Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 110

Super-Special-Saturday: Clear up Jehovah's witnesses

Suspected Selters junior princes speechless

The attitude of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch and Speyer today was perseverance at all costs, even if it is pointless. Thus they offered Juergen and me the platform and the opportunity to have super good experiences with the people and even to tell the presumed young leaders from Selters pure wine about their wrong interpretation of the Bible regarding the rejection of blood transfusions.

In Wiesloch there was already a Jehovah's Witness ready and after we had set up our DIN A4 sheets, several more Jehovah's Witnesses joined us from several directions. Among them were some shy Jehovah's Witnesses standing aside, who I had the impression were Watchtower tourists from Selters. I had never seen them before in Wiesloch and they looked like especially perfect offspring"princes", straight from the high school of heresy, the Bethel in Selters. They took photos and were amused until the language came to bleeding murders. I told them that according to the Bible the blood should be poured on the ground when a life had been taken. However, no life is taken with a blood donation and therefore the inhuman Bible interpretation of the Watchtower Society is deliberately wrong, according to which blood transfusions must be rejected. I reproached them for this deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible and associated it with the idea that the Watchtower religion is a deliberately artificial undertaking that is only there to ridicule the Bible.

The "junior princes" lost their self-confidence and stood there speechless, for they did not hide, as is customary with Jehovah's Witnesses, that they had understood and could follow the argumentation very well. You could see that they searched for words for seconds, but gave up very quickly. Now they have to go to Selters and get ironed back on line for half a year. After a few minutes they were suddenly no longer there.

Today I was on the road with Juergen, which gave me the opportunity to share my impressions of Jehovah's Witnesses through loud explanations. Whether it was a few funny events I mentioned, or a hate assessment of a particular Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch, the Witnesses had to listen to these stories and smile tortured. Their goodness did not persist before them as they so readily imagined it. The Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch endured us to a certain extent. The conversations with the passers-by were very good and Juergen, who had these experiences for the first time in this form, enjoyed the Saturday morning by giving testimony for Jesus in one conversation after the other.

In Wiesloch we decided to make a special Saturday so that Juergen would not only get to know the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch. We drove to Speyer, although there would have been plenty of time and space in Wiesloch for enlightenment, and there was no Jehovah's Witness bookstall in Speyer. We only wanted to go through the pedestrian zone once in Speyer and then drive to Bruchsal. However, this plan fell over after a few minutes, because the most steadfast (stubborn) Jehovah's Witness of Speyer stood there with his advertising material and invited us to take a stand there. The people reacted extremely attentively, some expressed by their looks and gestures: Lucky you were there! The conversations with the passers-by were very numerous and interesting, while Jehovah's Witness and his later opposite colleague held up their magazines in a rather inanimate way.

A man snarled at me aggressively, we were intolerant and we only provoked the Jehovah's Witnesses. The poor couldn't fight back. In the further discussion he went so far as to call us stupid people, and I asked him how tolerant he was towards us. One woman said we were incredibly aggressive, and I replied that the A4 sheets were incredibly sharp-edged, and yesterday I cut a few Jehovah's Witnesses. She then shifted her argumentation to standing in the middle of the road and the associated disability of the cyclists. The fact that we were in the middle of a pedestrian zone made no impression on her.

Due to the doubling of the staff – Juergen held up his signs like I did – there was an astonishingly violent reaction from the people and I jokingly called over to him: Juergen, you are behaving illegally. We are now an unauthorized ... he was just in conversation with several people. The morning was brilliant, the people very open, even if some showed logical deficits by their ill-considered condemnation. With great certainty very many came to more intensive thinking about the Watchtower doctrine and also the bus drivers and the police looked at our signs.

In matters of Christian teaching, Juergen learned a great deal today and without any Bible study at all. No explanations or complicated instructions were necessary. He learned by giving testimony in the conversations with passers-by, also in the confrontation with partly wacky or superficial attitudes "all by himself", to look at much that had been read from the Bible with new eyes and to classify it anew. The wonderful plausibility of the words of Jesus Christ showed itself to us and we were really carried by a feeling of blessing and peace that God gives.

As we came to new conversations and gave testimony after testimony for Jesus, Jehovah's Witnesses silently withdrew and left the field to us. After 13:00 we felt our legs very much and enjoyed the walk to the motorcycles.

In some debates we have behaved quite well, but the joint processing of the arguments showed that the mere naming of facts cannot be intolerance and aggression. The softly washed concept of tolerance, which the modern European carries around with him, exposed itself by fast and aggressive insults.

But most people understood that we only worked with facts and that we had no interest in giving false teachings to other people by lying or whitewashing. Every human being has an honest, sincere antenna if he is not internally switched off by brainwashing or ideology. The morning in Speyer and Wiesloch promises that many will discuss what they have experienced with others, and perhaps there is even hope that one or two not yet completely corrupt junior lords from Selters will open their eyes and no longer refuse to honestly reflect.

Jesus says: "Without me you can do nothing." This is what we have experienced today.


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