drink and still have to treat the poor rest of the world! Strangely enough, the woman stood very broad-legged in front of her "customers". The man got upset when I took a picture of his stand. I should delete the photo immediately, otherwise he would know how to take care of it.

I held up my Jehovah's Witness signs and shouted to him twice: " You' are reacting like Jehovah's Witnesses!" He ignored that and desperately refused to read the signs. Again, exactly the behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Human morality

What man builds and bends to his right will in the end consist only of walls and bars. The body of Christ has a completely different nature. It is no ideology, no brotherhood, no lodge, no bloodsucking system, no prison and no organization that kills renegades. All attempts at imitation fail miserably and can only exercise their power over brainwashing and money. From Catholicism to the religion of rape and Freemasonry, people artificially imitate what Jesus Christ created. And on their way they only produce dead and raped.


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